May 17, 2016

Memory Keeping| Review of Studio Calico Warehouse Box

I used to live in Nashville Tn. It's Ah-Mazing. Love it. I'm even obsessed with the show Nashville. I used to live an hour from Bowling Green Ky and at once in my life was even looking at houses there. So when my all time favorite scrapbook supplier announced they were having a sale I marked in my calendar and told my husband that we would consider the five hour trip my Mother's Day/Romantic getaway. After all I had other reasons to go; visit friends, places I liked, show him my old stomping ground. But most of all, was excited to hit up the sale!

I was so excited. But the time came and things came up and I got sick and couldn't make it. Bummer, right? I was so hurt. And seeing all the hauls and goodies from the sale was like pouring salt on wounds. Thanks Cathy V. ;)  So needless to say when Studio Calico extended the sale to us that couldn't make it I jumped at the biggest box I could get. The $100 scrapbook/documenter box. And then time stopped. Ugh. Well not literally but it sure felt that way. Two weeks went by before they shipped it and then another two days of stalking the UPS guy. But then.....

I brought the box in and IMMEDIATELY opened it. Took an overall look without taking anything out of the box. 

Inside the box was several clear bags and pouches filled with pretty things. 

MY FIRST IMPRESSION.. WOOOOHOOOO! I was so worried I wouldn't like it and at this point was pretty sure I'd love it all. 

Now the moment you've all been waiting for.... WHAT WAS IN THE BOX....

So the total according to the price tags on the items and not counting the items without prices I'm at $105.00.... so maybe the items not showing prices were $45 worth? Probably not. But all in all  I feel like this is worth the $100 plus $11 dollars for shipping that I paid for it. I love just about 80% of it and will probably try to sell the things I don't like or need on the Facebook groups. Like for instance the dies. I don't have a die cutter so I can't use them. But for a blind buy from a shop I love I'm happy! I don't think I would do it again unless some changes were addressed. For example I had a lot of things in multiples in my box. One sheet of stickers I ended up with 4 of them. But luckily it's something I don't mind having four of. My favorite things were of course the albums. Can never have enough of those and it just so happens that I got my favorite ones. I got some kits and things I didn't have and somethings that will force me out of my "comfort zone" but I think it's fun to have things in your stash that you necessarily wouldn't buy. The anticipation of this was great, unboxing was so fun, and of course I can't wait for the hours of crafty happiness it will soon bring. 
Happy Crafting and Scrapping! If you have reviews of your Studio Calico Warehouse boxes please feel free to link them up here....

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