Feb 20, 2017

Five Reasons I am Addicted to Traveler's Notebooks

5 Reasons I'm Obsessed with Traveler's Notebooks

I recently found the world of travelers notebooks and I am addicted.

I certainly don't know all the ins and outs of it yet but here are my top five reasons I'm obsessed with traveler's notebooks:

 You can make inserts within minutes. By using some simple grid paper or cardstock you can put together a beautiful insert that that will give you ample room to illustrate or journal your artwork. I like to make mine small enough to complete within a a few days. Actually completing an insert makes me happy!!! 

diy traveler's notebooks

Since the materials you need to make inserts are readily available and for cheap, creating inserts is not only super easy it's really cost effective. 

The possibilities are truly endless. These inserts can be adapted and uses for anything. I've seen people use them for planners, smash pages, scrapbook layouts, art journaling, Bible notes, and even as simple as a grocery list. 

diy traveler's notebooks

The sleek and slender size of the inserts are appealing and great for traveling or tucking away in you Bible case. I like to pull mine out at Bible study and make notes, I also carry one in my purse for brain dumping.

diy traveler's notebooks

Okay, so I know the world of traveler's notebooks isn't new but it's new to me and I feel like ever since finding the world of TNs it it has grown so much. It seems like everyone and every company is taking on the trend right now. And with more people interested the collection of products to try is growing rapidly.


Feb 15, 2017

My First Traveler's Notebook Insert used as a FAITH JOURNAL!

faith journaling in a traveler's notebook

My deepest desire is to help inspire you, encourage you, and walk beside you as we learn about Jesus Christ and ultimately spread His love through our daily lives, as well as our creative works. 

Recently I became OBSESSED with all things TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK!!! Have you jumped on the train yet? Well I'm full steam ahead. I just completed my first insert and I wanted to share it with you all. 

I used my first insert as a companion to my current devotion as a faith journal. For the past six months I have been head deep in a great devotion called Living Life on Purpose by Lisa Ter Keurst. Lisa is the founder and president of Proverbs31.com. If your not familiar with that resource or the book I would really like to encourage you to check out both. Both are extremely amazing and very valuable to my main goal, which is, too become the best Christian woman I can be! 

living life on purpose by lisa terkeurst
So I started by creating my own TN insert. It's super easy and not difficult at all. I saw a few tutorials and tweaked it until I got the thickness, style, and look I wanted. I'll have my own tutorial up soon! Basically I used 6-8 pieces of thick cardstock which I printed a grid on. Some colored cardstock for the cover and then decorated the cover with stuff from my scrapbook stash. I used scarps of paper along with some sheets from a hot buy paper pad I found at Michael's last week. Some tags, ephemera and stickers from The Reset Girl, Martha Stewart, and Me and My Big Ideas.

traverler's notebook faith journal

I started this journal with a few questions in mind taken directly from the book. Some of the fundamental questions of life that TerKeurst speaks on are the following:


traverler's notebook faith journal
traverler's notebook faith journal

I used my most favorite selfie as of recently and started the book with some positive notes to my self. I think it's important that we remember that we are braver than we believe, stronger than we seem, smarter than we think and loved more than we'll ever know. I think it's very important to truly know that Christ sees us like this and we should feel this way about ourselves. WE ARE LOVED!!!

traverler's notebook faith journalI borrowed my foundation from the author as she wrote exactly what I was thinking and feeling. My foundation is simple; I am a daughter of the KING, a dearly loved child, He is my rock and my shelter! I'm committed to living my life for Him! 


traverler's notebook faith journal

traverler's notebook faith journaltraverler's notebook faith journal
traverler's notebook faith journal

Google defines the word "purpose" as this: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. So why do I exist? Why did God make me?
My purpose is simple as well; I was created for others. I am a servant. I am a mother, wife, and friend. I have been given the gifts of creativity and encouragement and I must and will use them to glorify, teach and lead others to God.


traverler's notebook faith journal

Taking into consideration my gifts, interest, experiences and personality I am fulfilling my purpose and answering the call of my mission by serving and spending the majority of my time in three main roles; a wife, mother, and creative encourager! I must be a helpmate to my husband. A christ-like example to my children, and an encourager to my friends and the people God brings into my life. This is my mission! 


I have taken some time to pray and think on this and I keep seeing something very vivid in my mind and on my heart. My ministry is right here. My blog. My home. Those are the places that I can speak out, teach, lead, and uplift others. 

traverler's notebook faith journal

#5 When Am I to Do These Things?

traverler's notebook faith journal

traverler's notebook faith journal
 EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I truly believe that my my ministry is here. Right here, right in front of me. My home and my blog!  I know I must manage my time between each role wisely. I must plan, prepare, and work hard to do all the things that the Lord has called me to do.


Feb 13, 2017

Homeschool | Learning Language Arts Through Literature Review & Lesson Plan Walk Through

learning language arts throught literature review

I have been wanting to post this forever and I am finally getting around to getting it up. I have had several people on both my blog and and my vlog ask if I would recommend the curriculum, Learning Language Arts Through Literature. And the answer is a profound, yes! I absolutely love this curriculum and will be using it again next year for both my 2nd grader as well as my 4th grader.

Currently, I only have one child using this curriculum. Lilli is technically a first grader but has been working in the second grade volumn since starting the school year. At the beginning of the school year we started with All About Reading Level 1 but I quickly discovered that she had already surpassed the difficulty of the program. So about a three weeks into our school year I ordered LLATL from Christian Books.

Immediately I feel in love with it and


I was able to purchase this entire curriculum kit including readers for around $68.00. You can check that out here. I did pick up most of the supplemental books for about $30.00 but that is totally optional as you can check out most books through the public library.

Homeschool Curriculum Review Learning Language Arts Through Literature


Another reason I really like this curriculum is that it includes all components of language. Your child will learn all concepts including, reading, phonics, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension. Every lesson includes each part.


My favorite thing about this curriculum is that each lesson includes a step by step, word for word lesson plan. There is essentially no prep for the lessons. As a busy mom with other children whom I homeschool having complete lesson plans that require no set up or prep really appeals to me. I can simply open the workbooks and start.


I wouldn't go as far to say that this curriculum is very "artsy" but almost every lesson requires scissors and glue. Most of the lesson plans have cut outs and hands-on worksheets. My child is very creative and enjoys this part of the lesson the most.


You probably know by now that I try to use Christian based curriculum as much as possible as my number one goal in life is to keep Christ the center of my home and our school. This curriculum is not overly saturated with biblical stories or scriptures but does include a few snippets and references to stories from the bible.


Feb 8, 2017

December Daily 2016 | Final Walk Thru Part 2

December Daily Walk Thru Day 2 Title Image

Yay! I'm finally sharing my final pages of my 2016 December Daily. It's been a process that's for sure.

If you missed part one of my December Daily walk thru click here to check that out.

Picking up where we left off... Day 10

December Daily Walk Thru Day 10I painted large wood veneers from an last year's Week in the Life™ kit. The red star paper is from Ali Edwards' December Daily® digital kit, which I had printed at Staples. The brown paper bag holds extra photos from a craft night I hosted. And I used a template for photos from our youth group's Christmas party.

December Daily Walk Thru Day 12Day 12 was a lazy day at home. I used a 2x2 page protector to add some simple photos of our normal lives during December. I used a clear tab, adhere with a glue runner, and added a tiny word from Tim Holtz. 

December Daily Walk Thru Day 13
Day 13 and 14 were days that I didn't have much. We stayed home for the most part and worked on getting the house cleaned for a few get togethers we were hosting. Another 2x2 page protector holds a cut up photo of our decorated home and for day 14, some drawings from the girls. 

December Daily Day 14

Day 15 was our Polar Express Pajama Party! I added a few photos from the day. 

December Daily Day 15

December Daily Day 15

December Daily Day 15

December Daily Day 16
Day 16  we went on a double date with some new friends. Dinner and Christmas shopping! 
December Daily Day 16
December Daily Day 17
 Day 17 was my son's 10th birthday party. I added this picture that was taken in Walmart the day of his party. 

December Daily Day 18

December Daily Day 19

December Daily Day 19Day 18 was the story of wrapping gifts and a photo of some wrapping paper I purchased this year. 
Day 19 was the story of how we went on a play date with some friends. The middle divider is just an extra layer of "fluff" I used another piece of printed paper from Ali's digital kit and stamped some stars onto the back. I like the little pop the blue start gives against the black ones. 

December Daily Day 20
Day 20 was another lazy day at home resting up for Christmas weekend. We spent the day watching movies and vegging out. I didn't watch all 20 of these movies that day but I did watch all 20 during the month, so I thought it would be fun to include them in a template and use it for my day 20 story.

December Daily Day 20

December Daily Day 21
Day 21 I got my hair trimmed and we spent the day at home being silly and having fun. 

December Daily Day 22

Day 22 was a shopping day. I went to Aldi and Target and forgot to take pictures so I borrowed some from Google. And I added a small shopping/to do list on the side in 2x2 pockets.

December Daily Day 23

December Daily December Story Insert

December Daily Gather Shaker PocketDecember Daily Gather Shaker Pocket
Day 23 was the story about how we are gathered for Christmas weekend. I hosted my entire family here for the entire weekend! It was amazing. I used an old chipboard divider from an old Simple Stories album to diy that star divider. I cut the red star with my Silhouette and embossed it with red embossing powder. And I think this "gather" shaker pocket is probably my favorite thing from the entire album. I used a 6x8 page protector cut down, some sequins and confetti glitter from Target dollar spot (I showed that in my December Daily Haul Video) and the acrlyic word "gather" from one of Ali's monthly kits. I absolutely love it!!!

December Daily Day 24 Christmas Eve

December Daily Day 24

Day 24 I hosted two Christmas meals/parties. I put all of those photos in templates with the exception of a few which I enlarged to a 5x7 and added in the middle of the album.

December Daily Day 25

December Daily Day 25
Christmas Day! Another template to display my favorite photos from Christmas morning and a large photo of the beautiful mess. 

December Daily Day 26
Day 26 I included a photo of Lilli jumping on her new trampoline that Santa brought here. Love the fact that she's still in her new pajamas. 

December Daily Day 31

December Daily Day 31
I took a break after the 26, as I was only planning to include up to the 25th. However, I decided to throw these pages in the end. Another template with our photos from New Year's Eve. 

And there you have it folks. December Daily 2016 wrapped up and all done. I hope that you were inspired by my album. If your not already finished I wish you good scrafty vibes as you wrap this project up. And remember grace not perfection. Getting anyting documented is better than nothing. 

If you wanna check out my December Daily 2016 Walk Thru Part 2 on YouTube play the video now...

Are you still working on your December Daily? Or have you finished? Do you blog about it? I would love it if you would leave you links in the comments! Can't wait to check them out. 

Feb 6, 2017

Plan with Me Episode #2 | Homeschool Weekly Layout


It's obvious that I love pretty paper and planning things out gives me a sense of being organized. And I'll take all the "feeling" of being organized that I can get. I mean with five kids being organized is pretty much impossible but that doesn't stop me from trying.

In my first Plan with Me episode I shared how I have my Happy Planner set up. It's pretty basic except for every week I have three spreads. So, for example, for 6th through the 12th, I have three copies of each week. I do this by simply making front and back copies of the planner pages and sandwiching the copies in between the orginal pages. I make two copies so that gives me three weeks. The two copied weeks and the orginal week! 

The second weekly spread is for our homeschool plans for the week. The top box in each column is for Jackson's plans, the second box in each column is for Lilliana's, and the last box is for their group work. 

I thought it would be fun to share with you how I plan for our homeschool week. 

First, I gather their workbooks/curriculum, printables, and any projects they may be working on. I also grab my grade book that I keep, it has notes about what each one needs improvment on. For example, I know Lilli is struggling with counting by twos. 


So, with all of their work laid out I can make a small list of work for each one. I usually use a small notepad or to do list for this. 

plan-with-me homeschool-planner

Next, I gather my planner and my pretty planner making supplies. I usually do this on Sunday night so that we are ready to go on Monday morning. 

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

I usually start by making the pages look a little more prettier .... that's just me. You can leave them blank if you aren't into decorating. But I am! And, I absolutely love all of the bright and fun supplies that coordinate with my planner. 

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

Next, I begin to write in the boxes and usually add more decorating as I go. I usually add their day by day plans being sure to leave notes on where to find certain supplements, for example, YouTube videos, etc. 

And at the end I usually add in a little more pretty. Just because papercrafting is my hobby and I like to make it look a little more me

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

Nothing fancy! But it works. I love having our school plans written down and looking pretty. It keeps me motivated. 

CLICK THE VIDEO to watch my Plan with Me Episode #2 Homeschool Weekly Layout video!


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