May 24, 2016

Memory Keeping| Week in the Life 2016 Wednesday's Words & Photos

This Wednesday was made for errands. Working out early with friends. Getting the car serviced and shopping with my sister for new crafting goodies. It rained HARD. All day. All night. But despite the deary weather we got out and got it done and had a blessed time. 

Trying to keep these two happy while the car was being serviced was a challenge. Luckily I had an extra set of hands. I'm also thankful that the waiting area had self serve popcorn, soda, and especially COFFEE. 

Finally made it to the stores and guess who's got to potty? Yep. Always. A thousand times. 

Even tho the picture is a bit blurry. I can still make out her face. I was actually trying to snap a photo of holding her hand and then I saw her look and thought this is REAL. Dealing with an unhappy three year while in the middle of perusing the amazing stock in Target = MY LIFE.

This is how we do baths in the house. Well this is how the babies do baths, I can't fit in there. 

Dinner. Or what was left of dinner.

It never ends. 

This is how I do baths. After a long, wet, and busy Wednesday....this is how I do me. ;)

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