Mar 21, 2013

Bathroom: Epic Fail on Framing a Mirror

It still amazes me how a coat of paint and some elbow grease can transform a not so pretty room into beautiful space. After painting the bathroom walls and vanity I was already starting to see how the space would eventually come together. But as anyone that hearts decorating or organizing they know it's the smaller pieces that complete the look and feel of a room.

So after I allowed the walls, trim, and vanity to dry and cure I immediately got to work on completing this space. I wanted to frame the mirror in some chunky molding to get rid of the builder grade feel and make it a more decorative piece. I found several tutorials on Pinterest and the www on how to frame a mirror. The majority of the tutorials I found had one thing in common, liquid nails. So I ultimately jumped the gun on this frame job and pulled out my Mirror's Edge molding {picked up at the Habitat Restore for $8.00} that I had been saving for a year and slabbed on some liquid nails and stuck it to my mirror. What a nightmare!!!
The mirror reflected the almond colored adhesive. So I made the decision to layer in some other pieces of molding and try to "chunk it up" and hide the glue.

I really thought I could make something work here. But I'm just not happy with it. Sometimes you win and other don't. I have started looking around at other options. I really like the size of the existing mirror. Maybe I can rip the glued pieces off and start over. But, for now I have left it like this. I need some inspiration. I need options.

I really like this quatrefoil mirror. It's a modern a bold piece. I'm still debating. I want something that matches the hardware that I chose on the vanity.

I like the dark color frame and the dark metal handles. I think it adds a bit of contrast to the white and grey. Well I'm off to contemplate my mirror situation.

What do you think I should do? Start over and frame the existing mirror or go with the modern quatrefoil mirror?


  1. I love the size of your existing mirror...would the other one be as large?

    1. The other one is an odd shape but the widest points measure the about the same as the exisiting mirror, which is 36" wide. I still haven't decided. It's hard to let the large mirror go. :(


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