Dec 14, 2014

Documenting December 2014 | Part 1

I know it's the middle of the month but I'm working on this December documenting thing in my own time and not on a schedule. Our holidays are so jam-packed as is that I don't need the stress of doing something else on scheule. I need something that can be swept to the side and pulled out when I am snuggled in my electric blanket surrounded by the glow of my Christmas lights...with a hot cuppa something!

So do you wanna see my pages so far? Of course ya do...

 Let the countdown begin! My album is sorta a mix between an advent calendar and a journal, and as unintended as it may be, I'm really diggin' it. Instead of starting on Dec 1st and working up toward Dec. 25th. I'm starting with 25 days and counting down. My family always counts down big events, vacations, birthdays, and certainly Christmas. We usually tag on the sentiment.. "and a wake up". The wake up being the day of the event. So for example, on Dec. 1st Christmas would be 24 days and a wake up away.

My first page is a fun overlay/cutfile thingy that was inspired by Paige Evans who created a fun cutfile using a digital goody from Ali Edwards. Check that out here. I would have added a free download for my cutfile but honestly I just opened a new file and typed in what I wanted it to say (I used Bebas font) and ta da.. instant cut file. I used an assortment of patterned papers from both my physical and digital stash. It's a little time consuming adding the different papers behind each letter but it's worth it!

In case you missed my take on those fun wood veneers from Freckled Fawn's Very Merry Christmas Kit here it is again... Between paint, wood stain, and even stamping ink I managed to color them to match my nontraditional scheme and theme. And as for the 25 a little something special.. gold embossing.

And then I did this... You see I started with the whole alphabet idea. Like Christmas A-Z. Well, that wasn't working for me and my flow. But I had already done the "A" and liked the look of it. So I kept it and layered it over a copy of our Christmas card. A for Adams. Dig it?

And in case you're wondering about our Christmas cards, I found a free template online via a Pinterest search and added my photos & changed it up a bit to fit my vibe and feel. Easy Peasy!

Simple. Colorful. and Free! Yes, yes, and yes!

As for my album I have some more pages done and quite a bit to add in. I'll try to post again soon!

Lot's of love.

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