Apr 18, 2013

Shopping Yard Sales Part Three: Using the Items

Clothing and jewelry can be washed and worn as is but there are a lot of pieces found at yard sales that require TLC. Remember to think before buying. If you don't plan on painting or redoing an item right away don't buy it only to create clutter. Have a plan and purpose for the pieces you bring home. I like to re do the pieces I bring home the same day. If I find pieces I want to repaint I pick up the paint and supplies on my way home from the yard sale. A couple of ideas using yard sale finds are...

REPURPOSE FURNITURE: Larger pieces of furniture are prize items at yard sales. But, if your not willing to put some work into it you may just pass up some great finds. Take a look at this china hutch from The Little Yellow Barn it's amazing.

or this little entry way dresser from Lilikoi Joy...


GALLERY WALL: Pick up random frames, either with glass or not, and paint them. Add cork board or chicken wire for instant art displays. Or, find random frames and create handmade art to fill them.

You can find all sorts of home accents at yard sales. And don't forget other things like toys, clothing, and jewelry. I just love yard sales and all the possibilities. 

What about you? Do you enjoy yard sales? What's the best find you have ever picked up? Have any trash to treasure pieces to show us? 

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