May 11, 2016

Memory Keeping | Week in the Life 2016 Monday's Words & Photos

This project is one of if not my favorite memory keeping projects to do. It forces me to capture the absolute regular things. The routines. The mornings and evenings and bedtimes. I went ahead and put together my collages and photos with words and time stamps because for me that's the easier part. I probably wont embellish or put it all together until the week is done but for now Monday's photos are edited and printed and waiting for me in the album. 

I didn't take that many photos for Monday. I hit the highs and lows that would pretty much tell the story of the day. One highlight I wanted to capture was visiting the new Hobby Lobby in the neighboring town. Other than that it was a simple day at home with the family. Playing, eating, sleeping, diaper changing etc. But I love the photos I got and I'm happy with the process so far. 

I kept a few pieces of memorabila from the day. The bag from Chick-fil-A, a receipt from Hobby Lobby (maybe I shouldn't add that, spent way too much, haha), Some bits and bobs from the kids backpacks. I'm making a note to be more intentional about looking for things to keep and hold on to that will help tell the story and jog some emotion and memories about our life right now. 

It's Wednesday morning so Tuesday will be up soon. I'm such a procrastinator.. 



  1. I love how you've put your photos together for Monday! And I'm with you about not taking many photos. I took hundreds on a few days last year. I think I have even more fun when I put less pressure on myself and capture the highs and lows like you said.

    1. Thanks so much Kristen. I did take a few more on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm excited to see how it all comes together.


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