Feb 12, 2013

Housekeeping 101: Under the Kitchen Sink { Free Cleaning Checklist}

So as I mentioned in my bio this blog is more about my personal accountability than about showcasing my great organized life. I am one of those people that does better when I know someone is watching or in this case reading. My house is far from organized at the moment. I have three children and it's all I can do to keep them from destroying everything and my sanity at the same time. So there are closets, drawers, and deep caves under our beds that need some tlc. I am trying to find more downtime in the day to do a little decluttering and my so called organizing. Most of the time it's late at night when the kids are fast asleep and I can pull stuff out without having to watch tiny hands grab everything. 

I have been trying to start my spring cleaning and I figured what better place to start then with the cleaning cabinet itself. Having a pretty and tidy place to keep all my cleaning products might just be the motivation I need to make this thing {getting organized} a success. Of course I have gathered tons of inspiration over the last few months on getting organized. Yes, even for this space.


 So with my inspiration fresh in mind I began..around 11pm a few nights ago.

I started with something like this. And just went with it. I pulled everything out onto the kitchen floor and purged the unnecessary items. Empty bottles. Gone. Junky doodads. Gone.Paints. Moved elsewhere.

I lined the inside of my cabinet with some pretty wrapping paper. I think I'll tweak it later by adding waterproof shelf liner {didn't have any at the time} because it's obviously a place where moisture may play a factor. 

Looking much better. I kinda wanted to leave it like so. But moving on I added a kitchen sink shelf thingy that I've had for a while but never really liked for its' intended purpose. So I re-purposed it into a shelf divider. I needed to add some height to the space so that I could see and easily reach the clear canisters in the back. I used clear pantry canisters to corral sponges, trash bags, and scoring pads. 

I love these white bins from Ikea and I used them to separate my heavy duty cleaners from my daily spritzers. After the cleanup was over I just added some homemade labels by printing on clear label paper. I think by printing on clear label paper it almost appears as if it's vinyl. { Did I mention my Silhouette Portrait will be here in a few days, YAY!}

I chose to label the bins daily and weekly to suit the way my brain works. For daily cleaning I just grab the daily bin and either on Friday or Saturday morning when I am doing my more intense weekly chores I grab the weekly box as well. It works well for me and my needs. You could divide and label your cabinet to fit you and your family's needs. Lastly, I created a cleaning chart and laminated it for easy reference as to what needs to be cleaned. When the hubs or kids help they can use the list too. I clipped it on the inside of the cleaning cabinet door.

Get your FREE blank copy of my chart here...
Is it weird that I left my cabinet doors open for awhile and just so happened to walk by and peek at this prettied up space? I think this has defiantly motivated me to start my spring cleaning and hopefully I can finally get organized. 

What about you, spring cleaning already? How do you keep your cleaning cabinet/closet? Have you tried any of the neat tricks from Pinterest or other bloggers?


  1. I love the idea of separating weekly/daily cleaners. Going to use your printables for sure! Thanks so much!

  2. Love your organization! The daily and weekly bins are a great idea.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I desperately needed help and advices! You are amazing!!! I'm sure this post will help me to organize the under sink chaos!


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