Sep 16, 2013

For the Kids: Chore Sticks

Happy Monday friends! I wanted to take this week and focus on the kiddies. More so the tots. Now that the big kids have gone off to school, what shall we do with the younger ones? Since this is my first go around in public school and my first year home with just the girls {4,15 months}I find my self in need of some toddler/baby structure. Now that my focus during the day is on home, work, and the girls I need to implement more of a routine for them and myself. In recent days I have started up our preschool homeschool {more on that soon} and love that my big girl loves school. She is doing that so well that I thought I would take it up a notch or two and give her some more responsibility.

Her 4th birthday is coming up in two weeks and up until now I haven't really stressed chores with her. My oldest, Jack, has had chores since he was three, although I still have to remind him daily he does them without having to ask twice. With Lilli girl it's a different story. She is still in the "let's say it multiple times, until mommy really means it" stage. I had to think of something better than struggling with her everyday.

Enter our new chore system.

Here's how I made it.

First,  I purchased some colorful popsicle/craft sticks from the dollar store. 130 multiple colored sticks for a buck. Not bad at all. And their even in my favorite hues. Need to find some extra craft ideas for these babies woodsies.

Next, I worked up some colorful toppers in Photoshop. I added pictures to them since Lilli is a non-reader {although she is learning really fast}. On the first day we went over them and now she knows each one by heart. Easy peasy!

Then I cut the chore toppers and laminated them so they would be extra durable.

And hot glued them to the colorful craft sticks.

Next, I found a pint-size mason jar. Stuck them in it. And hot glued the "my daily chores" label to the front of the jar.

Then of course I stood back and enjoyed my creativity!

And last I explained each one to Lilli. Explained that when you finish a chore you pull it out and stick it upside down.

She immediately ran around the house doing the chores and running back to turn them upside down, within minutes she had already completed them. YAY! Let's just hope that the excitement will last!

So what do you moms and dads do for a chore system? And another thing, do you reward your littles with treats or prizes?  Not sure if I should start a reward system or not, I have heard both negatives and positives to "bribing" good behavior. But isn't positive enforcement better than negative. Just let me know what you guys think, I would love to hear from both sides. We have tried several chore systems and haven't really found a great one that works. I am hoping this is it!


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  1. Hello Stephanie. You've come up with a great idea! I have a niece and thinking to make similar ones for her.
    Stephanie, I see you're a fan of Pinterest and used to link your past projects to the Pinterest Challenge @ Bower Power. Would you be interested in linking your recent Pinterest-inspired projects on my blog OksanaPlusHobbies?
    Here is the Link Party which is going on right now:
    Thank you so very much. I'm your newest follower.

  2. Howdy! Do yoou use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be
    okay. I'm undolubtedly enjoying your blog and lolok
    forward to new posts.


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