Nov 14, 2016

Faith & Family | Help is on the Way!

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It's hard. So hard. This thing they call womanhood. I don't think it was ever easy. I mean sure things have been invented to ease the hard task, create enjoyment, and alleviate our burdens. But if you're like me, instead of pausing to rest or praise in the downtime, that modern technology has given us, you fill up your to do list with even more task.

Why we do this to ourselves, I DON'T KNOW!

I have had a hard a week. Can you tell? The struggles of mama hood, wifery, and the never ending loads of laundry have really got to me these past few days. I had to let the laundry go. Seriously there is a daunting pile currently mocking me as I write this.

My actions this week toward my children and husband were horrid. I am so ashamed. I haven't been acting the way I need to and I really needed to let something go to get back to where I needed to be with them, for them.

I had to let the laundry go to become the woman I want to be. The woman God wants me to be. For a type A person, letting the laundry go is hard. But by letting the laundry go I got a little bit of bible studying and journaling accomplished and that, my friends, was what I needed.

I didn't need a perfectly clean house. I needed time with Jesus. Time to pause, reflect, and worship.

Any time I am feeling discouraged in my role as a woman I go to Proverbs 31 and read it. Here I am reminded of this:

I have been called to do one of the most noble task. I have been called to be a wife and mother! It is not easy! Just look at the scripture. This woman didn't have a free moment. Up before dawn and continues into the middle of the night. She didn't idle around the house. She made things. Performed business deals. This woman was tough!  Not every woman receives such honor or is deserving of such a blessing . But God has chosen me to help my husband with all of my heart and to raise not one but five tiny disciples. This is my calling. This is my mission.

However, like this week, it get's hard. I get down. I lose my focus on what really matters and I feel like giving up. I locked myself in my bathroom on Wednesday and cried out to Jesus to help me. That's all I could say. I was so down that I couldn't mutter anything else but the simple words, "HELP ME". I prayed this prayer with ALL MY HEART! With tiny fingers reaching under the door and a four year old crying out, "mama, where are you"... I gathered my composure, wiped my face, and exited toward the kitchen where I made easy mac for lunch.

It was only a matter of minutes before my sweet seven year old came up to me and hugged me. She said, " I know it's hard sometimes but I love you and you make good macaroni." I cried some more feeling her love and God's. I knew He had used her to tell me that He heard my prayers and was indeed answering them. That day got better.

The week was still blah. It was just my mood. Blame it on the curse of the woman. But tonight, on Sunday, after the week has come to an end. I reflect on Proverbs 31 and realize that this woman the bible speaks about is me even though I don't feel worthy of praise or as valuable as rubies, I am! I am still a mama and wife. And God still loves me. Every one has bad days, or weeks. I bet the Proverbs 31 woman prayed for help time and time again.

God wouldn't have made prayer if it were useless. So remember when you get discouraged, it's okay, help is on the way... just pray!

Lots of love,

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