Aug 30, 2013

Table Hacking: Kitchen Table to Coffee Table

Hello my  peeps and TGIF! I wanted to squeeze in another Pinterest inspired project before the month ends. This project took me a while but I think it paid off well.

Remember my inspiration for my coffee table refurb?

Well...I finally completed my own! I did it a little different but it's basically the same concept, with the wood on top and the painted legs.

Here is where I started. The top was from our old kitchen table, which I had spray painted black a couple years ago, I paired the top to the legs from our new kitchen table's matching bench. So basically the legs from the bench became the legs for the coffee table and the old kitchen table legs became the legs for my new console table. Genius right? It works and since I didn't really need the bench or the extra table the switcheroo landed me two new pieces that I did need. A coffee table and a console table. I haven't started on the console table yet but I have high hopes for something modern and unique.

 As for the coffee table (old kitchen table top and bench legs) I started with a wash and sand.

It's a disaster. This table was horrible when I started. Black spray paint did not do this solid wood top any favors. What was I thinking? I guess I was thinking I wanted a solid black kitchen table but goodness that was a fail. Lessons learned. At least my hand sander worked well enough to take it back to its original beauty.

Looking good. Granted this it the first piece of furniture that I have ever sanded and stained so I may not be the best person to offer any wood working advice but I am pretty proud of my job. Although my DH suggested I would have been better off with a different sand paper grade. I used a 60 and 100. Right? I defiantly don't know much about grades of sand paper. Any one out there care to add?

So once I had the top completely back to natural wood a gave the legs a quick sand and clean before spray painting them and the sides white. I used a couple of cheap cans of spray paint. Like the $1.00 kind. It worked! Pretty well, actually. Their a nice glossy white.

This is what they looked like the first coat. You can tell from the back legs that it covered the black pretty well but it did take several coats to completely cover everything.

As for the top I picked up a used can of stain from the Habitat Restore for $1.00. Minwax Red Oak. Honestly, I wanted to go a little darker or lighter like an ebony stain or a white washed wooden look. But after it was all said and done dried I ended up really liking the look. It reminds me of barn wood or something similar.

This is the top when it was still wet. Like I said, I don't know much about staining but what I did do worked. After a week of sitting in our building, to air out and dry completely, it was ready for poly.

To make a long story short it ended up looking like this...

(pictures are kinda blurry...oops)

Okay, so now that I completed this and put it in my living room I don't know if I like it in there. I plan on painting the Expedit shelf white and maybe then it will look more cohesive. And does the redoak blend blend to much with the brown sofa? I might try this table for the kids playroom. I love how it turned out just not sure of the placement yet. Any suggestions?

Aug 27, 2013

Back to School: A Teacher's Planner and GIVEAWAY

Okay, so I have to admit I am one happy mama. My little man starts public school and although I have mixed emotions about public school versus homeschooling I am really excited for this next chapter of our lives. Last week we met his teacher. Mrs. Roberts. I have been working on some treats and sweets for her for "teacher appreciation" gifts. I picked up a few things that were on her classroom wishlist and a few treats that I thought were darling.

Pinterest overloaded my brain with ideas for fun teacher gifts. I couldn't choose just one. I ended up putting a basket together with all of her supplies, personal goodies, and even a mascot decoration ($1.00 large toy tiger found at the dollar store). However, I think my favorite item was  the teacher/lesson planner that I was able to design and put together for her.

Everyone knows that I have a passion for graphic designing and even though I went to college for teaching, maybe just maybe I should have gone for graphic art. It's never too late I guess. But this gal is self taught. I just open up my handy dandy notebook Photoshop and spend endless hours playing around with fonts, patterns, and layouts. For this use to be scrap-booker it's kinda like...heaven! I really enjoy putting these together.

Like I said it's time consuming. Took me about two weeks of non stop photoshopping to get all the .pdfs fixed up. Once I get the .pdfs saved I combine them all into a large .pdf file and/or zip folder so I can offer it as a digital download or completed binder in my Etsy shop or on here FREE TO ONE LUCKY READER!

So let's take a closer look inside this crazy bright and and oh so bold teacher's planner!

As for the binder it self I chose the robin's egg blue, smooth finish Martha Stewart binder from Staples. Originally they cost $12.99 but if your lucky Staples will offer a coupon for 40% of.

At first I couldn't decide what to do to the cover. I ultimately decided to make it simple and clean by applying only our teacher's name in pink vinyl using my Silhouette Portrait. If she ever decides to remove her name she can peel it off pretty easy. But I know she will want to leave it on there forever cause it's just to stinkin' adorable.

I did do the cover sheet inside the binder. I played around with several and choose a colorful layout of fun font and a some clip art of the school's mascot, a tiger.

I laminated the cover pages since their there to protect the inner ones. Durability and beauty meet here and I love the colors!

Inside the binder there are over 130 pages, 2 full sheets of stickers to help keep track of meetings, holidays, duty, etc., 3 folders to corral loose papers like lunch menus, and permission slips, and I even added grommets to a zipper pouch for pens and clips.

The pages include:

  • coversheet
  • all about me information page
  • weekly schedule
  • student roster

  • class daily schedule

  • classroom helper/volunteer contact pages

  •  substitute general information
  • holidays and important dates
  • class birthdays
  • 12 Monthly Calendars 
  • 12 Note Pages 
  • I added our school calendar here as well
  • 20 pages of student checklists
  • 10 pages of graph paper 
  • 42 weeks of planning pages

  • 20 page grade book 
  • 20 pages of note paper
  • 2 full pages of stickers (holiday, duty, meeting, end or period, sick day, field trip, etc.)

  • needs attention
  • keep it
  • blank (use this one for things that need to be copied or filed)


So there ya have it! A bright and colorful teacher's planner that is sure to make any teacher excited about planning and preparing for the new school year! At least I hope Mrs. Roberts enjoys her binder. 

As I said earlier I have added this set to my Etsy shop, Printing Pixels, either as a download or a completed binder. You can enter to win either one right HERE! 

Okay so questions. How happy or sad are you guys that school is starting back? Did anyone else do something extra special for their teachers? What about you teachers out there any of you have any tips on planning and preparing for the new school year?

Aug 20, 2013

A Bathroom to Love: A Long Journey

We have lived in our home for 4 years and over the past four years I have painted and renovated something in every room. Actually I have painted each room several different colors. It certainly is a process to find the perfect look you love. Our bathroom has been no exception to my DIYing journey. When we first moved in the bathroom contained white walls and builder grade hardware and cabinets. Within our first year here I removed the 70's box lighting and installed a more modern light fixture above the builder grade mirror. I also tried to repaint the cabinet a dark expresso. That look lasted until this year when I decided to give a more modern look to the space. Let's start with some pics so you can see the transformation for your self.

Remember this from here.

And we ended up with something like this...

Well I couldn't take it any longer the mirror had to go which in turn lead to all sorts of updates and then eventually lead to a whole new look.Which is something of great beauty. At least to me anyways.

I removed the contractor's mirror and found some lovely flowers. (It's black and white because the lighting was horrific.)

I also removed the handles and sanded the vanity again. When I painted it white (last year) and added polyurethane it turned yellow. So bye bye yellow vanity.

And bye bye wallpaper and holes.

Now things are looking brighter. Good thing I had left over paint (Benjamin Moore's Grey Huskie) from the first paint job. I painted the wall to match the rest of the bathroom. It was still wet here but once it dried it looked seemless with an exception of a tiny place or two. Hey, I'm not perfect!

Everything got an update and a little TLC. So let's take a look at the final look.

Well, what do you think? Lovely, right? I really like love it.

I added my white round mirror that I painted here. It's a little small for the vanity so I hope to come across a larger mirror with the same look. But for now I will keep it. I switched out the numbers and knob plaque for the original shelf (the one that was up when we moved in). I didn't like it at first but my taste has changed and I think it goes pretty well with the new look.

I used a Valspar Color Sample from Lowes. I had it tinted to match Eddie Baurer's Night Sky. I was able to do the entire vanity with one jar and it cost me $2.97.

I found this adorbale silk flower arrangment at the Goodwill for $1.99.

Can't go wrong with some homemade art and a simple candle vase painted with pink dots.

Total night to day change, right?


Aug 12, 2013

The Gold and Beautiful

Happy Monday friends. I'm doing my happy dance today for a couple of reasons. First things first, I actually finished a pretty large project this weekend. And secondly, I did it while still maintaining my housework, playing with kids, and spending time with my DH. Yay for me! If your anything like me when you craft or DIY sometimes the house and family are neglected. It's the price you pay. So naturally I was really happy when I managed to hold down the fort and get my craft/project on. Well more on that later in the week.

Last week I was able to get a couple of smaller projects finished with the help of my Silhouette Portrait. But let's back up a bit and talk about some amazing finds that I found at the Habitat Restore last weekend.

I LOVE the Habitat Restore. When I moved to our current town I was so happy to see the Restore just minutes from the house. So of course I pop in almost every other week to see what's new.

I have been on the hunt for a large mirror, two file cabinets, a dresser and anything mid-century looking. And that's just the stuff I have on my project list.

I didn't have any luck with those items but I did score the following:

Got this pretty gold frame for $1.00.

Found this pretty embroidered wall art for $.50. I love the details and the color!

Another frame for $1.00.

And then I found an unopened roll of gold cake foil. This stuff is used for wrapping cake boards.
I picked the whole roll up for $1.00 with a certain project in mind.

These were all great finds in my opinion. Some I had plans to project with and others were just fine the way they were. The cake foil combined with the empty frames gave me the push I needed to start up a project I have had for awhile.

Let's start with some inspiration.

Here are two beautiful gold lettered pieces of art that I happen to adore.

Here was my initial plan. First I planned to cut the cake foil with my Silhouette Portrait and adhere the letters onto cardstock and frame it. Ta da. Fast and easy, right? Wrong!

The cake foil was way to delicate to cut alone. So on to plan B. I got a glue stick (plain old glue stick) and glued a piece of cake foil onto a piece of cardstock. Stuck it on my mat (which still needs re-sticking hence the tape). I cut out my inspiration words in pretty similar font.

Then I used the cutaway (the whole piece you cut from) as a guide for my letters. I just centered it and glued the letters back in place.


Then I pulled the cutaway off. And the letters were left. Perfectly centered. 


Not bad for a $3.00 project. That's two pieces of art for $3.00 and plenty of cake foil left to use. Wonder what else I can use it for? Any ideas? These golden words make me smile every time I see them hanging on my wall. Defiantly inspires me.

Okay so I want to know what non Silhouette material have you guys been cutting? Any tips on cutting super delicate material?

It's that time of the month again. Yep SILHOUETTE CHALLENGE time! If you don't know what I'm talking about it's were my fellow Silhouette lovers gather to show off our latest and greatest projects completed with our Cameos and Portraits. Too see past projects we have completed click here. And, for this month's challenges check out these great links below. So excited to see everyone's great ideas.

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Do you have a Silhouette machine?
Looking for Silhouette inspiration, support, trouble-shooting?  Interested in joining us for our group posting event next month?  Then, we’d love to have you join our Silhouette Challenge Facebook group.  The easiest way to join is to contact Lauren, from the Thinking Closet, by email and she will get you squared away.

Happy Cutting & Creating,

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