Mar 26, 2014

Office Chair Redo

Yesterday I posted about painting my newly claimed studio space here. Sticking with the concept that a little paint goes a long way I decided to give my office chair a makeover as well.

My office chair isn't anything special. I believe I paid around forty bucks for it about three black Fridays ago. In the three years it's gone through a lot. My behind sits in a lot, my tiny tots have spilled pink nail polish all over it and it's been around to every room of the house for all sorts of reasons. It's a good chair still and I saw no point in throwing it out just because it looked a little shabby, so opted for the best thing money can buy....a paint job.

Let's take a gander at the amazing before and after transformation....


I took the entire chair apart and laid each piece on top of a plastic drop cloth in my yard. I gave each piece a coat of Rustoleum Basic Primer spray paint from Lowes. I let the primer dry over night. The next afternoon I sprayed the arms and the rolling base bright white with Rustoleum's basic white spray paint, also from Lowes. The seat and back pieces were painted with Valspar's Silver Fox. It only took the three cans and this chair was completely painted with a little bit of the Silver Fox left over. Once everything was dry I put it back together again and wheeled it back it.


Total cost of this was around $15.00 and 2 days of waiting time. Not bad for a whole new look, huh?

Stay tuned for my studio updates soon. :)

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  1. Hi, It looks super cute! I wonder - do you get any peeling with the spray paint?


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