Oct 27, 2014

The Happy Holidays P.Kit

I am releasing the newest P.kit, Happy Holidays, today and yes, on my long lost blog. Why? Because I'm making another migiration. My "shop", Stephanie Adams' Designs will be closing after 11/31 and I will be moving back to Etsy. The simple fact is this.... running a full time shop is hard work and while I'm no stranger to hard work, it's a little too much for what I want and see this part of my life as right now. And when I realized I can do just as a well on Etsy ( and have the process simplified) I made the decision to close down the shop and return to Etsy..

Not to worry there are plenty of good things coming. And while I still may be in the brainstorm phase of some, it will no doubt be awesome! So stay tuned...

But for now, let's talk holidays, shall we? Who's ready? Well I don't think you can ever be ready for the holidays. But who cares, right? The holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) is my favorite time of the year, and why be stressed out during my favorite time of the year.

Is it weird to talk about Christmas before Halloween even happens? I used to think so. But the older I get the more I realize that preparation is the key. The key to a less stressed holiday season. Notice I said less stressed and not stress free...reality people, reality.


To be honest I've never done "just" a  holiday album before. So this year it will be something new. And much like my week in the life album I'm trying to do as much as I can before (partly because I'm so excited to start) hand. I'm not really preparing pages or anything like that but I am collecting a stash and getting things in order. Figuring out a general design plan (color and theme), picking an album, and setting everything in easy reach. That's a good start, right? I love the idea of preparing and if your doing that..props to you. You're one step ahead. I'll definitely be sharing more on my process so far with hopes you'll pick up a thing or two that will help you a long the way. And I'm absolutely positive that you can find some great inspiration for your December Daily®  or holiday album from Ali Edwards, the creator of the December Daily® project.


So, to help prepare and to add a little more color and fun into your holiday projects, whatever they may be, I hereby introduce November P.KIT, Happy Holidays....


This month's kit will have the following:

11 3x4 Cards
4 4x6 Cards
1 Wood Card
2 Sets of Alpha Stickers
1 Spool of Washi (approx. 2 ft)
2 Mini Flair Badges
1 Arrow Paper Clip
An assortment of ephemera (gold glitter, deer head, wreath,etc)


If you're a current subscriber to the P.KIT you don't need to anything, except be on the look out for your invoice. Which is being sent today via Paypal. I'm sending it early because I want to start shipping these kits sooner so you'll have more time to prepare and play. ;)

If you're not a subscriber and you would like to receive this kit, sign up here. Invoices and kits will be sent in the order they are paid.As always you will have until Nov 15th at midnight to pay for you kit, but keep in mind the sooner you pay the sooner your kit ships. Shipping is expected to start November 3rd.

Stay tuned for more on my holiday documenting ideas and prep and inspiration using the Happy Holidays P.kit.

Lots of love and happy scrappin'.

Some of the art used in this kit was provided by

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