Sep 19, 2016

Homeschool | Our First Week

I'm sharing a peak of our first week of homeschooling! Overall the week was filled with so many blessings! Not only did I teach the kids I also learned from them! It's a circle of learning and growing together and I couldn't fill more complete with this choice to do this for our family!

REVIEW OF THE WEEK (What we are working on)

Alifair is learning the letter the A, the shape of a circle, and about Adam and Eve! We are working on writing her name. She is left handed so teaching her how to write from a "right" handed perspective seems a bit challenging.

Lilliana is learning about the creation of the world, counting to 100 (which is review), reviewing sight words, the life cycle of plants, and geology of the Earth!

Jackson is doing a lot of review! He is learning about the parts of the Bible (which he finds a little boring), farming cultures and reviewing math facts and writing complete sentences!


We have yet to get a good routine down but are working on that this week! As I write this we are on our 4th week! So stay tuned to see some more of our homeschool year!

Click the the video to see OUR FIRST WEEK!!!

Sep 17, 2016

Let the Vlogging Commence

Over the past couple of years I've dabbled a bit with vlogging but I recently decided to make it more of a "thing". Don't get me wrong I enjoy blogging and will continue to do that but today I was told that only 2% of most people don't watch videos. So that means 98% of people prefer to watch videos verses read a blog. And hey that works for me because truthfully throwing up a camera is easier than writing, editing, and adding photos..blah blah blah. I still plan to blog when I can and will most definitely have all of my videos here as well. So I guess you could say I'm now a blogger/vlogger, YAY! Vlogging opens up a whole new world of possibilities. And as a busy mama it's what works best for me. So here's to new adventures on Youtube!

To find out more about why I'm starting a vlog click the video!

And whether you've been a HOH follower for awhile or you're new

Lots of love and God Bless!

Sep 16, 2016

Mama Life | My Monthly Favorites September 2016

As a mama we often forget that we are still women and that we still like to feel beautiful inside and out. So this week I took the time to video and share some of my favorite things from the past few weeks that I have been loving. It's a pretty random collection but because we mamas are a wearer of many hats, all these things, no matter how random, are making my life a little more sweeter and fun!


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