Sep 4, 2013

Pop It! Twist It! Stripe It!

Hello hump day and hello happy readers of my happy place. Can you tell I am one happy chica? Well I have reason! I did it! I updated something in the living room. After four long years something in the living room was painted and updated. Can I get a hoorah?

So why stripes? Well in case you have been under a rock the past year STRIPES ARE IN! Stripes are the new polka-dots. And while I am still sure that polka-dots are still hot, stripes may be even hotter right now. And this here trendy mama wants hot. Especially when it comes to interior decorating. Have I been planning on a striped living room wall? No. I literally thought about it Sunday night and then on Monday morning I went to town. I didn't need supplies as I had a gallon of white paint and one and half jars of sample paint {leftover from the blue bathroom vanity}. And while I was unsure that would be enough I started anyways. I spent my Labor Day painting, painting, and painting.

Let's begin with Monday morning, when the wall looked something like this...

I scooted everything out of the way, although I had to leave the TV in viewing range for the family. I shuffled back and forth behind it. Here are the next steps:

1. Paint the entire wall the lighter of the colors. In this case it was white.

2. Allow the wall to dry completely and measure from the top or bottom 12" sections. Make tiny marks every 12''.

3. With a level and pencil, line out the stripes.

4. Once you have penciled the stripes, match the edges with painters tape. Just to let you know I would recommend a quality tape when creating a seamless edge.

5. Paint the lighter color over the edges of the tape to insure a tight seal.  Let dry.

6. Paint the darker color and let dry.

7. Remove the tape and viola! Pretty straight stripes!

Alright folks, there you have it. Or should I say them. Stripes! Not so easy but SO WORTH IT! I LURVE THEM TO PIECES! I love this wall and room so much more now. It's amazing how adding a focal wall can really shift the rooms vibe. It totally screams ritz, glam, and fun decor! Yay, yay, and yay!

Oh and ps...I painted the expedit shelf during the transformation. I just slapped on the same paint as the wall. It's defiantly not perfect and I probably should have went a more correct way about it. But sometimes I can't control myself. I get wild itches to try something and I go for it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. As for now the shelf doesn't really bother me and it does look so much better white. But I fear that eventually the piece will crack, peel, and bubble, since I didn't sand, prime and seal. Only time will tell. But hey can you? Not right now. It looks so great and it makes the wall and room look even more clean and bright.

Stripes! Have you jumped on yet? Painted anything recently? How did you spend the holiday?


  1. love the look! so want that in my den!

  2. Oh Stephanie - that is sooo fun. I love it! It makes such a big difference and adds so much energy to your space. Awesome job - and thanks for sharing it at Work it Wednesday!

    1. Hey Stephanie! I featured you this week at Work it Wednesday- now I have striped walls on my mind for my boys new combined bedroom! Love them!!

  3. This is so fun!! I'd love to do some bold stripes in my living room, but we ave textured walls boo!! Thanks for sharing at our Get Your DIY on Fall Link Party. You helped make week one a success! I hope you'll join us again on Sunday. Our theme is fall wreaths :)



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