Oct 1, 2013


Oh boy it's Tuesday! Another fun filled week planned here at THE HOUSE ON HILLBROOK! I can't wait to show you all of my projects, crafts, and tips this week. It's going to be a packed week...SO STAY TUNED! Remember to subscribe, like, and connect with me so that you will get all of my updates.

Moving on...one of my topics this week is PLANNERS! Last week I joined an amazing group started by Toni Hammersley from the blog A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS. She and her blog are AMAZING! She shares colorful organizing, decorating, and home management strategies. If you have never visited her blog before I would highly recommend it.

Toni started up a Facebook group called PLANNER ADDICTS. It's a group of mostly women that eat, sleep, and dream planners. Any type of planner you could imagine these girls have got it. I personally have been working on my new 2013-2014 planner and was so happy to come across this group. They have already taught me so much and give me so much inspiration. And they defiantly motivate me to stay on top of my planner organization which in turns means a more organized daily life. If your visiting from the group than you already know what I am talking about. Lot's of love to you guys!

Okay, let's get started!

Some of you may not know what personal planner/calendar stickers are but basically their small stickers that represent special events and daily task. Honestly you could make anything into a planner sticker. Most of you guys have these or have seen them online...

Of course these are super cute and I'll more than likely end up picking these up if I come across them. But for now I'll just make my own!!! By making my own I can literally make anything into a sticker. If a certain set of events occur and I happen to think, "oh, I need new stickers" I can simply hope on Photoshop and create a new sheet. FUN AND FREE!

I have been working on several sheets of planner stickers for myself so this list is pretty new but here are my stickers that I have come up with so far.

no school
rainy days
snow days
hair cuts
field trip
play date
coffee date
movie night
date night
MNO {mom's night out}
first day of seasons
all major US holidays
weigh in {for fitness purposes}
baking {for special days I need to batch bake}
kids {each one of my kids have their own special sticker}
hubby {special sticker for my husband}

That's a pretty good start. Once I had my list the next thing was to create the individual sticker graphics.

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.

Open Photoshop.

Start a new project. { 2'' x 2'', 300 ppi, color mode}

Once you have your blank project you'll want to find some clip art to start with. I like to get my clipart from here because it's free and no credit is needed. When you find an image you want just right click and save as. QUICK TIP: I suggest creating a folder for clip art. That way you'll know where the image is stored when you return to Photoshop.

Back in Photoshop, open the image.

You can edit the image or cut and paste it onto your original project. Once you have it there you can add colorful text, additional clip art or custom shapes.

I have this image ready to cut and paste onto my sticker sheet! My sticker sheet is a project board at 8.5'' x 11''. I have color blocked my page so that I can section my stickers. You could make an entire page of one sticker set. It's totally up to you! Hope that makes sense! :) I simply cut and paste my image onto my sheet and position it accordingly. REMEMBER to keep everything roughly the same size and aligned so that creating your cut marks will be easier. If your images are not aligned your straight cut marks might not work. 

So now your sticker sheet should look similar to this...

Once you have several stickers completed your sticker sheet will start to take shape.

Okay so let's talk printing and cutting! I'm going to describe two ways to do this!


If you don't have a cutting machine like a Silhouette Cameo or Portrait you can still cut them by hand. Use scissors to cut them, then you can peel off the backing, and place them where you need them. I suggest just cutting as you need them that way you don't have a ton of loose stickers floating around.

If you have a Silhouette cutting machine you can KISS CUT {cut the top layer and not the backing} the sheet so the stickers will just peel right off one by one. First, you will need to save the sticker sheet as .png file in Photoshop. Open the .png file up in Silhouette Studio. The first thing you will need to do is click the REGISTER MARKS button. This will allow our blade to line up to our cut marks later on. Set the marks to the lowest setting for each margin. !!!!BEFORE RESIZING IMAGE AND ADDING CUT MARKS TURN REGISTER MARKS ON {0.395 each corner}!!

You may need to shrink the sticker sheet so the whole image fits inside the marks. The machine will not cut anything outside the registration marks.

Next, I basically created a rectangle cut box around the stickers and then dissected each sticker by creating cut marks down and across between each row and column which creates a small square around each sticker. QUICK TIP: By holding shift while you drag you cut mark will create a perfect straight line.

Send to the Silhouette and follow the instructions carefully! Once you have the sticker sheet printed and inserted into the machine {on the cut mat} make sure to check detect registration marks. This will align the cut marks on screen to the cut marks on your printed sheet so the cuts will be perfect {well close to perfect}. After you have selected and adjusted the settings the machine will prompt you to print and cut. Again, follow the directions carefully!



  •       MEDIUM-Silhouette Brand Printable Sticker Paper {even though my paper was Avery labels}
  •       BLADE- 1 or 2 {depending on the thickness you may have to adjust accordingly, I really suggest  a test cut to determine the depth of cutting}

I chose the setting for the Silhouette brand printable sticker paper even though my paper is Avery full sheet label paper it works well. I set my blade to 2! You might even can do a 1 here it just depends on the thickness of you paper. Some of my cuts did go all the way through but not enough that it really matters. I am still able to peel the stickers off the sheet.

Pay attention to the first couple of cuts! Label or sticker paper isn't cheap so if you see it go off grid you may want to stop/pause the cut and try again!

Can you see the cut marks? They make a little box around each sticker! After the Silhouette is finished cutting roll out the sheet and DO A HAPPY DANCE! Now you have peelable {is that a word} stickers. Repeat after me, "WHAT WHAT YEAH YEAH OH OH I'M AWESOME...TAKE THAT, BOOM"! You can hole punch them or put them in a pocket of your planner so their ready to go when you need a new sticker.

And there they are in my weekly spread! YAY! {psss my handwriting needs help!}

Okay ladies, I hope I made sense in all this. I'm not much for remembering every little tid bit but I hope I covered the basis for you. I would love to see your stickers. And remember the possibilities are endless. 

Will you make your own stickers? What stickers will you create? Any tips and tricks for planner stickers? Comment to let us know what stickers you make and share them with us on Instagram #thehouseonhillbrook. Let's see them all! I'll share my favorites on the blog next week! 

Don't forget to get your free copy of my 1st set of planner stickers!

Questions?- Comment below

There's a lot of chatter about Photoshop, planner pages, stickers, and DIYing things for your own planner so let me know what you guys would like to see next? 

~Good Luck and Happy Planning~


  1. I love your planner stickers! I found your site through the FB Planner Addicts Thanks so much for sharing how to make them & print them. :) Can't wait to give it a try! P.S. - I'm excited to check out your blog - it looks awesome! Definitely have a new reader.

    1. Thanks Christy! And don't you love that group! I think I need to start a new group and title it Planner Addicts Addicts..get it..I'm addicted to that group. Such fun! It's really help me take on a hole new planning routine which means greater time management. And thanks for subscribing! I hope you find some inspiration here!

  2. Oh my gosh, your planner stickers are SO cute! And I'm pinning this tutorial for the someday when I get to try sticker paper someday. Thanks for generously sharing this with us, Stephanie!

    1. Thanks girl and thanks a bushel for pinning! Your welcome for the share. Now to figure out my challenge post!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. Your stickers are adorable!

  4. I wa wondering what kind of printer you have?

  5. Congrats! I'll be featuring your planner stickers tomorrow on Made in a Day! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Hello!

    I would love to make some stickers of my own but I don't have photoshop. Do you think I could make my stickers using word?

  7. So fun. I can't believe you made these! I'm hosting a giveaway for two great pillow covers that you should enter! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/11/pillow-covers-giveaway.html

  8. I so wish you were selling these for those of us who don't have a silhoutte!

  9. Saw these on pinterest, what a neat idea! I will need to make a version of my own, thanks for the inspiraiton!

  10. i am definitely going to link this in my blog! such a great tutorial!

  11. Oh good golly, this is wonderful! Thanks!

  12. Thank you so much for this blog post; I've been trying to figure out how the stickers are cut (without scissors) for days. This is very detailed, and greatly appreciated.

  13. Love this idea. I do, however, struggle with the idea of printing and then the hint of water would ruin everything. Do you use laser color printer or ink jet?

  14. Hi Stephanie, This is a great post. I'm looking to create a bunch of stickers for my son. I was wondering if you would consider doing a project for me for a fee? I don't even have a printer so I can't really pull this off on my own! RachelTempleton@gmail.com


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