Apr 25, 2013

Creating Pretty Laundry Soap Storage

In the previous post, Inspiration: Laundry Room Makeover, I spoke briefly about the hand painted glass jar that was used to store washing soap. I wanted to recreate the look similar to that of Chelsey's from The Paper Mama. She took a mason jar and hand painted the word "wash" onto the front. Her jar holds homemade washing soap.

I started with the glass jar I already owned and used for my soap. I purchased my jar from Walmart a few months back and have been loving it. It takes up less space than a big box of detergent and can hold a ton of soap. I actually have my own recipe mixed in as well and I use two tablespoons each load. So a whole jar full will last us months.

Instead of tracing my stencil I just used my handy dandy Silhouette Portrait to cut out a stencil in a basic thick font. I weeded out the letters and used the cut away as the stencil.

 I deviated from Chelsey's plan and actually used a paint pen instead of liquid paint and brush. It was super simple and took minutes to do.

Drying time is super quick on the paint pen as well. I did about three coats to fill in the lines. I am really pleased at how it turned out.


It goes super well with my new scheme which I can't wait to show you. It literally took me about ten minutes from start to dry time and added a personalized touch to my laundry space.

I really like the gold on glass look. Have you ever tried to paint something like this? Have any more tips or cool designs to share? I think this would be great for canisters in a kitchen, don't you?


  1. Very cute Stephanie! I bought those paint pens at Walmart but haven't been able to get mine to work properly... maybe I just didn't give it enough time for the paint to start flowing. This is a really fun way to add a personal touch to your laundry room! Wish I had a silhouette, it makes it look so easy!!

  2. Love this idea! I think I may need to purchase one of those pens!

  3. The littlest detail like that would make me happy every time I did laundry ~ fun idea!

  4. I have that same container and now it needs to be stenciled!!
    Love how it turned out.
    Thanks for joining in the gold party!!

  5. That was a clever idea!
    I pinned it for future use.
    I have four of those big glass containers in my kitchen, so this is the perfect solution!

  6. That looks great! What did you use for your stencil? (the black material) I am wanting to do this and stincil on pillows, so i need something with a sticky back any suggestions?


  7. These jars are great fir so msny things. 😊


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