Feb 25, 2013

Kitchen: Pretty Pantry with FREE Printable

 I can't even believe I am going to show you this but to keep it real I wanted you to see this mess of a pantry I have been hiding for awhile. I have attempted to organize it several times but it always got like this. I just hadn't found the right flow yet. I knew I needed to break things down into sections so that everything would have a place. Without any type of designated areas everything kinda lives together. Well, not anymore.

 I know. I know. It's a mess, right? Well I couldn't live with it much longer so I broke down and finally tackled it. It took me about all day to clean it out. 

I started by taking everything out..and I mean everything...

Cleaned every square inch of the walls and floor. And put everything back in. I used some new pretty white baskets and some clear storage containers {found these DannySeo containers at Marshalls} to get to this point.

But I wanted to take it to the next level...you know? Make it pretty! So I did some more fine tooth tweaking. I lined the shelves with the same pretty paper as the kitchen drawers.

I was pretty content with leaving the space like this until I got the best thing ever...my Silhouette Portrait!!! I just had to take it one more notch. It's super pretty and looks so professional looking. My heart is skipping beats over here. :)

Since the larger containers will more than likely be used for the same things over and over I felt pretty confident adding a more personalized label. The smaller ones, however, might change over time so I just cut some black vinyl labels and wrote in my handy dandy chalkboard pen {yes it does erase}. I absolutely love how fresh and bright these containers look. 

I am really happy with how this turned out. Now that the top shelves are all neat and pretty...how about the drawers on the floor? I have had this plastic drawer set in my pantry and it started off by housing bread, flour, and potatoes. Then I did a little switch-a-roo. I moved my flours and sugar elsewhere and I'll show you that in another post later on.

I think I am in love with my Portrait already. It makes labeling anything a snap. I still have yet to figure it out but I am learning.

I just love these pretty white baskets. I think I'll go back for some more! I mean I could just sit these everywhere.

I even put drink mixes in the clear containers and labeled them. Cocoas & teas now have their own cozy home.

Now for a few finishing touches..

{CLICK HERE for your FREE Pantry Inventory Printable}

Now my pantry wouldn't be complete without my own pantry inventory. I like to use this so that I know what I have in each basket. I have some can goods behind the baskets up top so by keeping track I don't have to dig around when it's time to make out my grocery list. I just look at what we have on hand and I am able to plan my shopping trip or my weekly meals. Easy Peasy! 

I think it's a night and day transformation. It's so much brighter and lighter. Of course I just want to leave the door open and walk by two or three hundred times. What do you think? And, yes! Another two items off my list. Whoo hoo!!
  • clear the counters so that I have an ample amount of space to prepare meals
  • organize spices 
  • clean and organize fridge and freezer
  • clean stove and cook top
  • find another space for the microwave
  • new table and chairs for at least six people {we only have a small table with two chairs now}
  • pretty rug 
  • pretty tablescape
  • change up the lighting fixture
  • add art to the bare walls
  • cleaning supply area defined 
  • trash and recycle area
  • organize the pantry
  • purge junk and pretty up the drawers {I only have 1 and 1/4 drawers}
  • pretty up the cookware, dishes, and appliance cabinets.
Have you started on your pantry or are you working on something else this week? Only three more days until the end of month. Are we going to make it? What are you scurrying to get finished?

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  1. Very pretty friend!!! Great job!! Its awesome to do something like that and see the reward!!

    1. Thank you so much. I do so much better when I can see before and after side by side and blogging helps me with that. :)

  2. It looks so great! I am so jealous of your Portrait, I'd seriously put a label on EVERYTHING! Ha! The paper on the shelves was a super cute touch as well.

    1. Thanks Christina..I think someone may have to stop me from labeling everything. There is so much fun to be had with this machine, now all I need to do is just make time to do it.

  3. Stephanie, what a great job you've done with your pantry! My attention span is very short so I've been dealing with my pantry one shelf at a time!

    1. Thanks Gaby! I know what you mean. I have a short attention span as well as three kiddos..it's a wonder I get anything accomplished.

  4. Where did you get the Chalkboard pen?

  5. Love!! I have to go to my nearest Marshalls & find some of those containers!! Where did you get the cute owl?? Thanks for the printable!

    1. You can find the containers at Marshall's or TJmaxx, I have seen them at both places. I purchased the owl at Michael's. It's part of the Ashland Home Accent line and I was able to get him for 50% off. They usually run sales for 50% off every other week. And they offer great coupons online or in the newspaper. And your so welcome for the free printable. Hope you enjoy!


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