Jul 15, 2013

Mommy's Matinee

Summer is in full swing around here. Even though my little ones are not in public school as of yet we still cherish summers like any other family. Summers to us mean a ton of fun activities. I try to keep a good amount of things planned for the kids and I during the week. As of recently our schedule has consisted of lazy crazy days by the pool, fun outdoor activities at the park and home, and catching a free weekly movie at our local cinema.

This past Wednesday we got about thirty minutes into the movie at the theater and decided to head back home. The movie was great but the baby was not coorporating and the oldest two and I were suffering from a bit of a cold. So in reality we probably should have just stayed in to begin with. Sometimes you think you can do it when really you have to say, "ok, let's stay home and rest". So back home we went.

I did make a pit stop on the way back home for children's meds. While I was in the Dollar General  picking up Ibproufen I stumbled across some cute popcorn containers. Their little foldable cardboard containers that look like mini popcorn boxes. They were totally adorable and only $1.00.  So I bought the pack of six. It sparked an idea.

Since we didn't get to finish our matinee I would bring the matinee home. Mommy's matinee. I grabbed a couple large boxes of candy {movie theater size} for $1.00 each. By the way, if you're ever going to the movies stop by a dollar store for candy. It's almost $4.00 at the theater. That's crazy. Am I the only one that does that? Is that against the law?

Anyways, when I got home with my sick babies I made them comfy on the couch and popped a bag of popcorn into the microwave. I got out one of my party platters and folded out the popcorn containers. I filled them with fresh popcorn and placed them on the serving tray with the boxes of
candy. Instant theater quality snacks!

So as my little ones laid there I served up popcorn and candy. It was certainly fun for me to put together but even more fun for them to be treated like real movie going ticket holders.

I am defiantly adding this to our summer fun list, actually I'll probably keep this one year round. It would be a great reserve for a rainy day. It's super cheap and super cute! Win win. And what if you invited friends and added in some cute decor and fun things like ticket invitations. Oh, and what about an outdoor movie, yes please! The possibilities are certainly endless with popcorn and candy.

What do you think about it? Have any other ideas for mini popcorn treats? Have you ever put together a movie watching party, how did it go?


  1. Awesome idea! i love the presentation of the snack and drinks! I love grabbing the dollar store candy ! Its such a better deal then the upcharged box office prices!! I love movie nights with my kids and you have inspired me to do one this evening!

    1. Thank you! It was just a spur of the moment idea but sometimes those are the best and it's certainly fun to surprise the kids with fun things. Have a great family movie night!


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