Oct 17, 2016

MEMORY KEEPING | Week in the Life 2016 Walk Through of Monday & Tuesday

So I'm finally getting around to sharing my Week in the Life album with you guys. It's been done since July but I'm just now getting around to photographing and sharing it here on the blog. I did share some of my photos and words from a few days of the week back in May but I wanted to get a completed walk through posted here for you all. 

I love looking at other's memory keeping projects so I thought I'd share mine so that it might inspire some of you to get on board with documenting your life this way. I'm all for creating new scrapbook friends. And if you already scrapbook, good for you! Have you tried this project yet? Comment down below if you have a link to yours, I'd love to check it out. 

In case you've never heard of this project just click here (Ali Edwards | Week in the Life)... I'll let Ali, the creator of this project, tell you about it.

I love Ali Edwards and her brand of crafting goodies so it's no shock, as a loyal fan and customer, that I would do this documenting project. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite memory keeping project I've ever done. I've put together three WITL albums over the past three years and every time I do it I fall a little more in love with the process, the products, and most importantly the people and stories that of course are the why and reason to do this in the first place. 

This was the first year I have ever purchased one of Ali's Week in the Life kits. IT MADE THE DIFFERENCE!!! The year's I attempted to do this project with out a good kit were difficult. However, with Ali's kit this project was easier to manage and more exciting to do. Along with the purchase of the kit comes a class room where you can chit chat with others that are doing this project as well and it was and is so awesome. It's so fun to find people that share your same hobbies!

Okay so without further rambling... here is the finished album! I've separated this walk through into  three parts. There's a ton of photos and inspiration and I didn't want to overload you. Let me know what you think in the comments and again if you've completed your album (or if you are a scrapbooker) leave a message down below so I can find your album, I would love to look at it.

Hope you enjoyed this peek at my Week in the Life Album. Check out Wednesday through Sunday here!

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