Sep 30, 2013

QUICK PRINT: FREE Rx Dosage Chart Stickers

Happy Monday to all my friends and wonderful readers. First of all I just want to take a second and say thank you to those of you that have subscribed, liked, pinned, tweeted, and posted about my blog. I am sure that you guys can see all the wonderful changes I made around here and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for my lil' ol' blog. Keep sharing, posting, tweeting, pinning, and doing what you do!

So I wanted to jump in for a few minutes and share another new printable that I came up with just this week. I have had some sick kiddos this week and with colder weather approaching I know it's not the last of it. My oldest love, Jack, started public school this year and while I started him on some good vitamins he still brought home the crude. Running nose and a horse cough led to an emergency room visit for a severe ear infection. Poor guy :(. We moms hate to see our babies in pain. After a couple of doses of antibiotics, pain meds, and some good rest he is back to good health and this mom couldn't be happier. I just hope the girls don't come down with it and I can stay healthy. We all know if mom goes down we all go down. We are like the captains of a ship, with no captain the ship will sink! :)

So my guy feels better and is off to school this morning but not before taking his dose of antibiotics and he still has several to go. I honestly couldn't remember if I had even given it to him last night. I knew I needed to do better at keeping track of his dosages. I needed a dosage chart. Something to keep track of when I give him the medicine, how many times a day, etc. At first I was just going to jot it down with a sharpie on the bottle itself but then I realized it was a little bit hard to do and read so I do what I do best and created a sheet of printable stickers. Printable Rx dosage chart stickers that is.

I printed mine on a piece of full sheet label paper. I cut them out and put them inside my medicine box. Now when we get new medications that require doses I can slap one of these on and keep up with the dosages. It's working pretty well.

Have your little ones been sick this year yet? I hope I can keep the germs at bay. Nothing like a houseful of sick kiddos. But at least if we do get meds we can keep better track. How do you keep up with dosages? Any tips or tricks?

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