Mar 29, 2013

Spring Blues

Happy Friday to you all! It's Easter weekend. When I think Easter I think pretty flowers, birds chirping and beautiful bright colors.

So, I am really excited to see all the shades of blue appearing this spring. From a minty blue to a deep navy, blue is hot right now. In fact color is hot. Out with the neutral tones and in with the bright pops of emeralds, corals, teals, and yellows. With the bright palettes hanging out everywhere this may be the best summer yet!

To kick off my spring I picked up a few new pieces for the house. {Wonder what my favorite color is?} :)


These are just a few things I have picked up over the past few months. I really love the clean and fresh look to all these items. If you haven't picked up the Young House Love book...what are you waiting for? It's a must read and I just love every tip. Plus it's a beautiful colorful cover that will look great seating on any shelf or coffee table.

I also wanted to let you guys know to keep up with my bright "springy" colors I ordered a new living room rug. I had originally ordered scalloped tan rug {Urban Outfitters} for my living room in a 5x7. When it arrived I immediately knew it was not the right rug for the space. My living room walls are tan/greyish and the tan/greyish rug was really too much tan/greyish. So I returned the rug and searched the www and every home decorating store for a new muse. But I eventually went back to the scalloped rug however when I saw that the blue one was on sale for half off I thought why not. So I was able to get a 8x10 for the same price. Yay! I just ordered it yesterday so needless to say I am still waiting for the rug. Fingers crossed that it will find a home in my living room floor.

If it doesn't work than I can always return it but I am hoping that it will work perfectly. Well I am off to add more color to the house. What colors are you adding this season? Picked up any "springy" decor lately? What about blue? Do you like it as much as I do? I'm layering in different colors, do you think it's too much?

If you  have a pretty space, DIY, organization solution, kid activity, or just a FIY to share please email me at!!!

Mar 27, 2013

Bathroom: Adding Pretty Storage

Happy Hump-Day friends!! That's right it's the middle of the week already. I have been super busy preparing for Easter. I have been decorating for Spring and Easter all week and yesterday I took my three loves to a portrait session and had some beautiful spring photos made. Can't wait to share those!!

Anyways, I wanted to jump backwards a bit and hit a few more points in the bathroom. We left off with my poor attempt to frame a mirror. I jumped the gun caulk gun too quickly and left the large mirror surrounded by tiny molding and a reflective brown mess.

So enough about that...let's move around the room a bit to the space under the window. My bathroom is shaped particularly funny which leaves me a large space beside the toilet and under the window. I really wanted to add something there. Extra storage. I have tried storage on both walls and I prefer the space under the window so it sits adjacent to the door when you enter. Just "flows" better for me. :)

I started with an expensive bookshelf I found at Walmart for $15.00.

Just a plain shelf {I have had this one for awhile}. I removed the shelves and added some pretty vinyl to the back it's really bright and pretty and is the same paper I have used in the vanity drawers and cabinet.

I put the shelves back in and added in my bathroom accessories. Extra toiletries, bath toys, and towels were just a few things that needed a pretty home. I played around with the look for a few days until I got it right {it will probably change again and again}.

I just love these bright green weave baskets from Target. I orginally purchased them for the playroom but they didn't work in there so they have been all over the house. I really like their color in the bathroom...against the yellow..yes!

I added in some decorative accessories to give the space some additional color. I picked these birdies up at Michael's for $8.00. I moved in some colorful books and a box that was a gift to house female products. I love the "Springyness" of it all. The colors are so bright and light.

Colorful and functional. Win win! 

There are so many ways to spruce up cheap inexpensive pieces of furniture. Adding vinyl to a bookshelf is easy and mess free. I love the detail it brings in. Have you ever added pretty paper or painted the back of a bookshelf? Is anyone else still working on their bathroom? Do you have a pretty storage solution to share?

If you  have a pretty space, DIY, organization solution, kid activity, or just a FIY to share please email me at!!!

Mar 22, 2013

Giveway Winner Announcment!

I am very pleased to announce the winner of the Elemeno Pillow $50.00 Giveway is Holly Beach! Congratulations Holly!

Mar 21, 2013

Bathroom: Epic Fail on Framing a Mirror

It still amazes me how a coat of paint and some elbow grease can transform a not so pretty room into beautiful space. After painting the bathroom walls and vanity I was already starting to see how the space would eventually come together. But as anyone that hearts decorating or organizing they know it's the smaller pieces that complete the look and feel of a room.

So after I allowed the walls, trim, and vanity to dry and cure I immediately got to work on completing this space. I wanted to frame the mirror in some chunky molding to get rid of the builder grade feel and make it a more decorative piece. I found several tutorials on Pinterest and the www on how to frame a mirror. The majority of the tutorials I found had one thing in common, liquid nails. So I ultimately jumped the gun on this frame job and pulled out my Mirror's Edge molding {picked up at the Habitat Restore for $8.00} that I had been saving for a year and slabbed on some liquid nails and stuck it to my mirror. What a nightmare!!!
The mirror reflected the almond colored adhesive. So I made the decision to layer in some other pieces of molding and try to "chunk it up" and hide the glue.

I really thought I could make something work here. But I'm just not happy with it. Sometimes you win and other don't. I have started looking around at other options. I really like the size of the existing mirror. Maybe I can rip the glued pieces off and start over. But, for now I have left it like this. I need some inspiration. I need options.

I really like this quatrefoil mirror. It's a modern a bold piece. I'm still debating. I want something that matches the hardware that I chose on the vanity.

I like the dark color frame and the dark metal handles. I think it adds a bit of contrast to the white and grey. Well I'm off to contemplate my mirror situation.

What do you think I should do? Start over and frame the existing mirror or go with the modern quatrefoil mirror?

Mar 19, 2013

Bathroom: The Start of Something Fresh

We have one full bath in our home so needless to say it suffers a lot. Showers, baths, kids, and guest is just the start of what really goes on. It's mom's place to relax, dad's place to shave and shower, and three little one's place to dirty up, bubble up, and drench everything during bath time. I'm not exaggerating when I say this bathroom takes a beating. A few weeks ago I started sprucing it up. I couldn't take the lack of storage and the dated design any longer. It was time our loo be shown some love. I started with my list.
  • paint the walls grey {Benjamin Moores- Grey Huskie}
  • paint the vanity white {ONE- in basic white}
  • add hardward to the vanity
  • frame the mirror
  • add some storage for our bathroom basics
  • pretty up the vanity drawers 
  • new shower curtain
  • new window treatment
  • new towel/robe hooks
  • organize linen closet
This room was really dated when I started. A less than builder-grade vanity and white/creamy walls were an eye sore.

First things first. PAINT! I jumped in headfirst with my rollers and paint. I have really grown a likin' to the modern grey tones that you see everywhere.

I am in absolute love with the contrast between the trim and the walls. Thanks to Frogtape I was able to keep professional looking lines all around.

Yes, still a mess but it's getting there. I am really happy with the grey. At first I thought it had a purple undertone but once it was completely dry I was smitten. And once again the new white on the vanity pops so well with the grey.

And you know me...back to the list...
  • paint the walls grey {Benjamin Moores- Grey Huskie}
  • paint the vanity white {ONE- in basic white}
  • add hardward to the vanity
  • frame the mirror
  • add some storage for our bathroom basics
  • pretty up the vanity drawers 
  • new shower curtain
  • new window treatment
  • new towel/robe hooks
  • organize linen closet

 Stay tuned for more progress.

What weekend projects are you tackling? Anyone have any great bathroom makeovers?

Mar 18, 2013

Springtime Style

This past weekend was so beautiful. After months of winter weather the sun came out and the temperature peaked at a perfect 77 degrees. We have seen the first signs of spring and I for one couldn't be happier. I love spring! I love warm weather! Something about the warm prettiness of it all reminds me that summer is near and that means lazy pool days and vacation!!! And, with the warm temperatures also comes the swap of heavy coats and boots for cool comfy clothes and flip flops. YAY!!! I love breezy clothing and flip flops. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a few pieces to add to my springtime attire.

I love the dresses layered with the chambray. It works great for the cool mornings and warm days. Right now you can pick up the dresses on sale at Old Navy. I might pop over there and pick out a few more to complete my spring wardrobe. 

I have to be honest I am not fond of sunless tanners. I used to be a tanning bed junkie but the older I get the more I see the damage it does to your skin. So for now I have vowed that I'll tan naturally or with the help of sunless sprays and lotions. My personal favorite, right now, is the Neutrogena  Micromist. It goes on great, looks amazing, and last for days.

Another new favorite of mine is the bronzer/blush duo from ELF. It offers amazing coverage and is perfect for contouring your spring and summer looks. And at the low price of $1.50 {$3.00 regular price, picked mine up on a 50% off sale} totally worth it! 

I am so into the bright colors and loose layers right now. What are you diggin' for your spring digs?

Mar 13, 2013

New Blog Sponsor and Giveaway!!

I just love it when two talented people can come together to help each other out. I recently had the pleasure of "emeeting"/"linking" up with a very talented lady, Karen. Karen is the owner and operator of Elemeno Pillows, an Etsy shop that sews and sells beautiful pillow covers in modern fabrics.

If you are in the market for those soft elements to add to your room's decor pop over to Karen's shop, Elemeno Pillows, on Etsy and take a peek at all the colorful fabrics. She has everything from chevron, ikat, to a beautiful sea glass {which I now own as well}. Karen's pillows are in many different countries across the world and have even been featured by designer Nate Berkus.

I had the pleasure of creating not one but three mood boards for Karen and she in turn crafted me some wonderfully made euro covers for my master bedroom.


I personally chose two 24" yellow diamond patterned covers for my bedroom.

Okay, now for the exciting news! Karen has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway of a $50.00 credit to her Etsy shop. That's right, one lucky winner will receive $50.00 to spend at Elemeno Pillows. You can transform one room with the addition of Elemeno Pillow's colorful and modern fabrics. Or better yet add a pop of color to every room!

The giveaway will run from midnight 3/13/2013 until midnight 3/20/2013. The winner will be announced next Friday, 3/22/2013. This contest will be open to all U.S. residents 18 or older.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!

Mar 12, 2013

DIY: Chalkboard Menu

To say that chalkboards are everywhere may be an understatement, but they are! I believe they made their debut with Pinterest and have since flooded the www and our lives.

 So in order to stay in with the "in" crowd I jumped on board. Mine started as ugly old picture with a pretty frame. I taped off the frame and sprayed it with chalkboard paint. I ended up with something like this...

Now my frame had metal rings on the back and since I had plan to hang this flush with my fridge I had to remove those. I hung the board with command velcro strips. I chose the strips that can hold up to 9 pounds.

Once I had the board on my fridge I cleaned it up and added some vinyl from my Silhouette Portrait machine.

Once I had the days of the week and "Menu" vinyls on I got to work on writing my meal plan for the week. Once again I used my handy dandy chalkboard pen.

This was really easy to do and since I had all the stuff on hand it was pretty much free!
Here is a run down on the materials again:
  • large picture w/frame
  • chalkboard paint
  • vinyls/stickers
  • chalk
Now my family will stop asking me what we are having for dinner and I'll actually keep up with what we are having for dinner. Win and win. I love visual reminders. 

Have you used chalkboard paint? What are some neat projects I can use chalkboard paint on, other than the obvious ones?

Housekeeping 101: Pretty Fridge Organization

So I know I'm past my deadline on the kitchen but the truth is I had two minor set backs over the past couple of weeks. First, my hubby is the middle of building a new storage building and my kitchen is currently hosting the innards. Secondly, my whole family came down with a dreadful stomach bug. So needless to say my spring cleaning endeavors were on hold for a while. Until today! With my stomach back right and my kiddies running happy through the home I finally was able to get up and get back to normal. First on this week's to-do list...fridge clean-out.

I found this pin and used it as inspiration/guide lines for cleaning out my fridge.

As usual here are some before photos...

and as usual it's a mess! It's been a few months since I have gave my fridge a good cleaning. So I started by taking everything out and going through it. I cleaned all the drawers and shelves with a little hot soapy water. My shelves and drawers all pull out and I take them to the sink to spray them out. I lined the shelves with some liner.

I think by lining the shelves it provides a barrier for hard core spills and stains, I can peel off the paper and replace it. Also, I just think it's pretty!

So once it was all cleaned out. I started placing everything back in.


 I grouped similar items on each shelf. I used the same containers as my pantry storage containers to house pre-cut fruit.

I made a little snack box for the little ones...

Now my fridge is clean and organized. So happy, cause it's also pretty! And, another check on my kitchen cleaning list...
  • clear the counters so that I have an ample amount of space to prepare meals
  • organize spices 
  • clean and organize fridge and freezer
  • clean stove and cook top
  • find another space for the microwave
  • new table and chairs for at least six people {we only have a small table with two chairs now}
  • pretty rug 
  • pretty tablescape
  • change up the lighting fixture
  • add art to the bare walls
  • cleaning supply area defined 
  • trash and recycle area
  • organize the pantry
  • purge junk and pretty up the drawers {I only have 1 and 1/4 drawers}
  • pretty up the cookware, dishes, and appliance cabinets.
Still working on the kitchen? How do you clean and organize your fridge?

Mar 6, 2013

DIY: Sunburst Mirror for $5.00

So I am a tad late to the sunburst party but I think the point is that I arrived at all. YAY! I finally had some down time to complete a DIY project. Of course this project is so simple and only took minutes mostly. In case you have no idea what a sunburst mirror is let me enlighten you. Sunburst mirrors are everywhere. The get their title from their shape which looks like a starburst or sunburst.


Sunburst mirrors are both art and mirror. The range from $20.00 to $Thousands of dollars. Of course I am not the first person to think, "I can make one". There are several DIY tutorials on the sunburst mirror and of course Pinterest is flooded with how to make different ones. You can use anything from shims, rulers, dowels, driftwood, etc. The list goes on and on.

My good friend Kayla from The Arrowood Zoo actually inspired me to complete my mirror. I had picked up a mirror from the dollar store with this project in mind. After she showed me how she used a pack of bamboo skewers I just had to make one too. I followed her tutorial pretty much. However, with her advice, I spray painted my skewers first.

I let my skewers dry all day. Afterwards I gathered my other supplies.

I also added in some E-600 glue later on.

I started my gluing four skewers at the north, south, east and west points of my mirror. Then I added in skewers in the middle of each point and so forth. I did place the skewers at different lengths by moving the skewers closer to the center of the mirror.

I layered on the E-600 glue over top of the skewers, for extra support. Just continue to add the skewers until you get the look you want. {You may have to cut the skewers so they all fit on the mirror}.

I hung the mirror using a nail and picture hanging sawtooth {glued on}.

Now I have a beautiful sunburst mirror. How much did it cost me?

Metallic Paint...........$3.00
Sawtooth Hanger......$.05

That's Amazing! I am so happy I was able to complete this project. It was worth the time {less than an hour} and the money {$5 bucks!}.

Have you taken on any DIY projects recently? Have you ever made or plan on making a sunburst mirror?

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