Apr 25, 2014

Wall Art with Pocket Cards


When it comes to art in our home we are far from collectors. Pretty much everything in our home has been DIYed by me or the kids. So when The Pocket Source challenged us to "think outside the album" I was initially drawn to some sort of wall art. I quickly realized I wanted or should I say needed something over our bed. Over the past few months I have pinned several ideas but never took the initiative to get anything up there.

I figured it was time to do just that!

I started out with a few document frames from the Dollar Tree. Frames for a buck, you can't beat that, right? Now, I have used these frames for photos and such for over a year but nothing had the 'ol heart skipping beats until...

this happened...

I took the frames, which were black, and spray painted them my favorite color..GOLD!

One can of gold spray paint later and these frames were good to go.

Since these were document frames I was able to take regular paper sized cardstock and cut mattes. I used my Silhouette portrait to cut mattes down to 4x6.

I took my time selecting cards to fit the frames. I chose cards I really loved. Special sayings or quotes, patterns, and colors that coordinated well with my pillows and room.

Of course hanging them was the hardest part. I'm horrible at hanging wall galleries but I do know that Pinterest offers a ton of tips and tricks to do it a little easier. There may be about a hundred holes behind those frames. ;)

I just love the color and modern "edgy-ness" that this brings to the room. It makes the focal wall a little more...well focal! It was super easy and cost me less than $20.00 to put together. 

It goes to show that with all of the scrapbooking supplies I have around I could create so much more! I just love when beautiful things come together with materials I already have. And yes, I may keep a stock of gold spray paint. ;)

So what do you guys and gals think of my "outside the album" project? A little time, a few pocket cards and the possibilities are truly endless.

Be sure to check out my BFF, Leslie Harvey's amazing project at her new blog, Modern Muse.

Lot's of love


  1. LOVE this idea Steph! And I know I already told you... I'm totally copying you! ;)

  2. This is genius. And OMG your throw pillows are to die for!

  3. These are fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing this awesome DIY.


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