Oct 10, 2016

HOMESCHOOL | Mystery of History Volume 1 WEEK 1 Ideas and Activity Round Up for CREATION, ADAM & EVE, and JUBAL & TUBAL CAIN

Last week we started our new History/Bible Curriculum, Mystery of History Volume 1 Creation to the Resurrection, and so far we are loving it! Seriously, it's become our favorite part of the school day.

The Mystery of History
I chose this curriculum for our homeschool based on the recommendations of several other homeschool mamas. All of which are Christians and spoke highly of the program. So, without hesitation, I purchased the book and we started the next week.

We are only one week into it but man oh man is it some good stuff! The time we spend together working on the projects that are inspired from our MOH lessons is priceless and the knowledge the kids are retaining is exceeding my expectations.

The timeline (the book recommends you prepare a board that will serve as your biblical/historical timeline) is probably the best part! My kids love adding things to their timeline! It's only a small tri-fold board that I purchased from the Dollar Tree during our homeschool supply shopping trip and we will probably need many more but for now it's a piece of cherished artwork in our home.

Our board will be more of a collage than a straight time line, but you get my drift, right?

I didn't do much preparation for week one because I knew it would be pretty simple and easy but when it came down to it I was a little unprepared for our crafts and activities. However, since we had already learned about creation, Adam & Eve and Cain & Able in the first weeks of school (we started MOH in our third week) the first week's lessons for MOH were review! So we worked on our board and played our own version of America's Bible Challenge (the kids love playing that).

The activities that the kids did for the first few lessons before starting MOH  would work really well as activities for the actual lessons for week 1 so overall everything worked out for our first week!

The Mystery of History Series

If you're just getting started in MOH Volume 1 I have put together a round up of activities that I think would be AWESOME for little ones starting out! Now my kids are 4,7 and 10 so these activities are for that age range, but most of them can be tailored for any age.

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Another great resource I love using for our homeschool is FREE PRINTABLES from other mama's and creatives. This FREE CREATION PRINTABLE PACK by Mary Martha Mama is what I'm using for my 4 year old preschooler!

Again Mary Martha Mama has some great printables to use for teaching a homeschool lesson on Adam & Eve.

adam and eve prek pack pinterest



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#1 Sound and Music Craft Activities via Learning Ideas Grads K-8
#2 Paper Plate Banjo Craft via Le Top Blog
#3 Make Your Own Maracas via Oriental Trading
#4 Duct Tape Sword and Shield from 30 Minute Crafts
#5 Books of the Bible Sword Shaped Bookmark via Creative Sunday School Crafts

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY MYSTERY OF HISTORY PINTEREST BOARD and of course there are TONS of other ideas on Pinterest and through out the web!

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