Oct 22, 2016

HOMESCHOOL | A Simple Craft for a Noah's Ark Lesson

Every week I try to plan a few hands-on crafts that will work together with our Mystery of History lesson plans. I have three kids learning together right now so I have to find things that will work for the ages of 4, 7 and 9.

This past week we studied Noah and the Flood. I had several crafts planned but the kids really enjoyed building and designing their own ark out of craft sticks and glue. It was educational, fun and super messy!

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Are you thinking about doing this craft? Awesome! Here is what you will need:


Craft Sticks (Popsicle Sticks) I bought a package of 80 for each kid at the Dollar Tree
School Glue
Cardboard (cut this to fit your ark, it can be as small or as big as you want)
Construction Paper (we chose blue to represent the water of the flood)


After discussing your Noah's Ark lesson give each child their materials. Tell them to use the glue and sticks to create and design their own version of the ark. As they create their arks you can tell them fun facts about the ark or ask them review questions from the lesson.

homeschooling, arts and crafts, noah's ark, bible crafts, learning

homeschooling, learning, arts and crafts, noah's ark, bible crafts
Don't force your children to create arks that you might think is accurate, allow them total freedom to express their ideas and creativity! Once they're finished building their arks, allow them to dry and then admire your beautiful pieces of art and biblical history!


How big was Noah's Ark?
What was the ark made out of?
How many days and nights did it rain?
How long did Noah and his family live on the ark?

If you're looking for a history curriculum for your children check out Mystery of History. We love it! To see a fun round up of craft ideas and lessons from the first three lessons click here. And stay tuned because this week I'm posting the next three lessons' crafts and ideas! I also will be sharing this week's reading list which includes the books that will go along with our next MOH lesson plans!

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