Mar 12, 2013

Housekeeping 101: Pretty Fridge Organization

So I know I'm past my deadline on the kitchen but the truth is I had two minor set backs over the past couple of weeks. First, my hubby is the middle of building a new storage building and my kitchen is currently hosting the innards. Secondly, my whole family came down with a dreadful stomach bug. So needless to say my spring cleaning endeavors were on hold for a while. Until today! With my stomach back right and my kiddies running happy through the home I finally was able to get up and get back to normal. First on this week's to-do list...fridge clean-out.

I found this pin and used it as inspiration/guide lines for cleaning out my fridge.

As usual here are some before photos...

and as usual it's a mess! It's been a few months since I have gave my fridge a good cleaning. So I started by taking everything out and going through it. I cleaned all the drawers and shelves with a little hot soapy water. My shelves and drawers all pull out and I take them to the sink to spray them out. I lined the shelves with some liner.

I think by lining the shelves it provides a barrier for hard core spills and stains, I can peel off the paper and replace it. Also, I just think it's pretty!

So once it was all cleaned out. I started placing everything back in.


 I grouped similar items on each shelf. I used the same containers as my pantry storage containers to house pre-cut fruit.

I made a little snack box for the little ones...

Now my fridge is clean and organized. So happy, cause it's also pretty! And, another check on my kitchen cleaning list...
  • clear the counters so that I have an ample amount of space to prepare meals
  • organize spices 
  • clean and organize fridge and freezer
  • clean stove and cook top
  • find another space for the microwave
  • new table and chairs for at least six people {we only have a small table with two chairs now}
  • pretty rug 
  • pretty tablescape
  • change up the lighting fixture
  • add art to the bare walls
  • cleaning supply area defined 
  • trash and recycle area
  • organize the pantry
  • purge junk and pretty up the drawers {I only have 1 and 1/4 drawers}
  • pretty up the cookware, dishes, and appliance cabinets.
Still working on the kitchen? How do you clean and organize your fridge?


  1. It looks great. I have the same task on my spring agenda. My fridge needs some serious love and pretty.

    1. Thanks so much, Greta! I wish you happy cleaning on your spring to dos!


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