Apr 30, 2012


Congratulations to Tina...you have won the Homemade Basket of Goodies!!!

Apr 28, 2012

It's 2am and I am painting!!!

It's 2am and I am painting my master bedroom. Whats the crazy time you have ever done a home project?

Ohhh and I am planning on getting up around 7am and going out to some yard sales!!!!

Apr 26, 2012

Dollar Store Storage

Okay, anyone that knows me knows that I am not going to pay a lot of money for anything. That's why I love the Dollar Tree. Everything is only $1.00. Recently our Dollar Tree in town changed locations. They moved from being beside Walmart to about a mile and half down the road in a less popular shopping center. At first I was like, "why in the world would they do that"?

Wow, I had no idea Dollar Tree carried so many different things until I went into their new store, which is now triple the size it was. With more space means more product. What an improvement! The first thing I noticed when I went in was the large wall with multicolored storage containers. It was so breathtaking that I had to take a picture.

I started going crazy! There for a minute I thought I was going to have to have two shopping carts. I ended up buying a ton of containers and for a buck a piece I was in organizing heaven. I kept thinking I was going to end up having more containers than stuff.

When I got home I realized a few things were not going to work where I needed them too so I planted a return box and threw in the ones that didn't work. That was totally my fault for not planning ahead but for $1.00 each I can live with that. At first I had bought these...

I started off thinking that I could make these into lego houses. I could color coordinate them and then label them. Eventually I realized that I need something bigger. So I threw these into the return bin and went with option number 2...

I liked these a lot better. They were more durable and way bigger. I made color coded labels, although that was probably not needed seeing how they were already colored boxes..LOL! But I love making labels.

(Get the lego bin lables I made here!)

I also picked up these handy dandy baskets and thought I could really use these for extra stuff and books. I had once seen on Pinterest that they hung baskets on the wall in a toy room for extra storage. And "Tada"...that's what I did. I purchased some wall hooks and hung them right up!

But of course I had to label the baskets as well....



Hanging Bins (I know the faceplate is missing on the power source, I was still painting! :))

Filled them with stuff like books and stuffed animals...

I totally love these and one more thing, I hung them at Jackson's level so that he will be able to put things in them and also reach things when he is playing.

Total cost for the lego and hanging bins was only $8.00!! Can't beat that!

Apr 24, 2012

DIY Toy Box

Here is a DIY tutorial...If you need extra storage space in any room just grab a regular card board box and make it pretty!!!

Here is what you will need:

1. Cardboard box (mine is 16x16 inches)
2. 2 coordinating fabrics (1 yard of each)
3. Spray Adhesive
4. Hot glue
5. Grommets and Tool Kit
6. Rope or Shoe Lace
7. Scissors
8. Measuring Tape

Duct tape the bottom of the box for added support. Cut the flaps of the top so the box is open. I used a really sharp box cutter. It was super easy.

Start at the bottom of the box and spray it with the glue. Line the box bottom then side. I used an iron to smooth out any wrinkles as I went.

Now cut out and glue your outside fabric. Two pieces or fabric is better than doing each side.
Now you are ready to edge out the top of he box with the lining fabric. I personally like the rolled over the top look. You can skip that skip if you like the box one solid color from the outside.

Add your grommets, (See the picture for details)

And "Tada", instant toy box! I have seen these types of boxes and bins at retail stores for $20-$50.00..I did this box for around $5.00. Depending on what type of fabric you buy you can easily spend less or more. You do want to get a bit of fabric that has some weight, like upholstery or outdoor fabric. I used this fabric on some pillows I made and just adore the quality and color.

Wish you well on your DIY Toy Box..

Apr 21, 2012

Playroom Progress

Before organizing my kid's toys they were in a huge bucket overflowing and hiding all the small pieces of toys. They were having to dump out every toy just to find the small pieces that went with some of their toys. I was getting super tired of having to pick up all the toys they owned in order for them to find one thing. So I thought I would organize them into categories in which they play with most. Here is our playroom progress so far...

We have had these bins and shelf for a while, but now they are finally organized into categories and my kids can find exactly what they are looking for.

Of course I had to label them. Makes them look so much better and even tho my two are just learning how to read I think that this will totally help.

The bins house three main categories..Play Kitchen, Musical Toys, and Dolls. My son insist on having his Legos in his room. Also, the smaller pieces are in a smaller organization system and I'll show you both of those in a later update. Once again you can print out these labels from BHG.com or click  here. Enjoy!

Apr 20, 2012

All Boxed Up

One of my kitchen cabinets has always been a catchall for the small things that we always need to grab. Cell phone chargers, Scentsy bars, extra tea lights, batteries, and an assortment of manuals piled up the cabinet and I was getting tired of it. I had previously purchased some clear shoe box totes and thought these would work perfect in the cabinet...

I took everything out and organized everything into groups and placed the groups into their own box.

For example, I placed all of my delicious Scentsy bars into one container...They finally have a home!!!

Although the boxes are see through, and you can look right into the box and figure out where the item you need is, I wanted to take it a step further. So, I created labels. These labels were available to print from the Better homes and Garden website. I just typed up each label, printed them out, and laminated them with Fellowes' self laminating paper. I used double sided tape to make the labels into stickers.

To download and customize your own set of labels click here.

And "TADA"..customized storage containers that are visually appealing and perfect for all the small stuff. I am in absolute love with these boxes and the total price for this organization was only $5.00. Can't beat that!

The Beginning

Ahhh 1:00 am..the kids are sound asleep and my hubby has been gone on a three day fishing trip.


Well I am just cleaning out my son's bedroom and organizing tiny legos into colored coordinated containers. Yep, it's the truth. It is after midnight and I am up organizing, rearranging, and spring cleaning. It could be the fact that I am almost 8 months pregnant and the so called "nesting bug" has bitten me.

The truth is in the past few weeks, that's all I have been doing. I have been running around the house organizing and labeling everything I can get my hands on. It all started after I quit my full time job and began staying home. The energy that once was given to work is now refocused on my house, which truthfully had been neglected for some time. Working 40 hours a week, running two kids around everywhere, maintaining the home, and spending time with my husband was already consuming every minute and ounce of energy, that for me to clean and organize was absolute craziness.

I am extremely happy and so blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with my babies now. I never want to work again. I know to some people that might sound lazy but the truth is I belong right here. Others were meant to work the grind and survive under the pressures of employment but I honestly feel sad and overwhelmed when I leave my children. It is my place to raise them and nurture them. So I want to thank God for the blessings he has given my family and for the opportunity I now have to stay home everyday and take care of my children, my home, my husband, and my self.
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