Jul 11, 2013

DIY Bleached Denim Shorts

Well, I am a little late to the fourth of July project posts but as I always say {because I am a true blooded procrastinator} better late than never. Plus, I have an excuse. Take a look around the new changes on the blog. I have been working uber hard for you guys. Don't get too excited just yet, it's a work in progress and there is a lot left to do.

But I am taking a break from all the modifications and updates to post my past fourth of July's crafting project. This project came out of nowhere. I didn't really plan it up, it sorta just happened on the morning of the third as I was planning for our holiday.

I wanted something different to wear and I have really been into "distressed paired with something cute and dainty and a flash of gold" look. So as I was rummaging through my closet, at a loss for how blah my clothing collection has become, when I decided I would "come up" with something to wear. Whatever that means. And with out even thinking I grabbed an old pair of baggy jeans and began to cut.

While I was cutting I thought out my next step...bleach! I really wanted to try an ombre type of bleaching effect. Kinda like dipped shorts. I grabbed an empty spray bottle, filled it with pure bleach and sprayed the lower half of the shorts.

My original idea was to cut some vinyl stars with my Silhouette and place them as tape on the jeans like tape so the bleach wouldn't whiten the spots the stars were on. EPIC FAIL! It looked like blotches of weirdness. No, more like like weird blotches.

So onto plan B or in this case onto another idea that had no planning. I finished bleaching the lower half, waited for the desired color to appear and then gave them a real good rinse in cold water.

A twist to ring the water out and in the dryer they went. Once they were completely dry I decided to trace the stars on the fabric with my metallic paint pen. While I was at it I painted all the metal pieces {buttons and gromets} with my gold pen as well. {Note: I would recommend fabric paint for this step, this metallic paint pen will more than likely wash out}.


I think these turned out great and I did rock them for the fourth but I was so busy celebrating my freedom that I forgot to snap a pic. I will up date this post when I get a good one to share. In the meantime this Instagram photo will have to suffice. I snapped it to showcase my red, white and beautiful nails as well as my planned ahead outfit for the day.

Super cute, right? Easy shorts that look like mega bucks but were made for zero. Holla! Now I'm on a mission to upcycle more. Pants into shorts or skirts? T-shirts into cut braided tanks? The possibilities are endless,eh?

What about you, have you upcycled or recycled any clothes? Do you have any tricks for turning t-shirts into something fun? And what's a good use for my denim scraps?

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  1. Very cute! Pining! Thanks for linking up on Made in a Day!


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