Sep 26, 2013

For the Kids: A Lemonade Party

Well summer is officially over. It saddens me that summer has come and gone but fall is my favorite time of the year. But, I wanted to say ta-ta to summer by finally showing you my first ever summer birthday party. My oldest loves are fall and winter babes and when I had A in June I was so excited to actually plan a summer birthday party. But summer parties are all new to me. I knew I wanted an outdoor soiree, or as us southern gals call it..a shindig, but where to start? I went to the MOA {mother of all} party inspiration...Pinterest.

After pinning a ton of inspiration here I had so many ideas that I wanted to incorporate. My parties are always a mix of my best DIY and crafting skills. Everything is usually handmade or printed up by yours truly. Although it takes time it's worth it for the dollars saved and of course the happy smiles on our guest's faces. If there is one thing I appreciate it's the small details that come together to pull off a personal party.

Why a lemonade party?

I'm not sure. I just started browsing the web and it came up on the screen. I immediately thought it was perfect. I love the yellow and pink hues together and thought it fit our girl so I ran with it. 

What did I DIY for this party?
  • Invites
  • Yard Sign
  • Banner
  • Food Labels
  • Food
  • Treat buckets
  • Dress and Headband
When I originally created the invites I lacked a theme so I created something that was personal and simple, and that would hopefully complement any theme.

Since chalkboards and colorful font are really "in" right now I wanted to create something similar. I used Photoshop and layered different fonts and colors on a simple grayish/black background to get the effect I was going for. Once I had it like I wanted I sent the final copy over to Vistaprint and had them printed up. It took about a week to receive them and the next day I hand delivered them. No money wasted on postage and so much more personal than mailing them. 

When we finally decided that we wanted to do a lemonade stand theme I designed this yard sign and had it printed at Vistaprint as well.

Note to self: tie balloons better next time. The balloons managed to get free and float off into the sunset. :( On any note how cute is the sign? I think these are totes adorbs and would even work great for directional use. Instead of the ol' balloon on the mailbox trick why not add some personal flare by having a couple yard signs pointing people in the right direction. I paid around $8.00 for this sign. And of course it was too cute to throw away. I foresee many backyard lemonade stands in this girl's future.

My dear hubby was called away for work the day before and missed the party which of course made me sad. We were planning on having a larger cookout with the grill and fire pit. It would have rocked, however plans changed and I kept everything inside to make it easier.

My house is super tiny so 50 plus people made for a tight space but I managed to bring out every yard chair and picnic blanket I could find. So while some people stayed inside the majority of the people sat outdoors. Even though it wasn't what I had originally planned it worked out.

I put the food tables inside. Between the kitchen and living room I had two food tables, a space for gifts, and a treat bucket station.

Since I opted out of grilling {there are some things even I have to say no too}. I chose to go with a buffet of finger foods and snacks. I purchased several prepackaged trays and sat them out. I honestly wouldn't have done that had I had more time. Without the hubs I was at a lost for time and just went with it. 

Key to remember when planning a party: NOTHING GOES AS PLANNED! 

 I purchased several $5 subs from Wal-mart's deli and cut them into quarters. I supplied mayo and mustard in cutely labeled pic-nic bottles. These are a big hit with our family and friends. They were gone in no time.

The cake was my splurge. I had a high school friend make it and it turned out amazing. And it was to die for. So yummy! I think the important thing to remember when picking a cake is to go big! For two reasons. One, it's the cake! It's what a birthday is all about and two, leftover cake is just awesome!

And last but not least were these lemonade parting gifts. A little way to say thank you for coming. In case you missed the awesomeness of these beauts check out how I created them and get your free printables here.

My my, how a year flies. The birth of our sweet Alifair seems like yesterday. And even though one year is a short time it seems to be going by so much faster than it use to. My little girl had a a blast at her 1st birthday party. And that's is all any mommy can ask for! 

She was smitten with a cupcake and her new Scentsy buddy. I think the lemonade party is a really cute theme for all ages,whether it be a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding reception. You can dress it down and make it comfortable or replace the paper cups with stemware for an upscale to do.  Now that the party is over it's time to start pinning and planning for number 2!

Coming up soon.. is my free party planning printable. And over the next couple of weeks I'll show you some crafty things for a bubble party! Yep my little L i turning 4 next week so that means this mama is hard at work.

When it comes to parties how do you use your DIY and crafting skills? Do you go all out or keep it simple? What is your favorite past theme? And, what are your favorite things to see at birthday parties?

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