Apr 14, 2016

Repurposed Dresser for Shoe Cabinet

One of the best things about our new house is the large entry way. With seven kids and a little doggy lady coming and going it makes days a little easier to have a catch all place for backpacks, shoes, toys and especially dirt and mud. Our last home hardly had a living room let a lone a grand entry way.

From the day we picked out our floor plan I knew we would need some storage for this space. I'd had my eye on a few shoe cabinets from IKEA but during the process of packing and moving and realizing that the girl's room would be to small to accommodate their clothes dresser the hubs and I decided to ''redo" it for the storage needs in the foyer.

It took us about a week to finish this project. The largest part was sanding! I hate sanding. I mean REALLY hate sanding. Even with an electric sander it took about four days to sand the piece down to it's naked self.  I didn't take photos during this but imagine a cloud of dust surrounding a crazy looking woman in her jammies sitting in the driveway weeping over a power sander...yep..that's about it...so much sanding.

After we striped it down a light bulb went off and I remembered at one point I blogged about stuff like this and maybe this would be a good jumping back in point. So I grabbed the camera and started taking some photos of our staining and poly process.

Staining was so easy, the natural wood soaked up the stain right away. There were a few spots where our sanding wasn't that great and the stain repelled but ultimately it didn't really matter for us. We really like the look of the different wood tones. Made it look a little more rustic or reclaimed and that's just what we were going for. 

This piece of furniture was made for this space! I mean it fits perfect and functions just as we expected. 

The drawers are used everyday! From outdoor gear, sunglasses, and especially shoes we are able to store things right where we need them.

I love the size of the foyer and like the other rooms I'm trying to keep it clutter free and neat. There are only a few things I want to change.

See that little black bench. UGH. Hubs complained about not having a seat to sit at when he put on his shoes so he brought in that little booger from outside. It's still in working shape but looks like it came straight from the 80's. So one of my upcoming projects will be to update that thing. Other than that I want to add a mirror or some art work above the dresser shoe cabinet. I'm keeping my eye out for something pretty to DIY or buy from Hobby Lobby. Oh and maybe a circle rug... maybe. 


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