Mar 26, 2014

Office Chair Redo

Yesterday I posted about painting my newly claimed studio space here. Sticking with the concept that a little paint goes a long way I decided to give my office chair a makeover as well.

My office chair isn't anything special. I believe I paid around forty bucks for it about three black Fridays ago. In the three years it's gone through a lot. My behind sits in a lot, my tiny tots have spilled pink nail polish all over it and it's been around to every room of the house for all sorts of reasons. It's a good chair still and I saw no point in throwing it out just because it looked a little shabby, so opted for the best thing money can buy....a paint job.

Let's take a gander at the amazing before and after transformation....


I took the entire chair apart and laid each piece on top of a plastic drop cloth in my yard. I gave each piece a coat of Rustoleum Basic Primer spray paint from Lowes. I let the primer dry over night. The next afternoon I sprayed the arms and the rolling base bright white with Rustoleum's basic white spray paint, also from Lowes. The seat and back pieces were painted with Valspar's Silver Fox. It only took the three cans and this chair was completely painted with a little bit of the Silver Fox left over. Once everything was dry I put it back together again and wheeled it back it.


Total cost of this was around $15.00 and 2 days of waiting time. Not bad for a whole new look, huh?

Stay tuned for my studio updates soon. :)

Studio In Progress

I kicked my husband out! Na, just joking. :) Well sorta. I finally kicked him out of our "computer room". Ahhh, finally I have the space all to myself. A studio space. I'm slowly making some changes. I still have a bit to do and I'm sure the space will evolve over time. Just wanted to show you guys what I have going on so far.

How about a few before and after?


A little paint (Glidden's Stone White) and...

I know this isn't much to go on. But Just wanted to share this tiny update. I have a few more projects in the mix and then I'll do a reveal of the whole area.

What are you currently working on in your home? Any one else updating their studio/office/craft space?

Mar 10, 2014

For the Love of Paper: Cutting Embellishments

Hello and happy Monday beautiful people.  I hope and pray that this week is an awesome one for all of you guys.

I have a special treat for you'll's Silhouette challenge day. For those of you that don't know what that is by all means let me catch you up. Once a month a group of crafters that have silhouette cutting machines get together in hopes to challenge each other to try new things and learn more about our Silhouette Portraits and Cameos.

This year we're doing something a bit different. This year each month will have a theme.For the month of March our theme is paper. No matter what kinda project we do it has to involve cutting paper {cardstock,chipboard, etc}. Now as most of you know I love paper. I'm pretty sure I'm a paper junkie. Everything from planners ,scrapbooking, and other crafts I'm a snob when it comes to paper.  I hoard a ton and now that my scrapbooking hobby has become a hot topic over at THE POCKET SORUCE I have collected even more in very short time and I have more on the way. 

My pocket scrapbooking has fired up my paper passion so much that I'm always in search of new projects for paper and my Silhouette.When I was brainstorming on this months challenge I immediately knew I wanted yo try designing and cutting some paper embellishments for my pages and album. And my trending love for all things gold sparked an idea. What if I could create my own version of gold chipboard stickers?

By adding two Silhouette mediums together; printable gold foil and chipboard I could possibly create some thick chipboard accents for my pages.

First I gathered my materials, which included:
  • Silhouette machine
  • Chipboard or thick kraft card stock
  • Gold foil (I recommend Silhouettes printable adhesive foil) 
  • Silhouette Studio 
  • cut file
  • cutting mat
My designs we're simple. Hearts, geotags, arrows, and miniature cameras on one page. I created the png files in Photoshop and carried them over into SS. The arrows and days of the week are from a brush set by Miss Mint over at Peppermint Creative. Once I had the page fixed I traced my designs. I lowered the threshold and the high pass filter creating a thinner cut line.

Once I had my design and SS ready to go. I fixed up my material. I cut an 8x8 sheet of chipboard and 8x8 sheet of printable gold foil. The gold foil has an adhesive side so I carefully removed the backing and placed the gold foil onto the chipboard.

Entered it into my machine and began my cut. My machine suggested I use a cut setting of 5 but ultimately that did not work. I went all the way to a ten and still nothing. It only cut half way through the chipboard.

I tried several different ways and still nothing. With my blade still at ten I changed the settings to perform a double cut. And.....nope didn't work. :(

I eventually decided that the chipboard I was using {not the Silhouette brand} was just to thick for my blade. So I moved on to option B. Simple cardstock. Now I would suggest using kraft cardstock to give it a "chipboard" appeal but white was all I had with this project.

I repeated the process. Cut an 8x8 piece of cardstock, an 8x8 piece of foil and adhered them together. And cut! With the blade on seven I had a successful cut. Even though the cardstock isn't as thick as the chipboard It still gives the piece a bit of depth.

Now I have several new embellishments to add to my new pages. I even used them for this week's layout.

I really love how they turned out. Yes, it was a bit of a trail and error process but honestly it's always like that with my Silhouette. I'm no pro at all so I play with it until I get a finished product that I like and can use.

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Mar 3, 2014

Get Schooled: Project with Journal Cards

It's no secret that I have built quite a stash of pocket scrapbooking supplies over the past few months and of course journaling cards are no exception. I have more than I need. I try to find other reasons to use them. They're so darn cute and pretty why wouldn't you want to wallpaper your house with them...just kidding. But when Jack, 7, came to me with a school project I knew I'd have to pull some out and have some fun.

His assignment:

"Parents we are learning about American custom and traditions this six weeks. Please have your child create a poster board of a family tradition/custom."

I let Jack choose his topic from a selection I narrowed down and he chose vacation! That was great for me because I had just picked up this pack of MAMBI Pocket Pages {on clearance for $1.99 at Michaels) just for the vacation theme. So together Jackson and I created a really fun project.

Keep in mind all of these cards are from Me and My Big Ideas. There was so many different designs to choose from. I loved this USA card! We added the dash mark from NC to FL.

Jackson did his own journaling on the cards.

He loved the cards just as much as I did. And adding them in collage fashion was just simple fun. He was so excited to show it off.

Needless to say having all of these awesome journaling cards around really comes in handy. As a crafter and a creative soul I like to get other uses out of material. So happy I could share it with my son!

What about you, do you share your supplies with the family? Have you found another use for all of those 3x4 cards?

Lots of love and happy scrappin'
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