Dec 15, 2013

Farewell til Next Year

It's officially the middle of December and I'm here to announce that I will be taking a break from the blog until next year. So from everyone here at the house on Hillbrook have a very merry Christmas and happy new year! We will see you bright and early in 2014!

Dec 11, 2013


22 days is all we have left of 2013. Just twenty...two...days! Man, did this year fly by or what? When we decorated our tree at the first of the month I thought to myself..."didn't I just pack away all of this decor a few weeks ago?" It literally felt like days ago I was packing up 2012's Christmas and storing it in our building. But a whole year has passed us by and in what seems to be seconds. I don't remember stopping at all. I don't remember the day to day. I keep trying to go back to certain events and dates and wonder what we did on those days.

While trying to recollect the past year I can't help but think of all the hopes and dreams we have for the next. I was lying in bed the other night thinking I need to do this, I need to that. It seems like I always have a running sheet in my head of all of our to dos.

This year I hope that our to dos will not overtake all of our to don'ts. In other words I hope all of the things we need and want to do will find balance to allow us not be so overwhelmed that we forget to pause and enjoy the little moments and time to process those moments so that come next Christmas I can say, "yes it was an awesome year full of cherished moments and yes, simultaneous progress". And in order to do that we need a plan...better yet a planner!

As most of you know my love for graphic design, organization, and color has found a home on Etsy.

Many of you have have already showed your support and ordered planners, party decor, and more from me. Let me just say thank you for that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support has made an impact of my family's finances, my career, and most importantly my heart. I still get excited when I see a single sale on my shop. I love spending time creating lovely printables and artwork for you all and hope that in the next year I can expand my shop to offer fully customizable planners that will be printed and bound for instant use! Fingers crossed that that dream comes true!

In preparation for the new year I have added several 2014 organizational printables and planners. I have added full printable planner sets like these...

 As well as single printouts such as weekly calendars and financial sheets...

And in hopes to help you prepare for the new year I want to offer you another chance to get organized for 50% less. Yep that's right order now with coupon code PH1211 and you will receive 50% off your entire order. Hurry sale ends at midnight!

Happy Planning!

Dec 9, 2013

DIY: Lettered Christmas Pillows

Hello happy readers! Happy Monday to you all! I'm so excited to share a new Silhouette project with you today. In fact I have a ton of goodies to share including an awesome giveaway that will help one lucky winner purchase their very own Silhouette. That's right so stay tuned to the end and I'll dish the dirt on how to enter The Silhouette Challenge giveaway.

First things first let's talk Christmas! If your counting its 15 days and a wake up. This gal is enjoying every bit of it. What's not to enjoy when you have colors of red and green, the gleam of tinsel, the sound of holiday cheer, and the smell of hot chocolate? I love all the things that make up Christmas. I think I could live in the North Pole and be perfectly content. One ticket for the Polar Express, please! One of my favorite parts of the holiday is decorating the house. It has always been our family's tradition to decorate the tree on December first and this year was no exception. We spent Sunday evening decorating the tree, the house, and the couch. Yes the couch.

This year I decided to put my Silhouette to work by making some appliqued pillows for Christmas. I had in my mind to start with some sort of flannel and add some snowmen or reindeer appliques to them but while I was out gathering supplies I came up an even better idea {if you ask me} and even turned out to be one of the cheapest crafts I have ever done.

  • Fleece throw { the cheaper the better, I found mine at Wal-mart for $2.88}
  • Heat Bond fusible iron on paper { $2.97, I used half}
  • Silhouette machine
  • Christmas words designed in Silhouette Studio
  • Iron
  • Very Sharp Scissors


While I was at searching for some flannel fabric { slim pickens in the fabric department, try the sheets} I came across this guy...

A fleece throw for $2.88. I love throws, I have several I keep close by me at all times, but this one wasn't for cozy time. For a little less than three bucks I had enough fabric for two 20'' pillow covers.

I laid out the throw and cut four 22" inch squares. If you have never cut fleece before {like me} you'll need two things SHARP SCISSORS and patience. It's not like linen or cotton it rolls up after you cut it and trust me you can only hope for a straight cut. I fixed it in my sewing and trimmed up the seams but cutting ol' red was not the highlight of the night. Plus I realized out of the ten pairs of scissors I own not one of them are sharp.

Once I had my four squares {2 squares per pillow} I ironed them out and sewed three sides on the inside. I flipped it right side out and inserted my pillows {just to make sure they looked ok}. To my surprise they looked pretty darn good! ;)

So up to this point it is pretty much basic pillow it? Awesome...moving on!


Now for the Silhouette and appliqueing fun!

I decided to skip the typical snowman or Santa applique and do something a bit more modern. I love the look of text on a pillow so I played around with a few designs and finally settled on "Ho, Ho, Ho" and "Joy". I used the default font in Silhouette Studio and stretched it to fit.


I purchased Heat and Bond iron on interfacing and scoured my fabric bin for some remenants of white cotton.

I cut two pieces of interfacing and fabric about the size of normal printing paper. Fusible interfacing is really easy to work with. Especially the kind you iron on. Basically it's like paper with glue on one side. You layer the fabric and interfacing together {wrong side of fabric facing the sticky side of the the interfacing}.

IRON! Iron over the paper backing! The paper will adhere to the fabric.

DO NOT PEEL THE BACKING! Leave the backing on the entire piece of fabric. Now you should have a 8.5'' x 11'' piece of fabric with interfacing on it. 


Next, you will take the paper sized piece of fabric and place it on your cutting mat. I used my fabric blade on a 3 and cut fabric side up. I had a few problems with my cut because my cutting mat is less than sticky I had to tape my medium to the the sides of the mat which in all honesty didn't help much. So needless to say there were a few kinks here and there and a couple of places where the blade didn't cut all the way through. I really think if you have a sticky mat and a sharp blade you'll be fine on this project. I am defiantly going to pick up a new mat soon! Maybe 2 just in case.  Once I had my words cut out I went back the the ironing board and started placing them. Peel the backing off each letter. Placing the letters is trail by error and however you want to do it is fine. I centered my second "HO" and then added the first and third around it.

Once you have the letters positioned where you want them. Iron over them until the letters melt into the fabric. Be careful not to burn or move the letters while ironing.

STEP 5: Cover Your Pillow

After you iron on your words you can immediately use your pillow cover! Now, you can sew the last side of the pillow but for this case I just decided to leave it open a bit and tuck it under the pillow, since these covers aren't permanent and I can easily remove them in few weeks after Christmas.


This project took me about an hour from sew to finish and it was fairly easy. And it totaled less than $5.00 for two pillows. You can't beat that with a candy cane, right? And this is just one of the million billion things you can do with a Silhouette. If you want to see more Silhouette goodness check out these links from all of my friends from the Silhouette Challenge Facebook group.

Want to Check Out More Silhouette Projects?

My Silhouette Challenge buddies and I are all sharing projects on our blogs today, so peruse the projects below for a wealth of Silhouette inspiration!

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Do you have a Silhouette machine?

    And now....drum roll light of the giving season we all put together a SUPER DUPER GIVEAWAY for you. One lucky reader will win a $155 GIFT CARD TO AMAZON.

    Now you could spend it on stocking stuffers but wouldn't you rather pick up your very own Silhouette. I mean come on, a little self love during the holidays is good, right? And think of all the handmade gifts you could craft. Yep, that's right it's for homemade Christmas gifts. Wink wink! And believe me once you get started you won't stop so you'll have something to have fun with come the new year and all year long!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Goodluck and Happy Holidays! 

    Nov 15, 2013

    So Thankful for a Cute Party

    Hello and happy Friday friends. So sorry for the pause from posting. I came down with a horrible bug but now I'm feeling {pretty much} back to normal and ready to share an awesome post with you all!

    First things's the middle of November! Ahh. I can't believe it. I haven't accomplished as much as I need too but I'm bound and determined to get things squared away before the holidays roll in. I have some baking, shopping, and tidying to do. Not to mention some home made Christmas gifts that I need to get started on.

    But let's pause for a minute and enjoy one holiday at a time here people! I mean is anyone else upset that brands seem to rush Christmas right in on top of Thanksgiving Halloween. I guess some look it as one big holiday with separate meal plans but I like to appreciate the meanings and traditions of each. I'm thankful for those meanings and those traditions. So that brings me today. I want to share my little thankful party. Just a simple fun time. Some cute decor, snacks, and people who share the simplicity of being thankful for all of the many blessings we have each day. 

    Another cute freebie just for you guys. Can you tell I love making these?


    First, nothing says simple and intimate like delivering some handwritten invites.

     Share some sweet treats and moments of gratitude with your special guest.

     And I'm using this banner for some fall decor.

    So simple for just about any party...large or small. I'm so thankful for cute parties and for awesome readers like you guys! Lot's of love and blessings for you this Thanksgiving season!


    Nov 4, 2013


    Happy Monday loves and happy November! I can not believe November is here already. However, you will never see me complaining about this part of the year for it is my favorite. Favorite months, favorite days, favorite time of the year. I love the fall and I especially love the holidays. One of the main reasons I love the holidays so much is the chaos they bring. I love planning events, meals, gift buying, etc. I love it all. But we all know when it comes to planning chaos you need the right tools.

    Usually I just jot everything down in a notebook but this year I wanted to go an extra extra pretty mile. I worked up some holiday planning printables and so far I am loving them. I decided to put them into my personal planner as sort of an extension kit. But honestly a full holiday planner sounds awesome as well.

    What did I included in my holiday planning kit?

    Cover page
    November and December 2 page calendars
    Christmas meal plan
    Thanksgiving meal plan
    Gift tracker
    Black Friday tracker
    Pre-holiday cleanup checklist {flyleaf}
    Dear Santa letter
    Christmas wishlist

    I for one can not wait until the holidays! I know this year will be better than ever thanks to my holiday planner!

    Don't forget to download your FREE copy of this holiday planner here!


    Oct 31, 2013


    For the past few weeks I have been working hard to start my first PROJECT LIFE album. I have researched, questioned, and noted several tips on starting a PL album as well as a quick start to digital layouts and a video tutorial on how to edit your iphotos for PL layouts.

    As a free lance graphic artist my next feat was to create my own cards, papers, and embellishments.

    I chose to start with the upcoming holidays and design a couple of mini kits. I started with 3x4 cards and worked my way around the layout. Eventually I had several 3x4cards, 4x6 papers, and even some stickers!

     {These are just samples of my upcoming holiday pages..I can't wait to get them finished!}

    You can use these kits as png files for digi layouts or print them on card stock and sticker paper for traditional layouts.

    I also chose more non traditional colors to offer a modern and colorful edge to the holiday seasons. I have never nor will I ever be a red and green person!

    I am currently offering both the Thankful and the December mini kits in my Etsy shop!

    But wait that's not all! Three lucky winners will receive both holiday mini kits as well as $25.00 to spend at my Etsy Shop, Printing Pixels! Yep, that's right not one but three winners! Get the mini kits and then use the $25.00 for anything else in the shop!

    And if you just can't wait to shop or if your not one of the lucky three enjoy this coupon code (25HILLBOOK) good for 25% off your entire purchase! 

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Oct 24, 2013

    Printable Treat Bags for Any Occassion!

    A couple of weeks ago my little Lilli turned four and to celebrate we hosted a small backyard shin dig. That was before it turned into winter {it's below 40 here today}. My DH started up a fire and we cooked up some hot dogs and s'mores. Who loves roasting wienies and marshmallows? Well my family does!

    I couldn't just let an opporutunity like a cute little girl's birthday party go by without using my craftiness to create some much needed awesomeness. So what do you get when you cross s'mores with a crafty mom?


    Here is how I done it!

    Step 1: I created a template for the bag in Photoshop.


    Step 2: Decorate the template. I used the fill tool to color in the treat bag. I added a circle shape and some pretty text and clip art to coordinate with my little lady's party theme!

    Step 3: Print

    I had my treat bags printed at Staples for 50¢ each. I chose this option because my printer was out of ink at the time! But they will print out just fine on a home printer.

    Step 4: Cut, fold, and glue! Psss...I used decorative scrapbook scissors to create the jagged edges!

    Simple as that!

    Of course the final result for the party!!! I filled each bag with a few marshmallows, graham crackers, two Hershey bars!

    Aren't these cute? I loved them and so did everyone at the party! 

    Are you are paper crafter? What's your latest paper project? If you love paper crafting as much as I do come join me over on my new Facebook group THE SUNNY PAGES! We love paper! And we would love to share it with you!

    Happy Crafting and Good Luck!

    PL PART 3: Editing Photos a Video Tutorial

    Happy Thursday to you! Yes you! You know you're my favorite. Are we having a good week so far? I sure hope so! And just think it's almost the weekend...AGAIN! So work hard and keep looking up! What do you have planned for the weekend?

    I just wanted to pop back in for another quick tip for getting started with digital Project Life. The main concept of PL or scrapbooking in general are the photos. The pictures of our loved ones that drive us to create everlasting memories of fleeting moments. Seconds caught on film can last forever when archived the right way. I just wanted to explain a bit about how I enhance those moments so that their true beauty can be looked at and remembered by all. :)

    Editing photos for your digital layouts {or for printing} can be a little tricky but so worth it and almost necessary to achieve good quality spreads and great memories captured. My photos are usually taken my one of two devices, my Canon camera or my Iphone. Granted my Canon takes better quality photos but my Iphone has really surprised me on more than one occassion. More often that not I find myself in need of a camera and don't have my Canon with me so I resort to my Iphone, so needless to say a lot of my photos that are added to my PL layouts are taken with my Iphone.

    So how do I go from an ordinary Iphoto to a printable image with great color and quality? I resort back to my handy dandy Photoshop. Now if you don't have Photoshop I have linked several online photo editing software sites.

    SIDE NOTE: Try to upload your images via a direct connection, ie. USB cord, or memory card. If you email them the resolution goes way down.  

    Here is a video tutorial on how to edit your photos for your PL layouts. Enjoy!

    I hope this video was helpful! It's a super easy way to better the quality of your photos and your layouts. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! 

    If you have any tips or tricks to share with us please comment! 

    Happy scrappin' and GOOD LUCK!

    Oct 21, 2013


    Happy Monday you'll! WELCOME! I hope you had a blessed weekend and are ready for the week. Let's clear our minds and hearts and be accepting and loving of all that comes our way! And remember one of my favorite quotes from the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, "...act the way you want to feel..". If you want to be happy and productive act happy and productive. Easy, right? Sure it is. And remember I'm always here if you need support or love.

    Okay, moving on to the topic! A DIGITAL START TO PL!

    If you have never even heard of Photoshop don't worry. Hopefully with these tips and links you'll be a PS hero in no time at all. PS is a photo editing/creating software from Adobe. It's been around for a long time and really comes in use for digital art. If you don't have a version of PS you can download a free 30 day trail of the latest PS here. Now I'm not going to sit here and try to explain every little thing about PS, as we would be here a month of Sundays {and I only know enough to get by ;)}, but I do want to share a few links and tips that I have found invaluable.

    OPEN A  12 x 12 LAYOUT

    PSE 10 {Photoshop Elements 10, what I use) as well as most PS programs have a preset for scrapbooking layouts. Yay! With these sizes:
    • 6 x 6
    • 8 x 8 
    • 12 x 12

    By selecting this it will automatically open a new project at the selected size in the correct resolution for printing. EASY enough!

    When starting a digital PL or even a regular ol' scrapbook layout a good place to start is with a template. Now if you are PS savvy you can create your own. Or there are several sites that offer them for a fee, like the official DIGITAL PROJECT LIFE site by Becky Higgins,  and some sites and blogs that offer them for free.I have included my first one here

    Now granted it's my very first PL template but so far it's worked pretty well. And it's hardly anything compared to these free sets by some gracious bloggers...

    These ladies are so awesome to share their creations and layouts! I'm so excited to try them out and to read their amazing blogs! SO MUCH INSPIRATION! 

    And if you don't know much about using templates, layers, and/or clipping here are a couple links that I found helpful. Click the images to be directed.

    So hopefully with these templates and links you'll be able to learn and create all the PL layouts you want to. I'm not going to pretend I'm some great digital scrapper but I did want to share those few things. I hope you can use them well. And don't forget to check out the blogs behind the free template links. These girls work endlessly to help those of us that need some inspiration and guidance. 

    Know of some great sites, links, freebies, or tutorials? If so please share in the comments. If you're are a blogger or designer and you would like to contribute something for all of us to use please email me here.I would love to showcase your talent and ideas.

    That's it for now. Remember have a great day! BE HAPPY! BE PRODUCTIVE! 



    Oct 19, 2013


    Happy Weekend loves! I can't express how grateful I am that you have stopped by HOH today. I am super excited for the weekend as it holds some fun plans. My dear hubby is turning 30 today! Yep that's right the big three OH! Wow I can't believe we are getting older so fast. At least it seems that way. Of course I am still 28 years young baby! And you better believe this twenty something gal will not let her already thirty something husband forget just how old he is. I know I'm a meany.

    I debated on throwing Cole a surprise party but he really hates social gatherings so we opted for a nice quite date night. Those are few and far between these days. With three little ones and work it's hardly never that we get a night out. So I booked one the finest sitters in all the land a.k.a Nana to watch the tots so the hubs and I can hit the town. Now we aren't big party people so we don't do bars or even drink for that matter but we do know how to enjoy a good steak and some window shopping. Well at least that's what we have planned. There is even talk of trying to hit up a haunted house. We met during October, actually it was 5 years ago yesterday! {I seriously just figured that out. Where is my brain? That's okay at least I remembered before him. Now to act like I have known this whole time.} And for his birthday, which was technically our second date, we went to Scarowinds***. That's Carowinds ( an amusement park) during the late hours of Oct-Nov. They turn the whole amusement park into haunted grounds. It's pretty fun if you like rides and don't mind weirdos dressed in fake blood popping out at every corner. So maybe we will try to recreate something similar this weekend. :) 

    ***FUNNY ANECDOTAL ABOUT YOUR'S TRULY***WOMEN ONLY*** PARENTAL SUPERVISION ADVISED: The Scarowinds trip was our second date. Literally the day after our first date. I'm not much for scary things ie, haunted trails, scary movies, and even the dark. I have a photographic memory, well I think I do ;), so those images get engraved into my mind and pop back out when i'm either asleep or home alone. But anywho...there we were two new found lovers carrying on through haunted houses and such. Note when you have a weak post baby bladder don't drink a whole bunch of anything and get the b'jesus scared out of you. Needless to say I screamed and my post pregnancy bladder went tinkle tinkle. Yep! Probably should have just kept quite about it but I just blurted out, "Dear Jesus, I think I peed myself." It was more a joke than anything. But I don't think he will ever let me live it down that I peed my panties on our second date. If hash tags had been around back then well... #ineednewdrawers  #seconddatesaturate. Don't you guys just love these random fun and oh so awkward fun facts about me? :)

    Speaking of October and traditions brings me to my topic for today. My renewed love of scrap booking. I have been a scrapper for over a decade but in the past couple of  years fell out of love with traditional scrapbooking. I just never had time for it and found myself spending endless amounts of money on papers, stickers, embellishments and print cost. Before giving up I did create a digital album from Mixbook. Lilliana's baby book! I loved it! The whole world of digital scrapping was intriguing but at the time, 3 years ago, bleak. So needless to say it didn't hold my interest. If you don't know by now I like a lot of different crafts. I recently joined a Project Life group on Facebook and quickly fell in love with it. And of course the idea of being able to digitally create my layouts was even better.

    As a free lance graphic artist, self-taught, I love dabbling into all forms of graphic art. So creating my own templates, journal cards, and playing around with photos really has my heart skipping beats {literally, my heart has been skipping but more on that another time}. This week I researched a lot on PL {Project Life} and the way it works. And really it's just an art form. A way to incorporate photos with journal entries and create colorful layouts filled with awesomeness. At least that's how I explain it.

    Here are the questions I asked and some answers I learned.

    What is PROJECT LIFE {PL}?

    Just click here. 

    Is PL for me and where do I start? 

    If you love photography, journaling, scrapbooking, or graphic design than PL would be great for you! It just so happens that I love it all. I love taking photos of everything, my children, pretty things, and my-self (yep, I do those aerial shots of the oh so awesome kiss face more often than I should}. I enjoy scrapbooking both traditionally and digitally. And we all know I lurve me some graphic designing. The only thing I haven't really ever done is journal. But with PL it's easy. You more or less just write what happened that week, or day. Pretty easy, right?

    Digital,Traditional, or Hybird?

    Deciding whether you want to go digital or traditional is certainly a personal choice. In short, for me,  traditional includes purchasing inserts and PL kits like these from here. Certainly you can create your own cards and things as well but as far as embellishments and thickers {thick stickers} are concerned you would purchase those in physical packs.  Digital PL is done by using a program like Photoshop. You can use templates and create your own cards, papers, and thickers digickers {digi stickers). And just because you have never used Photoshop doesn't mean that you wouldn't be able to do digital. There are programs like Mixbook and Shutterfly that offer easy peasy solutions.And last but not least there is always the choice to do hybrid. And that my friends is where the two worlds meet. Print digital layouts and add traditional elements and mementos. A lot of people choose this. I more than likely will end up with a hybird book!

    If your're looking for more inspiration on DIGITAL PL click here. Cathy has already helped me so much. And of course Becky Higgins, creator of Project Life, has her official Digital Project Life site here.

    Can I start now?

    Yes, I did ask this question. And YES is the answer. I had doubts about starting now with 2013 almost over but I just couldn't wait. All the Project Lifers I spoke with said it's up to you. If you want to start now, then start. It's your project, it's your life. Do what makes you happy! 

    So that's just what I did! I started up about 3 weeks ago. I have one week accomplished. A tip that worked for me is to start with a week that has a theme. Halloween, birthday, etc and go from there. It's easier to be inspired for a more prominent event than just starting with the everyday stuff. Now that I have my hands dirty I feel pretty comfortable with how everything works.


    Coming up in this NEW series... {just a few things I have learned this week}

    Part Two: Brief lesson on Photoshop for PL..and a FREE TEMPLATE

    Part Three: Editing Photos...especially iphotos.

    Part Four: Creating Journal Cards, My First 2 Page Layout, and a FREE SET OF JOURNAL CARDS!


    How about you? Are you a long-term PLifer? Just getting started? Digital or Traditional?

    Oct 14, 2013


    Happy Monday lovely readers and visitors! I can't wait to show you all the wonderful Silhouette projects this month so let's get started.

    As you guys may know in hopes to create my one of kind custom planner I have taken it on myself to DIY as much as possible, including the cover which I have left like this for the time being.

    I also "gold dipped" my pens...

    And created some personal planner stickers and diyed some Halloween sticky notes...

    Needless to say I am a little addicted to my planner right down to the smallest details and accessories like pens, paper, and printables. I love creating my own layouts and designs to use in my planner. After all my planner needs to work for me. It needs to be 100% functional as well as pretty.

    This weekend in light of our monthly Silhouette Challenge I wanted to create some bright and bold tabbed dividers. I played around with this concept for awhile until I found something I liked and something that was functional.

    First I designed some colorful tabs in Photoshop Elements 10.

    I labeled the tabs according to my needs and my life. Categories like weekly schedule, budget, blog plans, and fitness tracker are perfect for my busy life as a SAHM, blogger and moma tryin' to shed the baby weight. I even added in tabs to create sections for my Etsy shop. I am super excited about having everything in one planner.

    I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut my tabs which I printed on label paper { you can use sticker paper as well}. Once you create an image in Photoshop and save it as a png file you can open it in the Sihouette Studio. It will look a little like this.

    First thing I did was add register marks {since I planned on printing}. I postitioned the tabs within the registered marks, traced the image and selected "trace the outside" only, this will trace only the silhouette of the images. I printed, inserted it into the machine, detected register marks, and cut!. Ta da. Instant tabs that are bright, colorful and sticky.

    Psss...I used a 1 on my blade to create a kiss cut! This is a great technique to create stickers that will peel right off the backing.

    I really like all the colors....they're so me!!!

    I decided to use some of these on my hanging files to organize my paper work. However the majority are going in my planner as tabs. Here is the direction I am heading. I like the look of tabs across teh bottom and top. I know it's a lot but I have a lot to plan. Family, kids, errands, meals, blog post, etsy ideas, school stuff...etc. It's defiantly overwhelming and to think I was doing it without a planner up until two weeks ago.

    Once I printed and cut my labels for the tabs I created my dividers. Just some bright and colorful dividers. I placed them in a piece of laminate and made enough room for my tabs at the end. Once it was laminated I simply trimmed the excess. I hole punched it a little higher than normal so the tabs would stick out from the top.

    And there you have it easy peasy tabs with colorful dividers! I have several more to finish up but I ran out of ink tonight.

    Their pretty and they help to keep everything in it's place. This would be an easy project to create even if you don't own a Silhouette. You could easily cut them by hand. I just like to make stickers! And doing the "kiss cut" with my Portrait delivers the perfect kiss every time.

    Now it's time to see what my friends from the Silhouette Challenge group have been busy slicing and dicing all month. Let's check out their projects here:

    Birthday Invitations Homer Simpson Style by Black & White Obsession
    3D Haunted Forest by Chicken Scratch NY
    Pumpkins and Peacocks Fall Mantel by joy & gladness of heart
    DIY Cheers Garland by Rain on a Tin Roof
    Wedding Gift Wrapping by It Happens in a Blink
    Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin by unOriginal Mom
    Halloween Family Rules by Tried & True
    Faux Stitched Speech Bubbles by Get Silvered Craft
    A Mario Bros. Backsplash by Please Excuse My Craftermath...
    Halloween Spooky Eye Luminaries by A Tossed Salad Life
    Halloween Party Treat Bags by The Thinking Closet
    "Create" Wooden Pallet by Lil' Mrs. Tori
    Decorated Pumpkins by Tanya's Creative Space
    Cute Wedding Card by Zanaree
    Learn to Tie Your Shoes by From Wine to Whine
    Halloween Banner by Sowdering About

    Wow so much craftiness in one place! Comment and let me know your favorites and I'll highlight some next week as well! I'm going to rework my Silhouette Challenge gallery and showcase my favorites from the past! More on that soon! If your interested in joining us for our group posting event next month?  We'd love to have you.  Simply fill out the new member request form, and Lauren from The Thinking Closet will get you squared away!

    { canon is still in the sorry for the bad iphotos} :)

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