Apr 27, 2013

Laundry Room Makeover on the Cheap

Well this week we have been airing our dirty laundry and our not so dirty laundry spaces. It amazes me what a little time and a whole lot of effort will accomplish. At the beginning of this week I started with a dull and drab laundry space and within a few days I had a a much better room. My laundry room is located off my master bedroom and currently shares the space I call "my bathroom". It's a laundry/half bath combo and honestly is my least favorite room of the house. We have lived here for four years and I have never done anything to it expect remove the dated mirror/light above the vanity. We do not use the bath room for an actual bathroom. I use it mostly for laundry purposes and occasionally I will use the vanity to wash my hands or paint brushes

I wanted to divide the room up. Half for laundry and half for a powder room. I would eventually like to use the vanity space to put on my makeup and do my hair. Since I am a visual person just having a room organized and pretty makes me feel 100% better. So I started with some ideas and inspiration and ran with it.


Since the room is off our bedroom I wanted to bring those colors in as well. I painted the walls Glidden's Tropical Surf. It's a lighter blue and compliments the deeper tones of the bedroom.


Since these are floating shelves and they only hold a maximum of fifteen pounds each I didn't want to overload them with giant bottles of detergents and softeners. I think the smaller glass jars are much better for weight, space, and of course looks. I consolidated my stain treating needs into a smaller basket that will sit on top of the dryer. 


As I showed you in my last post, Creating Pretty Laundry Soap Storage, I painted the word "wash" onto a glass jar. The smaller jar is used to hold laundry clips or what I call clothes pins. I added a vinyl decal to the jar in a bright pink hue.


I purchased this 3x5 Garden Rug back in September and used it in my kitchen. This rug is beautiful, bright, and bold but super hard to clean as you are not suppose to wash it. But needless to say after a few days in our messy kitchen this rug was awfully dirty. I tried to hand wash it but had no luck. I ended up washing it in my washing machine with some salt and vinegar and although it faded it didn't do as much damage as it could have={ I really do not recommend washing this rug}. I have sinced moved it to a less than busy traffic area. This space sees little to no traffic, except for me doing a few loads of laundry a week.

After painting, creating some pretty storage, and adding the colorful rug I don't think I'll be complaining about doing laundry in here anytime soon. The final outcome was a lot better than I had hoped. It's a huge transformation for a small place.

My next hope for the room is to create a spa like half bath and then the room will be 100% complete. I am excited to start doing laundry in my new space. I think laundry spaces should be bright and fun. Most are small spaces so don't be afraid to add color and fun accessories. And bright rugs are a great way to bring in some fun color. Since I already owned my storage containers and rug this project only cost me paint and two floating shelves, which was less than $60 dollars. I am happy with that and I am really happy with the outcome.

Are you craving a new laundry space? How do you store you laundry products? What about your laundry routine have any tips on how to minimize your time doing laundry?

Apr 25, 2013

Creating Pretty Laundry Soap Storage

In the previous post, Inspiration: Laundry Room Makeover, I spoke briefly about the hand painted glass jar that was used to store washing soap. I wanted to recreate the look similar to that of Chelsey's from The Paper Mama. She took a mason jar and hand painted the word "wash" onto the front. Her jar holds homemade washing soap.

I started with the glass jar I already owned and used for my soap. I purchased my jar from Walmart a few months back and have been loving it. It takes up less space than a big box of detergent and can hold a ton of soap. I actually have my own recipe mixed in as well and I use two tablespoons each load. So a whole jar full will last us months.

Instead of tracing my stencil I just used my handy dandy Silhouette Portrait to cut out a stencil in a basic thick font. I weeded out the letters and used the cut away as the stencil.

 I deviated from Chelsey's plan and actually used a paint pen instead of liquid paint and brush. It was super simple and took minutes to do.

Drying time is super quick on the paint pen as well. I did about three coats to fill in the lines. I am really pleased at how it turned out.


It goes super well with my new scheme which I can't wait to show you. It literally took me about ten minutes from start to dry time and added a personalized touch to my laundry space.

I really like the gold on glass look. Have you ever tried to paint something like this? Have any more tips or cool designs to share? I think this would be great for canisters in a kitchen, don't you?

Apr 24, 2013

5 Tips to Revamp Your Laundry Room on a Budget

Happy Wednesday to all my beautiful readers. I wanted to introduce to you a fellow blogger and a cheerful soul named Krista. Krista is the blogger behind The Happy Housie. I recently found Krista's blog and instantly fell in love with her style. I love everything about her blog and her home. Her home is so vibrant and bold. She makes use of bright colors and bold fabrics in every room even her laundry/mud room. When I saw her laundry room revamp I knew I had to ask her to share how she made such a dramatic change in an ordinary space. So please join me in welcoming Krista.
Hello readers of House on Hillbrook!! I am sooo thrilled to be here today talking to you about our recent Laundry/Mud Room Revamp.  We managed to totally change the look of our laundry/mud room for a mere $340 (we already owned the laundry machines:) and I couldn’t be more pleased with the cheery results!

Especially considering the plain beginnings of this room.
Here are my top tips for revamping YOUR laundry room on a budget!

Tip One: DIY
 The best tip for saving money in any revamp or renovation is to Do-it-yourself.  Do as much as you can on your own and you save the labor costs for simple projects. In our Laundry Mud Room Revamp we installed the paneling and trim, painted everything, and built a countertop and shelf ourselves.  
I also made the no-sew curtains myself rather than purchasing something ready made or hiring someone to sew them. 

The budget would have been busted if we had hired out any of these fairly simple tasks. There is a plethora of fabulous tutorials online for each of these projects - figure out what you want, do some research, and do-it-yourself!

Tip Two: Take a Vertical View - Look UP
Most of us don’t have the luxury of a huge laundry room.  Our laundry “room” is more of an alcove in a walk-through mini mud room that leads from our garage to the interior hallway of our house.  Not much space to spare.  So look UP!! We moved laundry cabinets right up to the ceiling instead of wasting that precious storage space.  

Then we installed a new shelf below the cabinet to place items that we use frequently.  This added a ton of storage for us!

We also used vertical space when hanging our hooks.  Instead of one row, we added a second row lower down so that our boys have a place they can hang their belongings.  They can do it themselves AND it doubled our hook hanging capacity!

Tip Three: Pretty Storage Close at Hand
Keep things that you use all the time nearby and ready to go.  Get or make some pretty storage containers to display these things in. 

We found pretty containers for our laundry soap, Oxy powder, and dryer sheets.  The small round turquoise baskets were $1 Easter baskets with the handles removed. Now it looks pretty (versus cluttered) to have our everyday items displayed on the countertop.

Tip Four: Get Personal
Make some art that is personal to you and your space.  One of my favourite things in the room are the shadow display boxes with baby clothes.  These remind me daily of my sweet little baby boys... and were so simple and quick to create.  Clothes in shadow boxes are a fun and personal addition to any laundry room.

Make some art, like the printable laundry sign that I created using picmonkey. I printed it at home and framed it in a dollar store frame that I painted white.  Cute, thrifty and personalized. If you don’t want to make your own printable there are many available online and through Etsy.

Tip Five: Play with Color
The least expensive way to add your personality to your laundry room is by creating a scheme you LOVE.  For us, that was by using my favorite turquoise DIY Chalk Paint for the interior back door and cabinets.  When combined with the yellow fabric and pale yellow walls it creates a fun, vibrant happy scheme - just what I wanted for our space.

Perhaps turquoise and yellow aren’t your thing, and you prefer a more subdued scheme? Whatever your preference, the laundry room is usually a small space which makes it a perfect place to play around a little with a dramatic color that you might not use in a main room of your home.  Have fun with it!

Thanks again to Stephanie for having me over at The House on Hillbrook today.  As I always tell my readers - Remember, HOME wasn’t built in a day.  Enjoy the journey. And enjoy sprucing up your laundry or mud room space.  I would love to see pictures if you do take on your space!
Thanks so much to Krista for sharing her amazing space and thanks for the amazing tips. Too see more of her tips and her lovely home click here.

I made a list of things I am going to implement into my own laundry room.
  • Play with color: I'm going to add color onto the walls by painting. I plan to add a bright rug and some fun accessories.
  • Use my vertical space:I'm adding floating shelves to the wall above my washing machine. 
  • Pretty Storage: By adding glass jars and labels everything will have a pretty place to stay.
How do you store laundry essentials, especially those big bottles of fabric softener and detergents? What's your favorite laundry tip?  If you have a pretty space, please send it to houseonhillbrook {at} gmail {dot} com.

Apr 23, 2013

Inspiration:Laundry Room Makeover

I may regret taking on a big project two weeks before vacation but I know I will appreciate it when I return from our trip. It will be really nice to come home knowing it's completed and I can move on to something else. I have been working in our laundry room this week. Before I show you some photos of this neglected room I want to warm you up to my ideas for the space. I have pinned several different combinations of color and fun accessories but in light of keeping it...well, light I want to keep things minimal and airy.

I really want to make this space a fresh fun place where laundry will not be such a chore. Here are the things I plan on doing or adding to the space.

1. Tropical Surf by Glidden. A fresh coat of this light blue paint will tone down the white walls but leave the space bright and airy like a beautiful summer day.

2. Color Scheme. I plan on playing off the wall color by adding pops of bright limes, lemons, and deep corals and teals.

3. Floating Shelves. I also plan to add two small shelves above my washing area to store soaps and softeners.

4. DIY Soap Container. I plan to recreate this hand painted jar to create my own soap jar.

5. Urban Outfitters Garden Rug. I already own this bright and bold beauty. I plan to brighten up the space by laying it on the floor in front of my washer and dryer.

6. Free Printable by KeepCalmStudio.

Stay tuned for a week of laundry room tips and tricks. I will be putting my own spin on a few as I take my laundry room from drab to fab. {Fingers crossed}.

What are you working on this week? Has anyone made any improvements to their laundry room recently?

Apr 22, 2013

Weekend Project: Craft Closet Clean Out

Happy Monday or should I say happy the weekend's over day. Even though most of us feel that way it doesn't sound so uplifting. Let's kick this week off with a dramatic change that took place over the weekend here at the house on Hillbrook. I finally got around to cleaning out some closets. One of my short term goals. One of the closets that I cleared and organized this weekend was my craft closet. I use the living room closet, as of right now, to corral all of my crafting supplies. Everything from scrapbooking items to sewing supplies lives here.

Over the past several months my closet turned into a catch all for everyone living in the house. It was not serving it's purpose, and how could it looking like this...

Seriously?  I bet you guys are getting tired of seeing my awful before pictures. I just couldn't live like this anymore. So I tore everything out on to the living room floor and started fresh. I started by going through all the boxes and piles of stuff and organizing it into categories.

While I had everything out of the closet I lined my HYLLIS shelf from Ikea with some of my favorite contact paper.

Once I had everything organized into containers and bins I was ready to start putting things back in. I used a collection of different boxes and bins to maximize my space.

I made sure that everything was labeled and placed where it was easiest to reach. Small loose items such as thread, stickers, and ribbon found homes in clear plastic shoe boxes that I picked up for $1.00 at my local dollar store.

I used Martha Stewart's metal book plates  to secure labels to the front. You know me I love the book plates. I think it dresses them up a bit.

Inside the labeling and sewing kits, which are made from Plano tackle boxes found in the hunting and fishing section, I labeled every little section for things I need to get too quick.

I made use of a large glass container, which was missing a lid, to corral my gift wrap and contact papers.  You could use a small trash can or a tall basket to do the same.

I folded all my fat quarters and fabrics and placed them in the canvas bin at the bottom. I don't do a whole lot of sewing but when I do I can pull it out and all my cloth will be in one place.

I love my desktop organizer so much! I moved it back on my desk since this but I just wanted to show you guys that something like that could work inside a space like this for extra storage of small things like crochet needles or small paint brushes. You could even put a few different embroidery hoops in the different slots if you needed storage for those. I am just in love with it and wanted to share it again.

After everything was organized right down to pens and paper I knew the closet was missing something. So I added some cheap art. Just a free printable that I made at KeepCalmStudio. 

I like the pop of pink on the wall when I open the door. It's super bright and fun and really makes this plain ol' white closet  a fun place to peek into.

 After clearing out the clutter, organizing, labeling, and adding some pretty paper and art  I think I'll just leave the door open all the time. I mean it's a complete 180 from the before.

To the after.

So clean and bright. The best part is that I now know where everything is so I hope to get more projects completed.

What overdue projects did you get done this weekend? Do you have a pretty craft closet? If so, please share!

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