Jan 27, 2014

Organize It: Planner Accessories

It's no secret that I'm a paper/planner junkie as you can tell here, here, here, here, and of course at my Etsy shop, but I'm also a collector of many things planner related. My idea of going shopping might end somewhere with me rummaging through colorful office supplies. I'm weak when it comes to  bright pens, tear drop stickers, anything Martha Stewart and of course washi tape. I'm sure any planner addict can sympathize.

Lately as my personal planning techniques grow so does my collection and it doesn't help that I'm on several planner related Facebook groups with fun girls that like to show off their decorated pages, simple techniques to keep track and their love for their planners. It fuels the fire.

Ever since I was little I have toted around notebooks, pens, markers, and stickers... pretty much everywhere I go. Whether it's chaotically thrown in the front seat of my car or neatly stowed in a cute carry on, my planner and several accessories are usually with me at all times.

The organizer in me likes to keep things neat and tidy and that includes creating some order and function to my planning process, supplies, and use.

Now there are endless storage options for just about anything. Totes, plastic boxes, bins, drawer organizers, etc...but for my needs I re-purposed a plastic Plano tackle box into accessory storage. These boxes are similar to the craft boxes you might find at Michaels but ultimately half the cost.

I purchased two boxes a long time ago. One for my labeling supplies and the other for a sewing kit. Since then I moved my labeling supplies to a much larger container I have one of the Plano boxes empty. Empty box + tons of office supplies= organized planner accessories.

The Plano boxes come with adjustable dividers so that you can create custom size sections. Works great for small things like clips or long items like stickers and pens.

This box makes it easy to see and use what I have. I also love the fact that it's extremely portable which means most nights I'm sitting in bed planning my day or week. I have everything I need to make my planner personalized, functional, and fun.

And of course I have to label my box with a cute self adhessive gold book plate..It's so classy and pretty. Love these so much!

I love simple storage. This box makes everything so compact and useful. And not to mention it's so bright and colorful that I can't help to smile when I open it.

How do you store your planner accessories, pens, stickers, washi, etc? Are you using anything from the outdoor section to organize with?


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