Jun 10, 2013

Pretty and Personal Birthday Bundle

June is a hectic month around here.With graduations, birthdays, and daddy's day close together gift buying can seem a little out of hand especially if you have several people to buy for.You know me when it comes to gift giving I like to make it personal. Handmade gifts seem to be really be in right now. Well, at least for me. I love getting something handmade or with a personal flair way better than receiving a simple store bought item. Who doesn't like to get something pretty and personal?

I like to pool my crafty resources and put together gifts that make a heartwarming impression. And my girly girl side really loves putting things together for other ladies. Whether its a sweet new baby girl or my lovely grandma I get giddy when it comes to buying and making girly gifts.

When you have an amazing tool like an electronic cutting machine like a Silhouette Portrait you can create unique gifts that can be personalized with someones name, meaningful dates, or special interest.

For my dear cousin Mikala, who is really one of my best friends, I knew her graduation gift had to be something unique. She received an internship at a summer camp's equestrian department and I kept that in mind when putting together her gift. I hated that I didn't get any photos of all the neat stuff that I put together but here is what I did.

I picked up a giant tote bag{beach sized) and coordinated it with some really pretty fabric. I used my Portrait to cut out the word "love" and used the iron on interfacing to adhere it to the bag. I filled her bag with items of her packing list; sheets, water bottle, alarm clock, fly swats, mini fan, first aid kit and clip board. I used vinyl to cut her name and the silhouette of a horse for her clipboard. I also sewed her up a wash and wear bag and used vinyl to add the decals. It was such a cute gift, I almost didn't want to part with it. But she loved every thing. I hope she is getting good use out of the things I gifted.

A week later and I had another party to attend. My cousin Kaitlyn's 14th birthday! Of course I was so excited to be picking out another girly gift but I knew that I wanted to whip a few things up with my Portrait. So here is what I came up with and this time I remembered to take my photos! Smile.

So when I think of 14 year old girl I think of a few things; boys, clothes, and makeup. I knew I couldn't do anything about the first one and well the second thing is a little personal. I don't really like it when people pick my clothes out so I try to stay away from buying clothes, unless it's for a newborn or my own family. So I went with makeup. Makeup is versatile if you stay away from things like foundation and concealers. Those items are first person choice and shouldn't be gifted, unless you know the persons exact colors. But better safe than sorry. So I decided to just stick with the fun stuff. I picked her up several things. This small cosmetic carrying case, better known as a makeup bag is super cute. It was see through but had a really pretty turquoise color and a cute gold zipper. I loved it so I thought someone else should have it.

Isn't it just pretty. You guys know this is my favorite color right? I just love it! But I couldn't just leave it alone. Not with vinyl and my Portrait sitting there. So I opened up SS {Silhouette Studio} and jotted down "Kaitlyn" in a pretty font and cut it out on some bright yellow vinyl.

In case you guys are wondering what font/typeface I used it's called Marmellata Jam and you can download it here. If your anything like me you hate it when you see a pretty typeface and can't figure it out. I like big chunky script when I am using my Portrait. If your new to SS have no fear cause I am right there with you. I have to research just about everything I do in SS. It's a slow process but I am learning. This round I figured out if you have pieces or letters in a word that aren't connected you can select the text, right click, and weld the letters together. It makes the cut line seamless. Yay, for figuring something else out! I celebrate my tiny victories when it comes to SS.

So after I had it cut I just peeled it away from the backing and placed it on the selected side of the bag. I lay the vinyl slow so that the air gets pressed out to avoid bubbles.

The things I picked to go in her makeup bag were all lower end products but are all things I use myself. The LA color nail polishes come in almost every color known and offer great looking nails and only cost $1.00 each. Their eye pallets are super pigmented and are great for trying out fun funky colors. The Wet n' Wild mascaras are great too! I personally love all the colors and products I picked out. I found some inexpensive Iphone cases in the clearance bins and decided to try monogramming. It worked okay but the vinyl is a little transparent so I will try to find some thicker vinyl or go with a solid case.

I also have been making these hot tool covers ever since I spotted this pin. I have been picking up cute pot holders everywhere I go, of course I never pay more than a dollar for them.

I just sew them in half and ta da...instant hot tool cover. Since Kaitlyn takes dance and other activities that require traveling with beauty supplies I figured that one of these might come in handy for a just used curling wand or hair straightener. Just cover the hot end and you can put down in a gym bag or suitcase without burning anything. Where has this idea been all my traveling days?

Of course I wanted to take it one pretty step further. I took some leftover fabric and iron on interfacing and cut out the word "hot tools". You can purchase iron on interfacing through the Silhouette shop but just use Heat and Bond and it works fine.

So as you can see I put a little time and effort into this gift but I really like how it turned out. My Silhouette Portrait made all the personalization easy. I was really happy with the end results.

This is just one idea on how to create some unique gifts with the help of a Silhouette cutting machine. If your looking for more gift ideas using your Silhouette cutting machine check out my Silhouette board on Pinterest.

Also, if your interested in all sorts of different projects using your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait here are eleven brand new ideas from my fellow bloggers. These guys and I are part of an amazing group called the The Silhouette Challenge. If your interested in joining our group we meet here.

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Hope you enjoyed this little idea! Has anyone else been cutting up a storm with their Silhouette Cameo or Portrait? Have any fun projects to share? Anymore gift ideas?


  1. That is a fantastic birthday present! I would have been absolutely beside myself with happiness upon receiving that at 14! Love it!

    (and the hot tool/pot-holder hack is ingenius!)

  2. that's so cute! i LOVE personalizing things to make it more unique and especially thought out for the person!

  3. Oh my gosh, Stephanie! That has to be THE perfect gift for a 14 year old. Kaitlyn is sure to flip for it. It's beautiful. And I loved reading about your gift for Mikala as well. Such great ideas to keep in mind! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. What a lovely gift! I'm with Tara, as a 14 year old girl (with 80s hair!), I would been over the moon for this.

  5. What a great gift! I love gifts that are personalized and this is perfect!

  6. Thanks for the link to that awesome Marmellata Jam font: downloaded that sucker fast! I agree with Tara, the hot tools/pot-holder hack really is incredible! I might need to do that for myself...and then make some stocking stuffers next Christmas (totally pinning this, so I don't forget!). What a great gift-giver you are. This is going to rock her world, I'm sure.

    Thanks for participating this round! You always do such creative work...and leave us all inspired!

    The Thinking Closet

  7. What a great birthday gift! I'd love to receive something like that. I love how you took basic things all gals use but took it one step further and personalized it!

  8. Kaitlyn is such a lucky girl! What an awesome gift idea. I love how the Silhouette allows you to personalize just about anything. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  9. This is such a really kool gift. The font is wonderful; thanks. You did such a great job. I love that hot stuff idea, every woman or girl I know can use one of those. Very thoughtful.

  10. Well, personalized gifts are great but I've decided that I want a Silhouette cutter for my next birthday lol

    I am sure that, given a choice, many women would like to receive personalized gifts. Men too for that matter. There's something about knowing that a gift was put together just for you. Whether it's an electronic card, paper gift bag or something else that involved some thought and "just for you" input from the person giving it, it makes you feel special.

  11. What a great gift! I love gifts that are personalized and this is perfect!

  12. What a lovely gift!
    I love gifts.

  13. This is a really cool gift.

  14. great gifts, this make your gift invaluable.

  15. Amazing. So lovely. I am not good at handmade =((( Thanks for sharing with us

  16. Interesting post. Now I am able to make so any new gifts for my relative one!A great blog to share with everyone.

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