Feb 28, 2014

Week 7: Snow and Legos

If you're joining from THE POCKET SOURCE blog hop welcome! Take a look around! I'm Stephanie Adams. This is my little piece of the www along with TPS. If you can't find me at TPS more than likely I'm here. I blog about all sorts of things. Home, art, scrapbooking, family, fun, pretty much whatever floats my boat!

Week 7 is in the books! Whew! I'm really proud of myself for staying so close to track. I'm still keeping things super simple. I do have some more detailed things planned in the near future but for now I'm keeping things easy peasy, baby!

For this layout I used a 4x6 card form the Midnight Core kit. I added some thickers from American Crafts to complete the "week 7" title. Keeping it simple I printed some filler cards from the free kit I received over at THE POCKET SOURCE from THE LILYPAD. I created a cut file with Silhouette Studio to make the "snow" overlay. I added it on top of another filler card from the Midnight Core kit. I think it looks like falling snow through a window. The card with the large unreadable print was a mistake. It was suppose to print the weather for the week perfectly on the 3x4 card and it didn't, but I kinda like the jumbled up words...so I left it be! :)

On the second page I played with the same color. I had snapped a pic of a quarter machine filled with bouncy balls {can you imagine what people probably thought of a grown woman taking a picture or toy machine...geesh the things we scrappers do}because the colors inspired me and the photo played really well into the layout. I used a cards from the Honey core kit {which was RAKed to me from my dear friend Colie Kumar from Cardstockoption}, the "Saturday" card was designed by me, and the "Everything is Awesome" card was designed and offered for free by Melissa from Loo de Loop.The "Happy  Mail" stamp was a digital stamp included in the free download from THE LILYPAD at THE POCKET SOURCE.

So there you have it...week 7. Done! On to 8. I hope I can stay on track like this all year. Fingers crossed it gets a bit easier to print pics and I get a bit braver to add more "stuff" to my pages. I have hopes to try color mist, overlays, more cutfiles, and even sewing cards. EEK! Scrappin' prayers for this here noob.

If you joined from THE POCKET SOURCE blog hop be sure to check out the next blog, California' Scrappin'...so from coast to coast to you go. Be sure to subscribe to all the blogs in today's hop for more inspiration.

Lots of love and happy scrappin'

Feb 11, 2014

Pocket Scarpbooking: My Hybrid Process

As I mentioned a few days ago, here, I have decided to do my 2014 album as a hybrid pocket scrapbook. So far I am in love with the endless possibilities that one finds them self with, having both physical and digital products to chose from. I made the switch with perfect timing. I spent my entire birthday allowance on new products from Becky Higgins and Mambi. It's safe to say I am building my stash up fast. It's so easy to want it all, right?

During my search for some physical product I feel in love with three of the Project Life® core kits. Sunshine, Midnight, and Kiwi. I also picked up a few themed sets, several Pocket Pages® sets, a new album, pocket page multipack, stamps, thickers, ink, washi, and the list goes on and on. I also raided the dollar bin at Target for some organizing baskets and other random cute stuff. I had to come home and rearrange my entire house to fit all of my new goodies in my studio.  I know. I know. Less stuff more happiness! But when it's your birthday and you have money burning a hole in your pocket and a new addiction to feed it's so hard to maintain self-control. But look at the cuteness...I mean just look at it!

I digress. Back on topic. So with all of my new goodies I couldn't wait to do this week's spread. Week 5. My first hybrid spread. It's not that I have never completed a traditional scrapbook page, because I have, I just have never completed a hybrid "pocket" scrapbooking page. OMG! It's so fun.

So first I cleaned up my studio floor so I could spread out around me. I grabbed a white foam board to work on. It's great to work on if you like working on the floor or bed. Plus it's kinda static-ky so your photos and cards are able to stick to it a bit, making it a good work space since things don't shift.

Next, I laid out my chosen photos from the week. I always start with photos. Pick the photos, pick the placement, pick the colors from the photos and so on.

I do start with more photos than I need and then I narrow it down more, so that I'm left with my ture favorites from the week. I save the not so lucky ones for extras just in case I need a photo for a filler or some other reason. Once I have all the photos I'm using I look for the colors that stand out. Pinks, yellows, browns, blacks. I search my kits and cards and pull a good amount of pieces out. I'm visual so it helps to see it all in front of me.

Once I have my photos and major playing pieces I do a mock layout. Just the photos and the cards.

Then the magic happens. Stickers, thickers, washi, and what ever flare I think needs to go on there. ;) I like to start with my title card and work my way from right to left.


Once I have all my embellishments on the pages I journal. Most of the time I type my journal cards out and print right on the card. However this layout was a little different so I just went with. I HATE MY HANDWRITING. It's the most awful thing ever. I don't care if I have to stencil every tiny letter on there, next time I will not hand-write them. Geesh!

And finally I insert everything into my page protectors. And ta da! Finito! I'm sure my process will change over time as I get more into this whole hybrid thing. I'm still learning all the physical products, the low down on embellishments, and even the journaling. It's much easier for a graphic designer to love the world of digital only, but when I spend the majority of my time at my computer the last thing I want to do is spend more time on there working on my layouts. I really like digging through all the stuff and getting deep into it. It's my quiet time and I love it.

Do you share a similar process? Have any tips and tricks to help me?

psss- My increasing love for all things pocket scrapbooking {PS} is being fueled by my involvement with the new online community THE POCKET SOURCE. I'm working one on one with the owner Leslie to build, create, and design a one of the kind resource for all things PS. A new member based hub that will teach us new things, inspire us to create wonderful keepsakes, and will offer us so many A-MAZING opportunities. I just can't wait until all of you are able to see the magic being made behind the closed doors of THE POCKET SOURCE. Don't forget we are launching on February 14th. Just two days away!  So come share the love. Until then you can follow us on Facebook here for the official countdown.

Happy Crafting and Scrapping!

Feb 7, 2014

An Easy Way to Store and Protect Your Pocket Cards

At the beginning of the year, I vowed to complete a pocket scrapbook album. It's a feat that I have yet to accomplish. I'm no noob to scrapbooking, I have several completed scrapbooks both traditional and digital, but I have yet to complete a "pocket" scrapbook. Having a love for graphic art and photoshop I originally thought I would just stick to digital. For me digital is easier, less time consuming, and more cost efficient. But then you throw in all the awesome products out there in physical form and you start to think otherwise. So this year I want the best of both worlds. That's right I'm going hybrid.

My physical stash has been growing over the past few months and as I start to get more product I start wondering about the organization and storage of it all. Figuring out how I plan to work on my album is key to addressing the storage of my product. I have a craft/office area in our home but I work here too. So do I really want to sit in the same chair all day long to work and craft? I like the idea of moving around the house when I'm working on my album. I like to spread out in the floor of the living room and watch tv while I journal and work on layouts. So I need solutions that help me do that. Easy storage, easy transport, and lots of protection from the little grubby hands that tend to follow me around wherever I go.

I took an old empty photo album {the kind where you peel the plastic off the sticky back} and hacked it. I removed the inserts from the old ugly cover and put them in this pretty navy and gold dot binder I got from Target.

This binder holds about 50 photo album pages. My best guess is that the entire book will hold around 500-600 cards, both 4x6 and 3x4. I know some of you have thousands and thousands of cards, you collect every kit and like to have all of your cards out in the open. I get that. I do. But I don't have the space for that plus my little ones would destroy them in a second. I need to keep them protected. Plus I like to flip through the pages when looking for a card. I don't have to actually touch the card so no need handling them over and over. Plus I can see multiple cards at one time. When I see a card I like I peel back the plasitc, grab it, and recover the rest. Too me this works.

Another step you can take is to label the collections, since I have all Pocket Pages® from MAMBI cards in this binder it's easy to keep up with but what about the different collections? I just used simple labeled dividers. That way when I share a layout online or with others I can easily reference what pack the card came from. And another tip, when you take a card out to use it in a layout, write the name of the collection on the back, that way later on you'll know what pack or kit it is from. Pretty simple, huh?

And then a litte something extra!

So there you have it. A simple and easy solution to storing and protecting your pocket cards. Plus it's lightweight and easy to tote around. And I love flipping through and seeing all the pretty cards at once.

Do you have your own unique way of storing your pocket cards? Any one else take a spin on using a photo album? 

psss...don't forget to check out the new online community exclusively for pocket scrapbooking. THE POCKET SOURCE is launching just one week from today. You can follow us on Facebook here. And for a preview of what the site will offer click here. Share now for your chance to be one of the 10 lucky peekers with early access! YAY!
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