Feb 8, 2013

Looking for a Come-Up: Part Deuce

Something about rap music makes me turn into a slang talking, deuce chuckin', wanna be gangster, hot sexy mama. Does you too, right? Of course when I failed my first attempt at the thrift shop challenge  I knew I had to give it another try. I wanted to get this done right. So here's my thrift shop challenge part deuce.

So what does any homeschooling, hip, creative mama gone rapper do? She turns it into a learning game. Yep, that's right a thrift shop challenge scavenger hunt for me and my kiddos. Here's the low down..

First I read through the lyrics. The edited version. The unedited version of this song is absolutely 100% not acceptable for children under the age of 100. Moving on... I used the items mentioned to create pimpin' printables for Jack and Lilli.


After a quick print, cut, and lamination the kids were ready to go. And after getting a twenty {to put in my pocket} out of the ATM so was mama.

Here's Jack..

and Lilli...

baby check...

and Mama and Tip {that's my sister} and up there that's Myles he is not mine. Tiffany and Myles came with.

Enter the Goodwill..

Spread out in search for our items. You can cuddle up in these astronomy printed fleece pants and gaze out this telescope..Out of all the things we would find I didn't think we stood a chance on an actual telescope. But there it was just hanging out.

Moving on...we found some sheets..

 a green shirt that was once $50.00 dollars but not no mo'...

NO, you need to stop it... 

Next up was some almost moccasins some one else has been walkin' in..

and my personal favorite was this dookey brown coat/tarp/serial killer attire/weird hanging robe like thingy..

So that was all of our lyrical finds we came up short on the keyboard, the calculator, and a reference to an alligator. I did hunt for some Velcro shoes but no luck.

Okay 6 out of 9 is pretty good. Not to mention that while we were checking out Jackson said the cashier register was indeed a calculator. That's pretty smart there!

So here are my spoils..

I picked up a lovely blue window panel, a couple of tops for myself and baby, and this wooden rolling pin. I plan hacking up the curtain panel and possibly making some pillow covers or maybe a roman shade. Haven't decided yet. As for the rolling pin..I had something like this in mind..


I just used finger nail polish to paint up the ends of my rolling pin and ta da!!!

I think it turned out pretty great! I think it's the little motivation that I needed for a big change in the kitchen. 

Well I failed my first attempt but now I am pretty content with how I did on round two. If all else fails it was a fun day with me and my family. I have linked back up to Young House Love's Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge Link Party. Check out everyone's great post!

So what do you think? What do you think I should do with the curtain panel? Have any good tips on thrifting?

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