Feb 27, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

As a newborn in the blogging world it feels amazing when you pick up readers, receive comments, of course when you are nominated for an award. Thanks to Two Everyday Divas I was nominated as one their favorite new blogs. The Liebster blog It's more about blog recognition and finding great new blogs  than about receiving a trophy or prize. It's a great way to spread the love within the blog world and share more fun information about yourself.

So here are the rules for the Liebster award:
  1.  Add the award icon into your blog
  2.  Link to your nominator and say thank you.
  3.  Post 11 random things about yourself.
  4.  Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  5.  Nominate 11 bloggers (and let them know).
  6.  Post 11 new questions to the bloggers you nominate.

11 Random Things:
I am not a morning person. Although I try to be.
I hate doing dishes more than any other chore.
I sing in the bathroom because the small room makes me sound great {I think} even though I have no singing voice at all.
I procrastinate.
I am a gamer at heart. I love playing video games.
I am an empath.
I once won a karaoke contest by rapping "Ice Ice Baby".
My car is usually a mess.
I have the ability to tell the future. Sometimes.
I love expensive make-up but refuse to buy it.
I am a huge goof ball. I love to have a fun time with my family and friends.

11 Questions from Two Everyday Divas:

1. Sweet or Salty?

Depends on the time of day. I like to have salty food when I wake up and during the day. But at    night I am always looking for a snack cake or dippin' out some ice cream!

2. If you were stranded on a desert island with one craft supply, what would it be?

That's easy! My glue gun. I mean come on what can't you make with a glue gun?

3. Would you say you are technically savy or technic….not so much?

Yes, I am technically savish..I mean I can follow instructions on how to program my coffee maker. 

4. What was your New Year’s Resolution this year? Have you kept up with it?

I resolve to not make resolutions. I try to keep an open playing field during the year. I hate feeling like I have to do something. And more so I hate feeling like a failure when two to three weeks in Ive already given up. If I had to choose one thing I want to accomplish this year it would be a more organized life. And yes, I am still working on it.

5. What was the single best day of your life?

So far I have three and that's been the birth of my beautiful children. 

6. What was your best personal hairstyle? Share a picture!

 Well I have been every color, length, and style but my personal favorite is long, dark, and curly. 

7. What was your worst personal hairstyle? Share of picture of that too, we won’t laugh!

In elementary school I had a mullet! Yep! Long in the back with shaved sides..Thanks Mom.

8. If you could spend an entire day with a person of your choice, who would you choose and what would you do?

My hubby. A whole date day. Doing what I want. Yay!

9. What candle scent do you prefer?

Something clean, crisp, and citrusy.

10. Are you a city mouse or country mouse?

Well, honestly I am a lot country and a little city. I grew up as a country mouse and those are my roots but I sure do love the city. When I was younger I always dreamed of living in New York. I visited for three days and came home. I love it there but it's so different than what I am used to.

11. What is your lucky number?


Post 11 new questions for my nominees:

1. What's your favorite TV show?
2. If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
3. If you had all the money in the world what is the one thing you would buy?
4. Favorite quote.
5. What item would you run back in a burning house for?
6 What do you usually order at restaurant?
7. What's your go to mid night snack?
8. What is your most organized space in the house?
9. What is your least organized space in the house?
10. What is your favorite piece of make-up?
11. What are you wearing right now?


 1. Floridays Mom
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  9. Little Dove Creations

 10. View from the Fridge

11. May Richer Fuller Be

So there you have it! 11 Blogs! These are all wonderful and I really was inspired by each and every one of you! Thanks so much!

Did you check out any of the blogs? Reply with a link to your favorite post.


  1. Oh wow! Thanks! That was very kind of you!

    1. Your very welcome! Can't wait to see more fun DIYs from your blog!

  2. Happy to be here, thank you for including me!
    Tasya (My House and Home)

    1. Your welcome! I love all your wonderful crafts! I only wish I had more time to craft! I really want to do more holiday decorating so I will be trying some of your ideas very soon!

  3. First of all... thank you for including our baby blog in your Liebster awards!

    Second - I really love the look of your blog. The colors are so bright and the photos are so colorful! What kind of camera do you have?

    1. Your welcome! Well most of my photos so far have been with my Iphone. I only recently got a Canon Powershot 150 IS. I don't know it's full potential yet but hope to learn quickly.


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