Mar 27, 2013

Bathroom: Adding Pretty Storage

Happy Hump-Day friends!! That's right it's the middle of the week already. I have been super busy preparing for Easter. I have been decorating for Spring and Easter all week and yesterday I took my three loves to a portrait session and had some beautiful spring photos made. Can't wait to share those!!

Anyways, I wanted to jump backwards a bit and hit a few more points in the bathroom. We left off with my poor attempt to frame a mirror. I jumped the gun caulk gun too quickly and left the large mirror surrounded by tiny molding and a reflective brown mess.

So enough about that...let's move around the room a bit to the space under the window. My bathroom is shaped particularly funny which leaves me a large space beside the toilet and under the window. I really wanted to add something there. Extra storage. I have tried storage on both walls and I prefer the space under the window so it sits adjacent to the door when you enter. Just "flows" better for me. :)

I started with an expensive bookshelf I found at Walmart for $15.00.

Just a plain shelf {I have had this one for awhile}. I removed the shelves and added some pretty vinyl to the back it's really bright and pretty and is the same paper I have used in the vanity drawers and cabinet.

I put the shelves back in and added in my bathroom accessories. Extra toiletries, bath toys, and towels were just a few things that needed a pretty home. I played around with the look for a few days until I got it right {it will probably change again and again}.

I just love these bright green weave baskets from Target. I orginally purchased them for the playroom but they didn't work in there so they have been all over the house. I really like their color in the bathroom...against the yellow..yes!

I added in some decorative accessories to give the space some additional color. I picked these birdies up at Michael's for $8.00. I moved in some colorful books and a box that was a gift to house female products. I love the "Springyness" of it all. The colors are so bright and light.

Colorful and functional. Win win! 

There are so many ways to spruce up cheap inexpensive pieces of furniture. Adding vinyl to a bookshelf is easy and mess free. I love the detail it brings in. Have you ever added pretty paper or painted the back of a bookshelf? Is anyone else still working on their bathroom? Do you have a pretty storage solution to share?

If you  have a pretty space, DIY, organization solution, kid activity, or just a FIY to share please email me at!!!


  1. So pretty!! I also did a Linens and the Loo post and would be so delighted if you could follow my blog :)

    Happy Day!

    1. Thanks so pretty..I love your linen closet. I'm going to post on my soon! Very colorful and I like color! I would be happy to check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by!


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