Apr 14, 2015

what's going on?

A lot has happen. Where to start?

How about with what's probably the biggest news of late... or maybe ever?? We are expecting. TWINS!!! That's right, two babies.

We are so excited to be welcoming one baby girl and one baby boy to our family this summer. I'm currently 21 weeks and 1 day. The babies are growing fast and so am I. I haven't gained much weight and considering where I was when I started this pregnancy I'm relieved about that for sure. We've decided on middle names but are still working on first ones and I have started stocking up on baby clothes and supplies and I hope to have more on how I'm making preparations.

Speaking of preparations we are currently in the process of building our new home. It's closer now, for obvious reasons, than it's ever been. We closed on the land last month and we are ready to start looking at floor plans, well I've already started but ya know...we are ready to really dig in, literally.

So much is happening and it's happening really quickly. We have a little over three and half months before the new little ones make their appearance (if all goes as planned). We have high hopes of having the house put in by then but I'm also keeping my self in check and planning on making room for them here as well. Considering they will live close to me for a few months it all shouldn't be too bad. But when you have a total of five kids in a small house it may be a little cray cray for a bit. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers that the house is ready for us and the twins soon.

There are a lot more changes going on. Lilli's starting school soon, we're in the midst of potty training, and Cole got a huge promotion. And there are several changes on my blog and even a new spot I'm hanging out. I wanted to take this blog in a new direction and use it more as a space to journal and go more in depth about real life stuff. Ya know, everyday rambles and so forth about all the things I love. And I have a new site where I am sharing my creative memory keeping and a few fun projects.

my new blog about all of my creative memory keeping projects

The good thing is that it's all good and we owe all of our blessings to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord!
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