Jul 26, 2016

HOMEMAKING| How I Feed My Family of Seven for under $400 a Month! July 2016 Grocery Haul

Hello and happy Tuesday. I'm sharing my monthly meal plan and grocery list with all of you frugal mamas out there. I'm excited to share more tips and helpful things like this on my blog/vlog. I have high hopes to share more "real life" help! We all need that, right?

This month I set aside $400 for groceries, sometimes it's less and sometimes it's more it just depends on what our finances are at the time and what we need and don't! I usually stock up on sales when I see them. We also have a garden coming in right now as well as 200 lbs of fresh pork we just had processed that helped for sure when it came to meal planning this month.

I usually try to meal plan before I grocery shop, at least for dinners! I can wing breakfast and lunch a lot better than supper. I usually meal plan for two weeks and then multiply that by two so that each meal can be made twice. And TA-DA a whole month of meals!

I've created a FREE monthly meal plan sheet for your personal use! Enjoy!

Click here to download your FREE Copy of this Monthly Meal Plan

I print a copy out and sit down with my tablet and/or trusted cook book. I jot down our family favorites and I usually try to find several new or rarely used recipes to fill in. Note: My meal plan is subject to change if I find meat on sale or if the meals I planned aren't budget friendly for some reason.

After I am finished meal planning I make a grocery list of what I need to buy. Taking into consideration the amount of meat, sides, etc to complete one months worth of meals.

Watch the video to see how I buy ONE MONTH'S WORTH OF GROCERIES!

I have had a lot of people ask how I budget and save money on shopping for our family so I hope to have some more meal planning videos posted soon so stay tuned for more yummy fun and ways to save! I also will be doing more vlogging in general because it's much easier to throw up the camera and record my thoughts while they are happening than to sit down and type everything out. Busy mom life at it's best!

My ultimate goal here is to encourage you mamas or dads that groceries don't have to cost an arm and a leg. There are ways to save! Planning and prepping and stocking up help so much! Next month I will be putting together a "Once a Month Meal Plan and Freezer Cooking Pack" it will "hopefully" have everything you need to plan, prep, and package your entire month of meals! Mostly dinners but it will have several breakfast and lunch ideas too.

Please let me know if you have any specific meal ideas you would like to see in the pack! It will include a meal plan, grocery list, supply list, and step by step instructions on how to spend one day cooking for an entire month!

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