Jul 30, 2013

Milton and Ollie: DIY Gold Lion Bookends

Happy Monday friends! I hope that you guys had a great week last week and a super fun weekend. This weekend was really busy for me. I was able to knock out several projects and updates that I wanted to get finished. Yay, for crossing things off of our to do lists! I couldn't wait to show you my super easy take on the metallic animal craze!

My search ended early Friday morning in the toy aisle at Walmart when I spotted the last two animals left. Two lions. Long time best friends and brothers these lions were so excited to come home with me and for the lonely price of one buckaroo each I gladly paid and toted these fellas home.

On Friday Milton and Ollie were carrying on as usual...


I used this metallic spray paint from Wal-Mart. I paid $3.97 for it.

For now my lion twins are just hanging out in a fake bookend way. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to create the bookend part. I wish I could just leave them like this but their to lite for the heavy books. So I need to add some weight. Bricks? Or maybe I can find some metal bookends and then these guys and just stand beside them.


So there you have it the story of Milton and Ollie. Destined for great things, they are! So I have finally checked off one of my pinned do-it-yourselfers. I don't know what's next but I hope it's something big. I love the feeling of accomplishment!

What about you guys? Did you get a project finished? Did you pin any great DIYs? It's okay I did..lol!

Good Luck,

Jul 22, 2013

Pin and Project Party

Howdy. Howdy. Happy Monday ladies and gents.! I hope you guys are having a marvelous start to the week. I am! I managed to get a few things accomplished yesterday and I am crossing things off of my to do list as we speak. Yay!

Speaking of crossing things off I want to stop pinning more ideas and start working and trying the ideas I have already pinned. I have a ton of stuff that needs to be done. So I am putting my foot mouse down and I am picking up the hot glue, spray paint, fabric, and wood and getting some great projects knocked out. I hope to get at least five projects done before the end of August.

I am hoping that you guys will jump on my DIY train and showcase your pinworthy Pinterest inspired crafts, DIY, organizing tips, etc. Anything you try that comes from your Pinterest boards gets credit. And if your projects flop let's see that too. We all know some Pinterest tips are just a bust.

 At the end of August let's meet back here for a party. A link up party! I want to see more inspiration.

So to kick off the party I'm showing you a few of my projects that I hope to get done.

# 1 A three tired stand that I can use in my craft room for the kids art supplies. I can just see crayons and glue sticks piled in this guy!

# 2 A yarn light for one room of the house, maybe the playroom or kitchen. Would like to see the broken ceiling fan go bye bye!

# 3 A large wooden ruler plaque thingy. This keepsake will be perfect to measure the kids as they grow and we can always take it with us if we move, unlike the wall behind my bedroom door.

# 4 Spray paint some cheap animals or toys. For magnets, art, or book ends. I mean those things are so darn easy and can pack some serious edgy punch.

#5 Finish redoing the old kitchen table into a kid friendly coffee or play table. Just need to decide if I want to go classic {like white and wood} or fun {like chalkboard paint and colored legs}. Decisions decisions.

So, there you have it! Five of my favorite pins that have been sitting there just starring at me, just waiting for me to tackle them. I'm super excited to get started. Where should I start. Big? Small? Can't wait too see what we can accomplish!

Good Luck!

Jul 17, 2013

Laundry Label Love

A few weeks ago I posted on my cheap laundry room makeover and all the pretty details I added like this hand painted soap jar. During the past few weeks I realized I still had two problems. One, I needed a pretty place to store my bulky bottles of softener and bleach. Two, I needed a constant spot to drop white laundry. Once I actually decided a plan for action it took me about fifteen minutes to whip something up.

First, to address the softener and bleach problem I knew I either needed a place to hide my big bulky bottles or I needed a pretty storage solution. Since I have no cabinets or space to add a cabinet I knew the first idea was out of the question so I moved on to the later. I went shopping in my house for containers. And then it hit me these two drink canters have been sitting in my kitchen cabinet for about two years now. Originally purchased for Lilliana's tea party they were no longer being used for anything so into the laundry room they went. I poured my bottle of softener into one and the remaining bleach into the other.

Perfect storage solution for these guys! Why? Well, their in reach, in pretty containers and the labels are stunning. Thanks to my Silhouette Portrait and vinyl everything is so tidy and labeled so pretty! Yay!

Speaking of vinyl labels, I created a large one for this pink metal box that I picked up at the goodwill. I have had two of the crates for awhile now and never really found a use for them, other than collecting junk in my craft room, so I purposefully planted it on top of my dryer for white clothing. I like to have a separate place for whites. It makes sorting and washing easier. So the metal crate combined with the word "whites" in pretty white vinyl made a perfect pair a top my dryer. It's the right spot for this and now it even looks pretty and purposeful.

In all serious this little switch-a-roo and labeling took my about fifteen minutes. That's mostly just playing around in Silhouette Studio.

I am beyond pleased that I was able to solve my laundry room dilemmas with something functional, free, and pretty!

What do you think? What are your laundry needs? Laundry solutions?

Jul 15, 2013

Mommy's Matinee

Summer is in full swing around here. Even though my little ones are not in public school as of yet we still cherish summers like any other family. Summers to us mean a ton of fun activities. I try to keep a good amount of things planned for the kids and I during the week. As of recently our schedule has consisted of lazy crazy days by the pool, fun outdoor activities at the park and home, and catching a free weekly movie at our local cinema.

This past Wednesday we got about thirty minutes into the movie at the theater and decided to head back home. The movie was great but the baby was not coorporating and the oldest two and I were suffering from a bit of a cold. So in reality we probably should have just stayed in to begin with. Sometimes you think you can do it when really you have to say, "ok, let's stay home and rest". So back home we went.

I did make a pit stop on the way back home for children's meds. While I was in the Dollar General  picking up Ibproufen I stumbled across some cute popcorn containers. Their little foldable cardboard containers that look like mini popcorn boxes. They were totally adorable and only $1.00.  So I bought the pack of six. It sparked an idea.

Since we didn't get to finish our matinee I would bring the matinee home. Mommy's matinee. I grabbed a couple large boxes of candy {movie theater size} for $1.00 each. By the way, if you're ever going to the movies stop by a dollar store for candy. It's almost $4.00 at the theater. That's crazy. Am I the only one that does that? Is that against the law?

Anyways, when I got home with my sick babies I made them comfy on the couch and popped a bag of popcorn into the microwave. I got out one of my party platters and folded out the popcorn containers. I filled them with fresh popcorn and placed them on the serving tray with the boxes of
candy. Instant theater quality snacks!

So as my little ones laid there I served up popcorn and candy. It was certainly fun for me to put together but even more fun for them to be treated like real movie going ticket holders.

I am defiantly adding this to our summer fun list, actually I'll probably keep this one year round. It would be a great reserve for a rainy day. It's super cheap and super cute! Win win. And what if you invited friends and added in some cute decor and fun things like ticket invitations. Oh, and what about an outdoor movie, yes please! The possibilities are certainly endless with popcorn and candy.

What do you think about it? Have any other ideas for mini popcorn treats? Have you ever put together a movie watching party, how did it go?

Jul 11, 2013

DIY Bleached Denim Shorts

Well, I am a little late to the fourth of July project posts but as I always say {because I am a true blooded procrastinator} better late than never. Plus, I have an excuse. Take a look around the new changes on the blog. I have been working uber hard for you guys. Don't get too excited just yet, it's a work in progress and there is a lot left to do.

But I am taking a break from all the modifications and updates to post my past fourth of July's crafting project. This project came out of nowhere. I didn't really plan it up, it sorta just happened on the morning of the third as I was planning for our holiday.

I wanted something different to wear and I have really been into "distressed paired with something cute and dainty and a flash of gold" look. So as I was rummaging through my closet, at a loss for how blah my clothing collection has become, when I decided I would "come up" with something to wear. Whatever that means. And with out even thinking I grabbed an old pair of baggy jeans and began to cut.

While I was cutting I thought out my next step...bleach! I really wanted to try an ombre type of bleaching effect. Kinda like dipped shorts. I grabbed an empty spray bottle, filled it with pure bleach and sprayed the lower half of the shorts.

My original idea was to cut some vinyl stars with my Silhouette and place them as tape on the jeans like tape so the bleach wouldn't whiten the spots the stars were on. EPIC FAIL! It looked like blotches of weirdness. No, more like like weird blotches.

So onto plan B or in this case onto another idea that had no planning. I finished bleaching the lower half, waited for the desired color to appear and then gave them a real good rinse in cold water.

A twist to ring the water out and in the dryer they went. Once they were completely dry I decided to trace the stars on the fabric with my metallic paint pen. While I was at it I painted all the metal pieces {buttons and gromets} with my gold pen as well. {Note: I would recommend fabric paint for this step, this metallic paint pen will more than likely wash out}.


I think these turned out great and I did rock them for the fourth but I was so busy celebrating my freedom that I forgot to snap a pic. I will up date this post when I get a good one to share. In the meantime this Instagram photo will have to suffice. I snapped it to showcase my red, white and beautiful nails as well as my planned ahead outfit for the day.

Super cute, right? Easy shorts that look like mega bucks but were made for zero. Holla! Now I'm on a mission to upcycle more. Pants into shorts or skirts? T-shirts into cut braided tanks? The possibilities are endless,eh?

What about you, have you upcycled or recycled any clothes? Do you have any tricks for turning t-shirts into something fun? And what's a good use for my denim scraps?

Jul 8, 2013

My Pinktastic Makeup Organizer

In light of debuting my love for makeup and all things beautiful I wanted to share with you my latest organizing feat.  In the past few months my makeup collection has more than doubled and my old organized system was not working anymore. My vanity top was covered in product and everything was hard to find and things were getting broken. In case your wondering what my cluttered vanity looked like check it out here on Instagram. And I thought I had it good back then..ha!

In search of some wonderful way to organize my makeup and beauty goods I decided to pick a pretty pink plastic drawer system from Big Lots. I paid $20.00 for it but it has a ton of space and is perfect for housing all types of products and tools.

pretty and functional makeup organizer

I was so excited to have a space for all the different types of makeup. Even though at first each drawer was still unorganized but rummaging through a tiny drawer for one product was still better than searching through all my makeup atop my vanity.

pretty and functional makeup organizer

Still kinda chaotic. At least for me. I remembered I had some small containers I had picked up from the Dollar Tree and they worked perfectly! Yay!

pretty and functional makeup organizer

So much better, right? And so colorful!

So, next step labels. Created with my Silhouette Portrait of course.

pretty and functional makeup organizer

pretty and functional makeup organizer

pretty and functional makeup organizer

I used the cut aways rather than the cut outs, if that makes sense. I think it gave it a professional and polished look. Doesn' it look like a true professional piece? I love it and it functions so well. Putting on my makeup is easy, mess free, and takes so much less time than it did a week ago. Win, win, and win. And better yet, I have room for more makeup so I feel a little shopping trip coming on.

pretty and functional makeup organizer

What do you guys think of my pinktastic makeup organizer? Is it too much? Do you guys have any great ways to store and organize makeup and beauty tools?

If you want to check out my monthly makeup favorites click here. I'll you some cheap makeup must-haves and spotlight a few favorites from my makeup swap with my sister, Tiffany.

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Do you have a Silhouette machine?
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