Feb 9, 2016

This Year on The House on Hillbrook

Well The House of Hillbrook is moving. Don't worry we are keeping the blog name the same but we are moving to our new home. Our forever home.


It's been a looonnggg process (I'll share more details about the process soon.)

We've worked our entire marriage towards recovering from bad debt decisions (made young and dumb) and getting financially prepared to be home owners. Our hard work is paying off and the light is gleaming at the end (or is it the beginning of the tunnel). We are scheduled to close this Friday and as you can probably expect I am so excited.

I hope to use my long lost blog, once again, to share with you guys and to help document my adventures at turning a house into a home. There are a lot of changes about to happen over here and it gives me a warm happy feeling to have you guys to share it with and keep me accountable.

Not only do I hope to blog more about “home” stuff, I have plans to blog more about a lot of stuff. Ya know, the stuff I love....


I know, I know.. my blogging life last year was a bust. Being pregnant with twins and then having two new babies will throw just about anyone and anything off balance a bit. Now that the babies are 6 months old and we (now a family of 7) are on a pretty good routine (or at least sleeping a few more hours) I think I'm ready to jump back into blogging. I hope you'll stick around for the year and see where it takes us.
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