Oct 14, 2013


Happy Monday lovely readers and visitors! I can't wait to show you all the wonderful Silhouette projects this month so let's get started.

As you guys may know in hopes to create my one of kind custom planner I have taken it on myself to DIY as much as possible, including the cover which I have left like this for the time being.

I also "gold dipped" my pens...

And created some personal planner stickers and diyed some Halloween sticky notes...

Needless to say I am a little addicted to my planner right down to the smallest details and accessories like pens, paper, and printables. I love creating my own layouts and designs to use in my planner. After all my planner needs to work for me. It needs to be 100% functional as well as pretty.

This weekend in light of our monthly Silhouette Challenge I wanted to create some bright and bold tabbed dividers. I played around with this concept for awhile until I found something I liked and something that was functional.

First I designed some colorful tabs in Photoshop Elements 10.

I labeled the tabs according to my needs and my life. Categories like weekly schedule, budget, blog plans, and fitness tracker are perfect for my busy life as a SAHM, blogger and moma tryin' to shed the baby weight. I even added in tabs to create sections for my Etsy shop. I am super excited about having everything in one planner.

I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut my tabs which I printed on label paper { you can use sticker paper as well}. Once you create an image in Photoshop and save it as a png file you can open it in the Sihouette Studio. It will look a little like this.

First thing I did was add register marks {since I planned on printing}. I postitioned the tabs within the registered marks, traced the image and selected "trace the outside" only, this will trace only the silhouette of the images. I printed, inserted it into the machine, detected register marks, and cut!. Ta da. Instant tabs that are bright, colorful and sticky.

Psss...I used a 1 on my blade to create a kiss cut! This is a great technique to create stickers that will peel right off the backing.

I really like all the colors....they're so me!!!

I decided to use some of these on my hanging files to organize my paper work. However the majority are going in my planner as tabs. Here is the direction I am heading. I like the look of tabs across teh bottom and top. I know it's a lot but I have a lot to plan. Family, kids, errands, meals, blog post, etsy ideas, school stuff...etc. It's defiantly overwhelming and to think I was doing it without a planner up until two weeks ago.

Once I printed and cut my labels for the tabs I created my dividers. Just some bright and colorful dividers. I placed them in a piece of laminate and made enough room for my tabs at the end. Once it was laminated I simply trimmed the excess. I hole punched it a little higher than normal so the tabs would stick out from the top.

And there you have it easy peasy tabs with colorful dividers! I have several more to finish up but I ran out of ink tonight.

Their pretty and they help to keep everything in it's place. This would be an easy project to create even if you don't own a Silhouette. You could easily cut them by hand. I just like to make stickers! And doing the "kiss cut" with my Portrait delivers the perfect kiss every time.

Now it's time to see what my friends from the Silhouette Challenge group have been busy slicing and dicing all month. Let's check out their projects here:

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Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin by unOriginal Mom
Halloween Family Rules by Tried & True
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Wow so much craftiness in one place! Comment and let me know your favorites and I'll highlight some next week as well! I'm going to rework my Silhouette Challenge gallery and showcase my favorites from the past! More on that soon! If your interested in joining us for our group posting event next month?  We'd love to have you.  Simply fill out the new member request form, and Lauren from The Thinking Closet will get you squared away!

{psss...my canon is still in the shop..so sorry for the bad iphotos} :)



  1. Okay I'm obsessed with your planner too! This is so cool and pretty. I'm in search of the perfect planner!

  2. Stopping over from the Silhouette Challenge.

    I too am working on a planner, but it's still in the early phases. So glad you talked about stickers because I never thought about using them until now. Yours are so adorable!!

  3. Thanks so much for the great tips! I so need to make me one of these. Love how you've used all the bright colors!

  4. Super cute planner! I agree it is so nice to have everything organized in one planner!

  5. Love all the colors you used! I wish that I was half as organized as you! This does inspire me to do better!

  6. The planner is fabulous and I love your colourful labels :)

  7. I use my CAMEO daily - love it - but haven't ventured into Print & Cut as yet. Great organizational ideas! ;-}

  8. What a gorgeous planner and great hint on that kiss cut!

  9. I used to live for paper planners, but I've been all electronic for years now. You are making me seriously consider going back to paper. I love those gold dipped pens and stickers too!

  10. As someone who really appreciates a well organized binder or planner, I have great respect for you and ways you are just amping up this planner week after week. I've said it before and I'll say it again - - just because it's functional doesn't mean it can't be cute! And you have taken CUTE to a whole new level with this one. Well done, Stephanie!

  11. This is so great. It has turned out so well. All of the bright colors make it look very fun to get organized.

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    you shared a very use full information her thanks a lot for sharing this information here.
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  13. I just found your blog and love it. It never occured to me to create first in Photoshop! Great tip. Thanks so much!

  14. I can't seem to find where you download these? Is there a download? Maybe I'm confuse... P.S. I LOVE your blog! LOVE IT!!!!


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