Nov 15, 2013

So Thankful for a Cute Party

Hello and happy Friday friends. So sorry for the pause from posting. I came down with a horrible bug but now I'm feeling {pretty much} back to normal and ready to share an awesome post with you all!

First things's the middle of November! Ahh. I can't believe it. I haven't accomplished as much as I need too but I'm bound and determined to get things squared away before the holidays roll in. I have some baking, shopping, and tidying to do. Not to mention some home made Christmas gifts that I need to get started on.

But let's pause for a minute and enjoy one holiday at a time here people! I mean is anyone else upset that brands seem to rush Christmas right in on top of Thanksgiving Halloween. I guess some look it as one big holiday with separate meal plans but I like to appreciate the meanings and traditions of each. I'm thankful for those meanings and those traditions. So that brings me today. I want to share my little thankful party. Just a simple fun time. Some cute decor, snacks, and people who share the simplicity of being thankful for all of the many blessings we have each day. 

Another cute freebie just for you guys. Can you tell I love making these?


First, nothing says simple and intimate like delivering some handwritten invites.

 Share some sweet treats and moments of gratitude with your special guest.

 And I'm using this banner for some fall decor.

So simple for just about any party...large or small. I'm so thankful for cute parties and for awesome readers like you guys! Lot's of love and blessings for you this Thanksgiving season!


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