May 13, 2014

Organize | boxes, baskets and bins

When it comes to storing my favorite things I have no mercy. I am a sucker for cute storage trends. UGH. And there are a million options right? Between boxes, baskets, and bins I have enough storage solutions to hold hundreds of supplies. Let's take a look at some of the ways I store my goodies.

My newest addition to my studio has been these cute little snap boxes from Target. I found them in the kid storage section at Target. They were on sale for around $3.00. I've been using them to store this past week's photos that I need to scrap and in the other I added my new cards I picked up this weekend. I haven't added these to my card storage yet because I wanted to keep them separate for now as I plan on using them this week!

I also found this cute black and white box with lid at Target. I think this one was around $6.00. It fits 8.5 x 11 papers nicely. I use it to house my Silhouette media like gold foil, double sided sheets, and cardstock.


Simple photo storage boxes are perfect for...well photo storage. I pick these up at crafts stores when they run sales like 6 for $10.


I found this box at TJ Maxx Homegoods. I personally thought it resembled one of those cute Kate Spade storage boxes. And it just so happened to work out perfectly for my vinyl rolls! Yay!



As far as "to scrap" goes I have a little yellow basket that I keep photos, memorabilia and little notes from my kids and hubby. I go through this at the end of the week when I go into "scrap mode".

And by now you should know I'm addicted Target so this just confirms it. These are another Target find and were picked up for about $8 each. I added the gold book plates for labels. The book plates are self adhesive and are from the Martha Stewart's line at Staples.


Not sure what legally constitute a "bin" but I consider any thing non basket or box looking a bin. Anything that's open and easily reachable as well.

Like these magazine storage bins, trays, and even yellow dish rack. And I re-purposed one of my Project Life core kit trays as a a drawer organizer.


And there you have it. My collection of boxes, baskets, and bins! I can't stop. Soon one day I will have more containers to store things in than actual things to store. ;)

What kind of containers are you favorite for storing things? Anyone else addicted to buying storage boxes from Target?

Lots of love,

May 3, 2014

Happy Scrapping Day: Craftroom Quickie and Freebie

Howdy you'll! Hope you guys are enjoying this lovely Saturday afternoon. It's so pretty here. Just wanted to pop in real quick with a video of a couple storage ideas and quick tour of my crafting space. And in honor of National Scrapbooking Day I wanted you guys to have a fun freebie!



A FREEBIE FOR YOU!!! Click here to download! 

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Lots of love!
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