Jul 8, 2013

My Pinktastic Makeup Organizer

In light of debuting my love for makeup and all things beautiful I wanted to share with you my latest organizing feat.  In the past few months my makeup collection has more than doubled and my old organized system was not working anymore. My vanity top was covered in product and everything was hard to find and things were getting broken. In case your wondering what my cluttered vanity looked like check it out here on Instagram. And I thought I had it good back then..ha!

In search of some wonderful way to organize my makeup and beauty goods I decided to pick a pretty pink plastic drawer system from Big Lots. I paid $20.00 for it but it has a ton of space and is perfect for housing all types of products and tools.

pretty and functional makeup organizer

I was so excited to have a space for all the different types of makeup. Even though at first each drawer was still unorganized but rummaging through a tiny drawer for one product was still better than searching through all my makeup atop my vanity.

pretty and functional makeup organizer

Still kinda chaotic. At least for me. I remembered I had some small containers I had picked up from the Dollar Tree and they worked perfectly! Yay!

pretty and functional makeup organizer

So much better, right? And so colorful!

So, next step labels. Created with my Silhouette Portrait of course.

pretty and functional makeup organizer

pretty and functional makeup organizer

pretty and functional makeup organizer

I used the cut aways rather than the cut outs, if that makes sense. I think it gave it a professional and polished look. Doesn' it look like a true professional piece? I love it and it functions so well. Putting on my makeup is easy, mess free, and takes so much less time than it did a week ago. Win, win, and win. And better yet, I have room for more makeup so I feel a little shopping trip coming on.

pretty and functional makeup organizer

What do you guys think of my pinktastic makeup organizer? Is it too much? Do you guys have any great ways to store and organize makeup and beauty tools?

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  1. So organized, Stephanie! At first I thought the labels were print & cut, but on closer inspection I'm in love with the way you did the font cut out. The contents of the drawer make the script look almost watercoloured. Lovely!

    1. Thanks! I like how the colors of the dollar store containers show through the plastic as well. It is defiantly me!

  2. Hi Stephanie, this is a great project! And I actually thought the script was colored too! I do like that you used the cut aways, rather than the cutouts. I don't think the text would stand out as nicely the other way. Great job! Oh, and I hope I'm not breaking any rules for the Silhouette Challenge (ha ha) but I went ahead and added your link to my list, since you were kind enough to include our links on yours. Have a great day!


    1. You're a sweetheart Debbie. Thanks so much for adding my link. And your right, I debated on just doing the plain text as a vinyl transfer onto each drawer but I really liked it the other way better. It so exciting that our Silhouettes can create so many things. Lauren's right the possibilities are endless!

  3. My favorite part? Your choice to label one of the drawers, "lippies." For some reason, that just makes me happy! You're right, this really does make it look so professional...and with those little cute organizers you added in the drawers, it's a true organizational success! Plus, you can never go wrong with pink! (My favorite color.) Another stellar project from you. (You are a vinyl queen, I must add.) Thanks for joining in on the fun this round!

    The Thinking Closet

    1. Yay for "lippies" I love the word and I defiantly love lip products. Seriously my collection has grown so much in just the past few weeks. Before I was just a gloss type person but not anymore. OMG..a vinyl queen..well I defiantly don't know about that but I sure do love vinyl. It can take nothing and make it into something. Lurv me some vinyl! However, I need to branch out. I did play with cardstock for my little one's Lemonade party. I'll have to post on that soon!

  4. Love this organization! I just posted a makeup organization post recently as well if you wanted to check it out!



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