Sep 24, 2013

CLEAN EATING: Recipe Collection

A couple of weeks ago I shared my new found love for clean eating and how I planned our first month's meals. Cleaning eating in layman's term means to eat clean, whole foods. It's almost been a month since our lifestyle change and I just have to tell you how amazing we feel. We all feel AWESOME! Better than we have in years. Maybe even ever! It's amazing how putting junk and sugars into your body can make you feel. I will never go back to the way I was eating. EVER!

Prior to making our lifestyle change we were living so poorly. On a personal note I was dragging through the days, sleeping as much as I could in the mornings and staying up late. I didn't feel good unless I had a Diet Coke in my hand and something sugary to snack on. We ate boxed dinners, ate drive thru, and consumed a dozen sodas a week. I am really embarrassed to say that but it's the truth and we all know the truth hurts.

When I first mentioned "clean eating" to my hubby he was a little apprehensive to the idea. "What you mean give up sodas?". "What will we eat, cardboard and lettuce?" Honestly I didn't know what we would eat. I'm not the world's greatest cook and often relied on frozen dinners and boxed items to prepare meals. Throw the kids some poptarts, warm up some pizza rolls, and throw in a lasagna was my way of cooking. But since turning clean I haven't even bought the stuff. I have made everything from scratch. And better yet I have tried to use all natural and when I can get it organic ingredients.

But when you make a lifestyle change you have to prepare for a learning curve and all though clean eating seems and should be simple, it defiantly called for some hard core research and learning. In order to understand whether something is considered clean you have to be able to understand the ingredients, processing and storage of the item.There is no way I could sit here and tell you what's clean and not clean as I am still learning for myself. But I don't think it's rocket science. And don't get me wrong our family is not 100% clean. We're more 80 20. We are still finding out what works for us.

Learning new recipes has been one of my favorite things, other than the obvious health reasons. There are so many clean and healthy recipes out there that aren't cardboard and lettuce. There are full meals with real meat, veggies and grains and most that I have found take less than 30 minutes to prepare. I have found recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and even desserts. Yes brownies, cookies, and pies can all be clean. In reality almost any meal you can think of can be cleaned up.

I have gathered so many new recipes lately that I found my self with printouts, scrap paper, magazine clippings, and even several pinned on my new clean eating Pinterest board. I was swarmed by recipes. So what did I do? I created my first ever recipe collection! I have never collected recipes. I own a handful of cookbooks but honestly never read them. So how do you go from a less than half time cook to a mom that makes three meals a day for five people? One recipe at a time!

I designed a 4 x 6 recipe card for my clean eating cookbook. Any time I find a recipe I just grab one from the already printed and cut pack or if it's online I pull the pdf up in Adobe and cut and paste the recipe in and print. It works either way.


Once I had some recipe cards filed out. About two dozen within the first two weeks of going clean, I found a photo album for cheap and organized my cards. I thought really hard what I wanted the sections of my new recipe book to read. I ultimately choose catergories that were reflective of our cooking habits and meals. I included both the editable pdf and the list I used as free downloads.

breakfast, oatmeal, omelets, lunches, school, snacks, baked, no bake, slow cook, smoothies, bread, veggies, fruits, entrees, meatless, treats



    After printing out my tabs I cut and laminated them. I used tape to adhere them to the pages of my photo album. I estimated the number of pages between each category. Some categories received than others. For example, I knew I wanted a space for smoothies but that section is a lot smaller than the entree pages.

    The photo album that I chose was from the dollar store and with a limited selection wasn't really my taste. So I improvised and covered it with some contact paper and decorated it with some vinyl I cut with my Silhouette Portrait.


    AND AFTER...

    I think this will keep my growing recipe collection under control for now. I don't think it will be long until the pages are all filled so I might need to think on a larger scale. And of course I love how bright and bold it is. It inspires me every time I look at.

    My cards fit perfectly inside the album sleeves. I can slide them in and out when I need to. I can't wait to fill this book with some more cheap clean eats.

    So let's have it! How do you store your recipe collection? Have you gone clean? Send in those awesome clean recipes and I'll pick my favorites! Um Yum!


    1. Wow! What a super cool idea! You are inspiring! I've been living a healthier (for the most part) lifestyle of food and exercise since June. I'd love to incorporate "clean eating" in to the regime. I still find that I'm tired quite a bit even though I eat better, exercise often and take vitamins. Perhaps this is the help I needed!

      1. I think once you go clean you'll see what you have been missing and what you have been putting in your body. I also think that going clean is cheaper and more time efficient than eating processed foods

    2. This is lovely, Stephanie! And I love that you and your family are already feeling better. SO worth the time and effort to get this system in place. And your recipe collection book is GORGEOUS. I'm sure it just makes you want to keep on this healthy eating track! Thanks for giving me something to really think about....

      The Thinking Closet

      1. Your very welcome Lauren. I just can't stress how great this whole thing is. I hope more people can try it out!

    3. OMG amazing! This is so pretty that I am drooling!

    4. What a great idea for storing recipes. Love the makeover on the album, too.

    5. Stopping by to let you know your Recipe Freebies is featured on Made in a Day today! Congrats and thanks for linking up!

    6. I like your album! Very colorful! I use a 1 inch binder for all my entrees as it's quick and easy to pull out and set on the counter while cooking, and 3 inch binder for all the other tabs. I use plastic sleeves and cut and staple to a sheet of paper to slide into the sleeve--but I like your recipe cards better! My dividers are index tab dividers with pockets, found in the office supply store. I use the pockets to store recipes that I haven't had time to add a page. That way they are still in the proper section.

    7. This is WONDERFUL. This will absolutely be my summer project, thank you sooo much!!!

    8. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!! I am recently discovering this clean eating thing and your recipe book is such a great inspiration to get as many recipes as I can find!

    9. I have no idea how to start. Can you help me? Can u take pics of the recipes and email them to me' please?

    10. This is a great idea. I would love to utilize it, however I can't print your files. Can you help me out or give me the dimensions of the photo album so that I can make my own? Thanks!

    11. These tabs are great, I have used them for making my filofax dividers. Thanks for sharing!

    12. Thank you for sharing these colorful tabs, I love them!!

    13. I don't have a recipe binder yet, but I will make sure I have your site bookmarked for when I start. Thank you!

    14. Very simple & very pretty! I love it! Thank you for sharing your creation ��


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