Apr 22, 2013

Weekend Project: Craft Closet Clean Out

Happy Monday or should I say happy the weekend's over day. Even though most of us feel that way it doesn't sound so uplifting. Let's kick this week off with a dramatic change that took place over the weekend here at the house on Hillbrook. I finally got around to cleaning out some closets. One of my short term goals. One of the closets that I cleared and organized this weekend was my craft closet. I use the living room closet, as of right now, to corral all of my crafting supplies. Everything from scrapbooking items to sewing supplies lives here.

Over the past several months my closet turned into a catch all for everyone living in the house. It was not serving it's purpose, and how could it looking like this...

Seriously?  I bet you guys are getting tired of seeing my awful before pictures. I just couldn't live like this anymore. So I tore everything out on to the living room floor and started fresh. I started by going through all the boxes and piles of stuff and organizing it into categories.

While I had everything out of the closet I lined my HYLLIS shelf from Ikea with some of my favorite contact paper.

Once I had everything organized into containers and bins I was ready to start putting things back in. I used a collection of different boxes and bins to maximize my space.

I made sure that everything was labeled and placed where it was easiest to reach. Small loose items such as thread, stickers, and ribbon found homes in clear plastic shoe boxes that I picked up for $1.00 at my local dollar store.

I used Martha Stewart's metal book plates  to secure labels to the front. You know me I love the book plates. I think it dresses them up a bit.

Inside the labeling and sewing kits, which are made from Plano tackle boxes found in the hunting and fishing section, I labeled every little section for things I need to get too quick.

I made use of a large glass container, which was missing a lid, to corral my gift wrap and contact papers.  You could use a small trash can or a tall basket to do the same.

I folded all my fat quarters and fabrics and placed them in the canvas bin at the bottom. I don't do a whole lot of sewing but when I do I can pull it out and all my cloth will be in one place.

I love my desktop organizer so much! I moved it back on my desk since this but I just wanted to show you guys that something like that could work inside a space like this for extra storage of small things like crochet needles or small paint brushes. You could even put a few different embroidery hoops in the different slots if you needed storage for those. I am just in love with it and wanted to share it again.

After everything was organized right down to pens and paper I knew the closet was missing something. So I added some cheap art. Just a free printable that I made at KeepCalmStudio. 

I like the pop of pink on the wall when I open the door. It's super bright and fun and really makes this plain ol' white closet  a fun place to peek into.

 After clearing out the clutter, organizing, labeling, and adding some pretty paper and art  I think I'll just leave the door open all the time. I mean it's a complete 180 from the before.

To the after.

So clean and bright. The best part is that I now know where everything is so I hope to get more projects completed.

What overdue projects did you get done this weekend? Do you have a pretty craft closet? If so, please share!


  1. Wow, what an amazing transformation! Do you open the closet a few times a day to just look at the beauty and breathe a sigh of a relief? I know I would. Seriously. Great job!
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  2. Looks great! I love that contact paper!


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