Aug 9, 2016

Thrifting | My New Scrap Cabinet

Usually once a week, at least, sometimes more, I'll load up all the little ones and head out on a thrifting adventure. We usually like to go the Hospice shop in town as well as a few other ones near by and occasionally we will venture to the "big" city to hit up a Goodwill. Yesterday, while in town on an errand, we stopped by to browse. At the Hospice store, on Tuesdays, all clothes, shoes and purses are buy one get one free...or better yet half off! So we popped in just to take a peek. We didn't snag any fashionable finds but I did snag a bargain...well at least I think so.

I spotted this tall piece of furniture and at first I thought it was an entertainment center but it ended up being an old computer cabinet. You know the kind? The one that has the extendable side table. Ahhh. It didn't take me long to send a picture to Cole asking him his thoughts and explaining my plan. I usually don't like to make large purchases like that without asking him (especially since he would need to come pick it up).

After weighing the pros and cons of it I decided to GET IT! For 60 bucks it was steal and most of all it was really needed for all of my scrapbook stuff. I haven't had a place to sit and scrap (other than the floor or kitchen table) in a long time.

But now I have my desk! I LOVE IT! Now it may not look like much right now but it works wonderfully for what I need. These are the reasons I love it;

multilevel and multisize storage

lots of desk space
can close up to hide my mess
even has the perfect spot for a trash can ;)

I'm okay with it the way it currently sits right now! But I might add some fun things later;

inside door storage
fun design/pattern to back
additional shelves
lamp or lighting

I think with a little time and TLC this could be a great piece that is both beautiful and super functional. What do you think?  Do you have a craft cabinet or closet space that is similar to this, if so, please link me so I can see your project and pick up some additional inspiration.

Lots of love
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