May 4, 2016

How to Fit Two Girls in One Bedroom and Still Have Room to Move

With five kids someone's got to share a room and we're fine with that. Truth be told we could have built a house with ten bedrooms and all my kids would sleep in the same room. I know eventually they'll get in the "I need privacy" mind set but the old saying , "You'll have your own room when you have your own house'' is something I am prepared say a hundred times during their teenage years. In fact, growing up sharing a room with my younger sister I know all to well the fight I face. I didn't like it one bit but now she's my best friend and I cherish those days oh so much. So the way I see it I'm doing them a favor by cramming them into a bedroom.

Their new room is much smaller than their one at the Dragon House (what my kids called the old house). We opted to make the bedrooms here a bit smaller to accommodate for a playroom and larger living and kitchen areas. So now my challenge is figuring out ways to fit two growing girls into a smaller room. I know it's a challenge that will continue to change over the years but for now we've made a few decisions that are working for their current age and needs.

Let's face it there's only like a handful of options for sleeping arrangements when it comes to shared rooms. We've done the whole bunk bed thing before and I'm just not a fan. The beds are just hard to make up and then there's the whole safety issue with little ones falling off and for me bunk beds are just so bulky and thick and tend to take up more space than not. We thought about doing two twin beds but then again they would take up the better part of the room as would a double bed. So when I came across this black iron day bed with a trundle I immediately saw a solution.

Two beds but when the trundle is put away it only takes the space of one bed. Yay! Lilli sleeps on top and Alice sleeps on the bottom. We pull the trundle out at night and then in the morning it goes back under and they have plenty of space to play. And again, if truth be told, they sleep together on the trundle most nights.

The girls love it and so do I.

When it comes to space saving we are trying a few more ideas...

 Easier said than done, right? Well the playroom helps with this a lot. We have most of their bigger toys; play kitchen, baby doll strollers, etc. in the playroom. The only toys we keep in here are there more expensive dolls and horse barn. They have plenty of space to pull that out and play!

I also wanted to address their clothes storage needs. Since there was no way the dresser would fit in here and still allow for play space I knew I had to maximize the closet. I'm still working this out but for the most part I purchased a slim and tall book shelf from IKEA and hung four rods, 2 for each girl.

As of right now they have their bed a small table and few toys, and one closet they share. No dresser, no decorations, just simple and uncluttered. And I love it! I don't want to change much or overfill the room. I want it to stay as open and clean as I can possibly keep it. There are a few things I want to work on;

some art work to the walls
a small vanity
a rug (maybe)
longer drapes
a bedskirt to hide the trundle
some bins for the closet shelves

Check out my PINTEREST BOARD FOR THE GIRLS ROOM. And don't forget to pin this for later.

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  1. Trundle beds are awesome options and great alternative to a pull out sofa for when guests come over to stay.


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